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Creative Employee Onboarding Solution helps you easily build an inspiring onboarding journey for employees. Onboarding software is the technology that helps employers facilitate a smooth transition for new hires. Creative provides a solution which is designed to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great employee experience. It helps you create and implement a structured, scalable onboarding where company culture and employee records are securely stored in the cloud and accessible through any device.


Features of Creative Employee Onboarding Software

What client says

We opted to go ahead with Creative for our Intranet Portal development as it fulfilling our most important criteria of easy customization as per our needs, and we are happy with our decision. We had a good experience working with Creative Team and found no negatives in its services
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Is Employee Onboarding Software really worth the investment?

Implementing in Creative onboarding software helps managers or leaders address their concerns for new hires without having too much administrative burden on the HR department. With the standardized process, the new hire’s introductions are consistent. Lastly, it also assists with compliance ensuring that you don’t lose or misfile important new hire information.


How an Employee Onboarding Software is useful?

Adopting Creative employee onboarding software reduces the risk of missing out on crucial steps in the process because it standardizes the program for each new hire while allowing customization for specific job titles and employment levels.

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