Digitizing Paper-Based Processes

Digitizing Paper-Based Processes

Digitization Paper-Based Process is the process of switching physical paper files into electronic files.
It is a work environment where mostly digital documents are used in place of physical paper.
Ever since Technology has so flawlessly replaced paper processes, it’s difficult to remember how things used to be done and handled earlier.
In uttermost all cases, its prominently noticed that the evolution from paper-based items to their electronic counterparts is overwhelmingly more efficient.
You can check for yourself the difference….then and now.

Then Now
Paper Documents

  • Monotonously shuffle papers between individuals and departments
  • Difficult to track changes occurred while collaborating on a specific document
Digital Documents

  • Effortless electronic transfer between individuals and departments
  • Easy to track changes and updates using the “Track Changes” feature
Mail & Faxes

  • Regular maintenance is required to organize and find documents, particularly the really old ones
  • Access only based on the location of documents
  • Easy misplace or damage of documents

  • Easily searchable through content and metadata feature
  • Access from phone or browser from anywhere
  • Archived forever. Even in the case of a deletion, can be recovered easily
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    • A very time-consuming process to look up for words and topics
    • All data linger inside volumes of books
      Access only based on the location of books at the time


    • Instant access to any kind of information using the search option
    • Ability to save, copy, change and bookmark data for future reference
    • Access from anywhere anytime with Internet
    Newspapers, Books & Magazines

    • News often very quickly becomes outdated
    • Message is restricted by word space and page count
    • Slow update of the news cycle
    • Adding every new book takes up more space
    Media Websites & eBooks

    • instantaneous access to content via the Internet
    • Message not restricted by space
    • Real-time updates and a 24-hour news cycle
    • A compacted e-reader can hold multiple books and magazines at a time.
    Printed Maps

    • No feature to find traffic, road closures and other blockades
    • Gets worn out, burdensome to use while driving
    • Becomes outdated and weary
    Google Maps & Navigation tools

    • Special features to figure out traffic, to maximize the route efficiency and also gives a precise estimate of arrival time
    • Stays in your mobile device
    • Updated on a regular basis to ensure accurate navigation

    Why the digital workplace makes more sense than digital transformation?

    The terms ‘Digital Workplace’ and ‘Digital Transformation’ can often be confused while implementing amongst organisations.
    To simplify it, a digital workplace is what organisations today worldwide are trying to achieve as a result of the transformation process.
    The digital transformation is the path an organisation goes on to reach the destination of the digital workplace.
    A digital workplace is much more than just technology and advances. It’s the business priorities, its processes, and most importantly its people. Of course, it may power the best-of-breed, the latest cutting-edge technologies to achieve a more digitally progressive atmosphere.
    However, its ultimate prime goal is to enable employees to work efficiently and deliver the finest service to their customers.
    Remember even though on paper the intrinsic worth of embracing digitalisation looks easy to digest, the reality of converting this movement into real actions is not always an easy job. For example:
    The scheme of a paperless office is not a new concept and a quick Google search will disclose that a lot of organisations see this as the first step in their digital transformation process.
    But in reality, demarcation of your intentions to go paperless against the prospect of actually doing this, are quite dissimilar.
    In reality, a lot of organisations don’t know where to start. Deploying a new software solution often involves many risks – cost, time consumption and user uptake to name just a few.

    Transforming Into a Paperless Office via Paperless Employees

    How will u explain the term Paperless Office?

    Well, a paperless office, also termed as a paper-free office, is a work environment where primarily digital documents are used in place of physical paper. In short; very minimal use of physical paper.

    Similarly a paperless worker is an employee who has eliminated or greatly lessened the use of paper in the workplace.

    Thus digitization is the process of converting physical paper files into electronic files.

    The thought of an entirely paperless office has emerged since personal computers became the basic of the digital workplace.

    Still regardless of the occurrence of electronic documents and files, most companies still rely on paper documents. From handouts at meetings to HR on boarding documents to receipts, many business processes still revolve around paper.

    Yet, we can’t ignore that are many benefits of going paperless; from saving resources to boosting security listed below our its benefits.

    Benefits of Going Paperless

    1. Saves Time

    A lot of Time is spent in filing, organizing, searching and relocating paper documents. This same time could be spent on more effectively in productive tasks.

    Digitized documents are electronic documents that are stored in a central depository, which is mainly a well-organized digital filing cabinet where all of your documents are kept.

    With the use of Creative Social Intranet’s digital document management system, you’ll get the same powerful search efficiency that you experience using Google. This means employees can find files at just a click of a button, much much more faster than the lengthy, manual process of searching a specific file in an obscured folder.

    2. Saves ample Space

    Is unarguable that paper takes up a lot of space – and so do filing cabinets and again the ample space to store those filing cabinets.

    Not to forget Books and book shelves are massive too.

    What’s even worse and needs consideration is that paper keeps piling up, making it more difficult to sort and organize.

    This is particularly true in financial industries that have long mandatory retention periods.

    Creative Social Intranets digitizing of files helps you to store all important documents and files either on an on-premises server or on cloud.

    3. Saves Money

    Time is money. Thus, saving time and space indirectly saves your money.

    Going digital advances your process effectiveness, in short saving your money.

    In the same amount of time your Paperless offices can process a much larger degree of paperwork in comparison to traditional offices.

    Adding to this, digitization also reduces the ample money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage and office selves for files and also the employee time spent to manage paperwork.

    This savings of employee time can become especially valuable with regards to regulatory audits and recurring, high-volume tasks like expense reimbursements.

    4. Effortless Transfer of Information

    Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software offers a simple process for saving documents.

    This software easily assembles digital documents using scanners, mobile capture images using a camera on a phone or tablet or importing any file type (.docx, .pdf, image files).

    Applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat allow you to file your document into your content management system with just one click.

    5. Supports the Environment

    Paper and paper products manufacturing produces greenhouse gases, causing deforestation and global warming which is hazardous to OUR environment.

    Recycling can offset some portion of the environmental impact, but not much.

    Eventually this paper finally ends up in a landfill. Also, ink and toners used contains explosive compounds and non-renewable substances which are damaging the environment.

    All these focuses us more to simply reduce paper use altogether by switching to a paperless office.

    6. Boosts Security

    Physical documents are hard to locate –paper can get lost, misfiled or get destroyed without getting noticed.

    It can also be complicated to supervise the access, printing and copying of sensitive important files.

    Creative Social Intranet’s Document management software has advanced security capabilities which can tackle these challenges and much more.

    System administrators can arrange granular access rights, which will assign permissions at the document level (e.g. settings on the type of document), user level (e.g. settings on person’s job function), and system level (e.g. overarching security for all data in the system), promising security at all levels.

    The security benefits of a paperless workplace rise above access rights. Execution of document management software also allows organizations to influence electronic signatures, redact private and confidential information, create audit trails and much more.

    Intranet solutions for banks

    Intranet solutions for banks

    Globalization today has made the world a smaller place. Being connected with your employees and clients 24*7 is very important. Leading banks today have multiple chains in multiple cities and countries. It has a wide range of branches all over the globe and provides a full range of modern financial services to all categories of corporate and private customers.

    Business and Intranet Challenges faced by Banks

    These banks with multiple branches are in need of corporate intranet solutions that include communication, collaboration and knowledge management, employee directory that would serve as a single access point for corporate information.
    Besides, banks also need to implement public use information feeds as well as corporate news delivery channels, employee directory information, generic business workflows, information-sharing spaces, automated on-boarding, helpdesk ticket systems,etc

    Creative Social Intranet for all Banking Organization Intranet Solutions

    Our banking intranet portals are developed with a single access point to corporate information landscape.

    Our immensely effective features include:

    • Integration with banking SAP
    • Project Server systems
    • Employee profile, employee directory
    • News delivery channels;
    • Generic business workflows, media galleries, information sharing spaces, public information feeds
    • Requests processing systems, powerful analytical dashboards & various reporting tools;
    • Manage department calendar to plan and communicate on events
    • One to one chat, and various chat rooms

    What business value will Creative Social Intranet add to Banks?

    The Intranet solutions have become important elements of corporate culture and distinctive identity. Thus now the following are very important to increase business value

    • Increase in employee satisfaction and awareness;
    • Accelerated efficiency and effectiveness of common business processes,
    • Reduced workload; paper work
    • Maintenance and licensing costs to be optimized;
    • Greater than before security and safety of official information management activities.
    • Customer Quotes
    Human Resource Management System
    HR portal for banks

    Intranet Portal Technologies for Banks security and usability:

    MS SharePoint, ASP.NET, HTML, MS Project Server, MS SQL Server Reporting Services

    Creative Intranet Solutions for banks have been developed in Microsoft ASP.net and  is seamlessly integrated with the banks legacy internal SAP systems with LDAP. The solution provides a wide overview of the enterprise landscape by integrating public and corporate news feeds.

    This platform also allows smooth communication and collaboration between employees by integrating business workflows, social communications, information data sharing spaces, media galleries with pictures and videos, employees’ profiles, employee organization chart and more.

    Thus the integrated platform by Creative Social Intranet Solutions for banks have become a primary internal access point for various bank employees and an important element of corporate organizational culture .

    Creative wishes happy womens day 2019

    International Women's day 2019
    International Women’s day 2019

    After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.

    If  girl is given the right shoe, she can conquer the world.