Creative is a leading software development company that believes in under promise and over delivery.

Concept and Planning

Planning the execution of the project is the most important stage. The objectives of this project are defined. Functions are defined, requirements and problems are identified, and solutions are designed. The Project Charter is formulated and agreed upon in legally binding terms. The purchase order is issued. The schedule of the project is drafted. Our clients receive their copies of the deliverables.


We identify all problems in detail. We develop models and conduct domain analysis sessions. We then develop prototypes along with all associated documentation. The prototypes thus developed are then delivered, along with all necessary documentation, to our clients for their approval. When our clients approve the prototype, we commence development.


The various modules are then developed, coded, and tested. The integration of the modules and testing of the integrated system follows.

Testing & Quality

A comprehensive test plan is formulated. Each module is methodically tested according to the test plan. All reported bugs are then documented in the test plan as per procedure. The integrated system is then passed on for Quality Assurance. The QA team integrates test scripts from all sub-project test plans and generates additional system-level and integration test plans. The client is notified and invited to perform UAT(User Acceptance Testing). The client is handed over the solution for the final stage of testing. The trouble shooting session commences.

Deployment & Launch

The user manual is formulated. The final solution is made ready for deployment. We invite our client to hand over the solution in a legally binding ceremony. The solution is then deployed.

Customer Support

We troubleshoot problems if any and provide assistance and maintenace.