The Successful Inspiring Story of Creative Web Mall

The Successful Inspiring Story of Creative Web Mall

Date: 02-Apr-2014

Creative Web Mall is an IT solutions company with a focus on solutions that economize business processes and democratize special features thus equalizing the playing field in favour of business firms and companies experiencing strong growth. Creative Web Mall and the people working in this company believe that better business processes lead to better businesses which lead to better societies in general. This belief drives the staff of this company to work harder and deliver products and solutions that they believe will eventually benefit society at large. It is the joy of actually getting to see this idea in motion brings that forces them to dream big and think hard, according to the founder Mr Sony Surana the Creative Team, Chief of Operations and Managing Director.

At Creative Web Mall customer concerns are taken seriously very seriously. Clients and customers get the benefit of extensive industry and domain experience. Creative Web Mall has developed complex applications in many different domains gaining invaluable experience in addressing client concerns. A formally structured problem identification approach is rigorously followed at Creative Web Mall by members of the staff. This approach suggests records be maintained of important activities and minutes of meetings be meticulously maintained.

At Creative Web Mall the overriding concern has been continuing improvement in the quality of solutions and products delivered to clients and customers. Working products need to be bettered according to the founder Mr Sony Surana, because working tools are meant to be bettered. Improving quality even further by tweaking the system ergonomics to better reflect the changing times and trying to improve efficiency further by dedicating themselves to research and development that sheds new light on the matter.

Creative Web Mall has been in the business for far too long, but the fact that there is always scope for improvement in different areas of design, development, and delivery never ceases to amaze people working there. Opines Mr Sony Surana, Chief of Operations & Managing Director at Creative Web Mall, ” Market forces and disruptive technologies always help those willing to gauge the change thoroughly and adapt to new market situations in which others lose their head and therefore the way they had earlier found.

At Creative Web Mall we are passionate about technologies that work day after day, month after month year after year, doing things that help not only the business house but the community and the whole society will be proud of. It is the bigger picture that motivates us to push on harder, solving problems as and when they present themselves. We are ready to solve problems because we expect problems to present themselves. When they do we are primed for them and solve problems quicker.”

At Creative Web Mall one can find corporate portal solutions, eLearning solutions, different types of eCommerce solutions, .NET applications custom developed for client business processes, LAMP applications custom developed for client business processes, enterprise control management solutions, and customer relationship management solutions. One will also find that they entertain requests for web designing encompassing general static, dynamic and responsive web sites, web hosting, web promotion, search engine optimization, social media optimization, Creative consulting general IT consultancy, and staff augmentation among other services. The client base of this company is essentially urban. There have been many overseas clients and customers, so that the company is now a Maharashtra Government recognized export house.



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