On-Premise Intranet

Secure your intranet in your way with an on premise intranet solution

Deploy Creative Social Intranet Software Directly on your Own Server and Control Data Access Within your Environment

Whether you have a dedicated IT team, stringent security procedures, or both, our on premise intranet package gives you the flexibility to manage your intranet server in line with your corporate security policies. This means you can define how your intranet server software is run and control the configuration of firewalls, anti-virus, monitoring, and security fixes in-house.


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Benefits of On-Premise Intranet Software

However, it's important to consider that on-premise solutions also come with some challenges, such as the need for dedicated IT resources for maintenance, updates, and security management. Additionally, they might have limitations in terms of accessibility outside the office premises, which might be a drawback in today's remote or hybrid work environments. Choosing between on-premise and cloud-based intranet solutions often depends on a company's specific needs, security requirements, budget, and long-term strategy. On-premise intranet software offers several benefits, including:


Data Control and Security

With an on-premise solution, all data is stored locally on the company's servers, giving complete control over security measures and data privacy. This can be critical for businesses handling sensitive information.

Customization and Control

On-premise solutions allow for extensive customization to tailor the intranet to specific business needs. Companies have full control over configurations, integrations, and updates without reliance on external providers.

Reliability and Performance

Since the software operates on internal servers, it typically provides faster access speeds and reliable performance, especially for large organizations with significant data traffic.

Compliance Adherence

Some industries have stringent compliance requirements. On-premise solutions allow companies to ensure compliance with regulations by managing data within their own controlled environment.

Costs Over Time

While the initial investment might be higher due to infrastructure and setup costs, on-premise solutions can be cost-effective over time, especially for businesses with long-term plans and predictable IT budgets.

Independence from Internet Connectivity

In scenarios where internet connectivity might be unreliable or when there's a need for internal communication regardless of external factors, on-premise intranets ensure uninterrupted access.

Long-Term Control of Software

Companies using on-premise solutions can continue using the software even if the vendor discontinues support or if the company chooses not to upgrade immediately.

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