6 Common mistakes when writing css for WordPress theme

6 Common mistakes when writing css for WordPress theme

Date: 30-Mar-2015


To enhance the look and feel of a website while installing your favorite theme on WordPress, you need to make some changes. Sometimes using custom file editor you make some changes and as you hit the save button, you found website has broken. This might be happen because of mistakes made while writing an css for the WordPress theme.
Following are some mistakes one should must avoid while writing CSS:

Spelling mistakes:
It’s very common to have an occurrences of many of the missed spellings in most of the css writing project. Writing 10PC rather than 10PX while setting up your CSS. CSS written with wrong spellings will not fetch any result. You can use a CSS validator which will easily discover spelling mistakes made by the designer.

Placing the files incorrectly:
Though you are new in writing CSS , it will be beneficial to understand the file placement and which one to work on. All the CSS styles are mostly placed in the style.css file in the theme folder you are using. The HTML code is placed in the index.php file and the PHP file is placed in your theme folder. So, it is easy for you to make changes to specific CSS selector tags in your PHP files, rather than making changes in HTML  files.

Brush-off details about CSS:
The CSS selectors are mainly classified into 3 categories that is ID, Class and HTML Tags. A proper format should be laid out as selector {property: value; property: value; } . Care must be taken that values are in order and every detail is rightly entered. The CSS validators will found all the little details that you likely to forget.

Inappropriate template module:
While making changes in your WordPress theme , it is necessary to check the modular section. Frequently, the developers make modification in the comments.php file rather than the comments-popup.php file.

Choosing for the wrong selector:
When you manipulate the layout of your WordPress theme, sometimes you put all your designs into the incorrect selector. All unnecessary changes will come into the scene once the theme being previewed. To solve this problem, you just need to cut and paste the design code in the correct tag.

Too many choices:
Sometimes error arises when a developer assigns more than one reference to a single or same selector. This situation leads to challenge to make a decision which one to use for retrieving the desired results as multiple selectors get loaded with differing information.

So by avoiding on these common mistakes you can easily setup the CSS for your WordPress theme and make the  uninteresting layouts look more exciting.

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