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Creative Employee Onboarding Solution helps you easily build an inspiring onboarding journey for employees. Onboarding software is the technology that helps employers facilitate a smooth transition for new hires. Creative provides a solution which is designed to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great employee experience. It helps you create and implement a structured, scalable onboarding where company culture and employee records are securely stored in the cloud and accessible through any device.

Features of Creative Employee Onboarding Software

Document Management

Creative document management solution is linked to other systems like payroll, easily passing information from one area to another. When an electronic HR form is filled out, it can generate a PDF that's uploaded into one of these portals. employee information is electronically created and stored, it,s then far easier to retrieve it and follow your normal retention plan, ensuring you can easily find it as and when needed.

Electronic Forms

Creative electronic forms capture everything, from the information of employees to digital signatures to ID card photos. They can be accessed on tablets, desktops and laptops. Data entered on electronic forms can automatically be uploaded to the core HR systems eliminating the need for manual data entry and corresponding errors.

Electronic Signature

Creative electronic signature outweighing traditional signatures as the primary means of signing documents. It enables new hired employees and HR professionals to use electronic signatures to speed up the onboarding process and increase security.

Employee Handbook

Creative employee handbook is given to the new hire employees as a part of the onboarding process. The manual helps in providing information on the company's policies, setting expectations about the responsibilities of employees, etc.

Job Description Management

Creative job description management helps to give information about what he is expected to do in his new role. He is required to take initiative to assimilate into the environment of the hiring organization. The new employee is encouraged to review the onboarding checklist and ensure that all items are addressed.


Creative mentoring programs can be used during new hire onboarding which helps to easily demonstrate to increase employee engagement and help retention. Due to this, the new hire employees receive guidance towards growing within the company while the mentor has an opportunity to refine his or her leadership skills.

Orientation Management

Creative Orientation Management helps to conduct onboarding in a centralized, well-designed and comprehensive orientation program which is not just filling out HR paperwork.

Self-Service Portal

Creative self-service portal allows employees to manage their personal records and payroll-related details. Employees can update their contact details, apply leaves, view payslip etc. Each employee will have an individual account with the login information which will reflect their details.

Task Management

Creative Task Management is overall workflow management software which comprises a series of tasks. The software will help employees, team leaders and managers raise requests, send notifications and approve or reject requests with a single click.

Training Management

Creative Training Management helps companies to manage training tasks and related compliance requirements for less by automating and streamlining training processes from start to finish. It simplifies training management processes to ensure your organization consistently demonstrates compliance with this critical regulatory requirement


Creative Gamification software can help make the onboarding process enjoyable, encourage good habits, and make the integration of an organization seamless. It is a solution to the challenges involved in engaging a new employee during the onboarding process by turning routine tasks into fun activities.Creative Orientation Management helps to conduct onboarding in a centralized, well-designed and comprehensive orientation program which is not just filling out HR paperwork.

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Is Employee Onboarding Software Really Worth the Investment?

Implementing in Creative onboarding software helps managers or leaders address their concerns for new hires without having too much administrative burden on the HR department. With the standardized process, the new hire’s introductions are consistent. Lastly, it also assists with compliance ensuring that you don’t lose or misfile important new hire information.

How an Employee Onboarding Software is Useful?

Adopting Creative employee onboarding software reduces the risk of missing out on crucial steps in the process because it standardizes the program for each new hire while allowing customization for specific job titles and employment levels.

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