Enjoy Your Weekend Near Mumbai

Enjoy Your Weekend Near Mumbai

Date: 15-Mar-2016

Beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful sightseeing locations make them the perfect places for resting your tired mind and body.If your takeing holiday very seriously ,then there are many places to visit near Mumbai during the weekends.
Spend your Weekend with Friends Who wants some Food challenges:
whenever you’re out with friends Mumbai has no dearth of amazing food joints and streets and food is always omnipresent .If you want some Food challenges invite your friends . See who can gulp down first, the maximum number Pani Puris or momos. Places you can try with friends Mohammed Ali Road Khau Gali, Ghatkopar Bademiya, Colaba Juhu Beach etc.
Road trips within Mumbai with friends:
excellent way to shed some old skin and live a little, de-stress and forget your troubles for a while, and to make some fond memories along the way.Visit all your favorite places in Mumbai with your friends . With the rains lashing the streets, If you want to go to the sea-fronts ,then the Marine Drives, Bandra Bandstand, Worli Seaface are the best place. You want to take a rain drenched group selfie with your best buddies then the seafront is a good choice
For the shopaholics in Mumbai Specialy girls:
If you have a shopaholics in your buddy group, this one counts as the most fun things to do in Mumbai with friends.Best markets in Mumbai Colaba Causeway Linking Road, Bandra Hill Road, Bandra Fashion Street, CST.Make it fun shopping for one another and put to test how much do you all really know about each other
Adventure Sports in and around Mumbai:
Ggrab your sporting gears and go out for some river rafting, kayaking, rappelling or rock climbing; get your fill of adrenaline! Celebrate this weekend with your friends racing your rafts or climbing the hill first, it doesn’t get better than this! Some places that offer adventure sports Rock Climbing – Bhivpuri Water Rapelling – Kondana Caves, Karjat Kayaking – Tarkarli Flying Fox – Bhivpuri.
Celebrate Weekends Near Mumbai
Below are the places which you can visit during the course of this year and make most of the long weekends!
Spend you winter season weekend in Mahabaleshwar:
A 5 hour drive from Mumbai lays Mahabaleshwar. With its serenity and amazing views, it serves as an apt getaway for 3 days. Since it is the winter season, while you relax and unwind reeking in nature’s beauty. Mahabaleshwar has as many as 14 points in the city. The Arthur’s Seat, Kate’s Point, Needle Hole Point, Wilson Point, the Three Monkey Point to name a few.
Perfect destinations for weekends Khandala and Lonavala:
Directly linked to Mumbai by Mumbai-Pune expressway, Khandala and Lonavala makes perfect getaway destinations for weekends. This extended weekend is special as it falls in the month of love, February. One can plan a perfect weekend in Khandala , starting from Valentine´s day itself.
Nature’s beauty Lavasa:
Head down south of Mumbai and be mesmerized by the nature’s beauty. Lavasa is a tad too touristy which makes Lavasa the ideal destination for people looking to soak in some silence. While you are there, make sure you visit the dam and the falls. They are truly a sight to behold!
Perfect weekend beach destination Alibaug:
Alibaug is the most preferred weekend beach destination for most Mumbaikars. With the advent of water sports, Alibaug has grown in stature in leaps and bounds. You can choose from S.C.U.B.A diving or kite boarding, sea kayaking or wake-boarding, zip zap zoom on the jet skies and experience a rush of blood in the banana rides.
Wants to go long arduous journey, typically on foot then Karjat is perfect choice:
The go to place for trekking in Maharashtra, Karjat is a bliss for adventurous people. The Chanderi Fort Trek and Peth Fort trek are the most notable trekking trails. Activities such as water rappelling, waterfall climbing and river rafting set the tone amongst thrill seekers. Not just that, Karjat has farm-houses in abundance, giving a beautiful view of the landscape; thereby making it a viable weekend destination.



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