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ASP.NET is a unified web development model integrated with .NET framework, designed to provide services to create dynamic web applications and web services. It is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) of the .NET framework and includes all its benefits. Mark Anders and Scott Guthrie of Microsoft created the first version of ASP.NET in 1992.

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ASP.NET is mostly used to make powerful websites. It is opted by most of the web designers as well as the organizations offering such services. The current version of it is 4.6.2 and has constantly been improved from its first edition 1.0. It is used by different designers for different purposes. Be it growth of the company sites, business sites or content management sites, or for web based programs based on company needs, or even for e-commerce and customer relationship management, programmers choice of designing language remains ASP.NET.


Several components of the design can be personalized based on the needs of the company. It is ensured that the designing of the language is modern with regards to its improvements and functions. The current version also provides simplifications and developments in the security design.


ASP.NET programmers who are into coding have to be well versed with the tricks and trades of the language and codes to enable themselves to create efficient and dynamic web pages based on the needs of the clients. This is possible only with the dedication of the programmers in updating themselves of the developments happening every day.

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