Interviews statuses At Creative

Interviews statuses At Creative

Date: 14-Mar-2016

At Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd., human resources are more than just cogs in a corporate machine. Creative Web Mall always sets high aspirations for its employees and provides the tools and training needed to ensure victory for each individual. We look for people who want to have their career goals prolonged, people who are fond of challenges and to take risks in the quest of excellence.
We support companies by augmenting their staff. We help companies deploy teams that solve short term problems professionally. We identify candidates and value for our clients.
We manage recruitment for our clients. Security of data and confidentiality are not inhibiting factors as legal recourse is always an option. A legally binding agreement is arrived upon to that effect. The business simply needs to provide necessary access/clearance to the development team. The development team observes the rules observed by all regular employees. The development team reports to the project stake holders as agreed upon in the contract.
Currently we are hiring:
SEO Content Writer 1
SEO Executive 1
Data Feeder 1
SEO Expert 1
Video Editor 1
Content Writer 1
SMO Expert 1
SMO Executive 1
ASP.Net Senior 1
ASP.Net Junior 2
Photoshop Designer 2
HTML5 Designer 2
Project Manager 1
Software Testor 1
Sales Manager 1
Sales Executives 2
Tell Callers 2
PHP Senior 1
PHP Junior 1
Creative Web Mall looks for candidates from educational programs with basic skills on web designing, web development, programming knowledge and organise them for its future skills. All our web applications are pre-screened based on academic qualifications. We generally invite short-listed candidates for a written analytical / logical test and a ensuing interview as part of the selection process.

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