Search Engine Optimization – Content Is King

Search Engine Optimization – Content Is King

Date: 30-Aug-2014

There was a time when Internet Marketers only had to worry about Search Engine Optimization for one page, simply because their whole website consisted of only a one-page sales letter. Some still use the tactic, particularly those who have built up a huge opt-in mailing list and can reach hundreds or even thousands of interested parties with one quick e-mail message, and as such maybe don’t even need to worry about SEO in the first place?

Some of the mere mortals of the world however do need the assistance of high search engine rankings – those of us who try to earn our living from our own niche site – and many have found that small mini-sites with a few pages manage to get ranked far higher with the major search engines than those with only a single page, and consequently enjoy more traffic than they alone can forward with their own list SEO Company India.

The type of pages needed for these mini-sites are nothing we would consider groundbreaking – sales page, blogging page (definitely a blogging page!), affiliate page, contact, terms and conditions etc, just standard pages.

Of course, a search engine optimized Sales Page is a MUST. If you have an information based product to sell then you have to have a sales pitch of some kind or online sales letter to promote it and to persuade people to buy it. If you don’t then you’re unlikely to make any sales, and there really isn’t any fun in that…

The content and sales copy of the sales page is a different matter entirely but just from a planning perspective – looking at what your proposed website should consist of and what kind of system you’d like to implement – the sales page is essential and other pages are added around it to help with the sales pitch and the search engine optimization of the site in general.

Whatever you do though, don’t just start and stop with a one-page sales letter website. Keep in mind that ‘Content is King’ when it comes to rankings and search engine optimization, the more content you have on your website (and ideally you should keep adding to it regularly) the more they will reward you and rank your site accordingly.


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