Open Source Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Explore the diverse world of open-source e-commerce shopping carts, empowering businesses with customizable and cost-effective solutions.

Optimizing E-Commerce Success: Key Considerations for Your Shopping Cart Strategy

More and more companies are now turning their focus to web for business and therefore having a right kind of shopping cart is a must. It is at first very important to identify the business objective and basis that the shopping carts should be bought or customised. Having a right shopping cart makes a lot of difference for any online business. The cart has to be customisable to suit the business requirements and brand profile. Therefore, it is integral for the cart to be flexible to scale up once the business grows, it should support & secure the industry standards and offer secure & solid integration with all the payment gateways.

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For all the businesses that are based on online transactions, open source ecommerce shopping carts are an easy and an attractive alternative compared to buying ecommerce software’s which are proprietary in nature. Advantages of having an open cart are; firstly the cost of open carts is low cost and is supported by large communities of developers and users.


Open source ecommerce shopping carts is an attractive option because it offers all tools and features for managing product catalogue without charging big licensing fees. It also gives access to communities of developers and users including enthusiasts and store owners who offer free community based add-ons and support for enhancement. There is also an option for storeowners to opt for additional service and support in case the community support is not enough. Some of the examples of open and free source ecommerce shopping cart are Agora Shopping Cart, Broadleaf Commerce, and Commerce. CGI etc.

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