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Creative Web Mall follows a delivery model that is much more effective. We factor in contingencies while planning execution of the project.

As business requirements grow in complexity, IT companies are finding it difficult to deal with the life cycle of a project. Inability to deal with the complexities of projects undertaken, leads many IT companies to abandon projects. These projects are then offered to other IT companies that take time adapting to the business environment and delivering solutions. This leads to delays and solutions that are not efficient even if they are effective.

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Our software development life cycle is arrived upon after consideration of availability of manpower and development milieu. We spend more time gathering data during the initial requirements analysis stage of the project. By gathering correct information about the project, we are able to schedule projects well.

We realize that information is crucial for successful execution of project. Each and every member of the team has access to essential project data. This knowledge of the undertaken project allows every member to synchronize with other members of the team. This reduces the chances of delays in delivery.