Different Types of Content Management Solutions

Different Types of Content Management Solutions

Date: 21-Jan-2011

Information such as email, accounts payable and receivable, records processing, customer information, financial reports, video libraries, etc constitute business content which is used to do business transactions. This content is increasing day after day. Due to the continued increase of this electronic content, companies are in need of automated content management solutions and course management solutions, to enhance productivity and improve overall operations. Content management solutions manage all the phases of the content lifecycle which include creation, approval, publishing, searching, expiry and archival. Content management solutions comprise of web content management, document management, digital asset management, collaboration management, records management, imaging, business process management and enterprise report management. Let us see some of the content management solutions here.

Web content management is a content management solution that addresses the need for businesses to make and manage multiple websites. Web content management gives a strong infrastructure and an easy to use in context website authoring environment for business users.

Organizations can capture, secure, share, and distribute digital and paper based documents and reports effectively using document management. In addition, organizations can use document management to save money and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining communications, automating routine tasks and lowering costs related to printing, shipping, and storage of business documents.

Collaboration management is a content management solution that provides centralized digital workspaces to facilitate content collaboration and a system to search and access all project related content. Users easily make and remove ad-hoc content creation project teams in a secure environment through a browser-based interface. Web based collaboration management saves valuable time and effort, as there is no need to track down project information and discussions.

Organizations can control the creation, declaration, classification, retention and destruction of business records using records management. In addition, records management permits organizations to quickly and cost-effectively meet corporate compliance requirements, reduce the cost of legal discovery and limit legal liability.

Digital asset management is a content management solution that provides particular functionalities for image transformations, formatting, and compression and thumb nailing capability for videos. In addition, digital asset management provides enhanced audio and video streaming capabilities, and enhanced searching capabilities such as voice-to-text recognition on audio and video files, which includes time stamps to identify where words were spoken within the file.

Image management is a content management solution that permits all users both internal and remote, to capture, store, and manage the documents and data associated with critical business transactions, with the help of easy-to-use, flexible imaging and enterprise report management technology. Users need not be concerned about the format or source of transactional documents. Using image management, users can directly access all the information from their desktops.

Business process management is a content management solution that enables automatic routing and management of transaction information like purchase orders, claims, invoices, and applications. In addition, business process management helps businesses expand the corporate environment to anyone virtually anywhere, streamlines work steps and improves communication between all users.

Enterprise report management is a content management solution that allows all users both internal and remote, to access, analyze, and archive computer-generated reports and forms for critical business transactions. Using enterprise report management, users can directly access all of the report information from their desktops.

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