Why WooCommerce is the best choice for E-Commerce startups?

Why WooCommerce is the best choice for E-Commerce startups?

Date: 21-Jul-2016

woo commerce development Mumbai, India

WooCommerce is taking its step higher with its increasing popularity and first choice of E-Commerce website developers here are the things you need to about what WooCommerce has to offer you.

  1. No Charge – WooCommerce is free to download for a limited period of time. It offers extensive features with flexible options. There are lots of Ecommerce CMSs’ that are currently available online that give you options to sell online but they are charged services. WooCommerce charges no money and you can avail of additional extension tools too.

  2. It offers Flexibility – The biggest advantage of WooCommerce is that it provides easy options to operate. A person operating need not know too much technical perspective to operate it. The products can be listed based on different categories like sale prices and other attributes of the product. The WooCommerce store also allows flexibility to sell virtual, physical, and downloadable or any other affiliate products.

  3. Ecommerce and more – WooCommerce doesn’t just allow you to virtually set up your store online but it goes far beyond than meets the eye. WooCommerce is based on a WordPress platform and offers lot of features availability allowing users to do business in different dimensions along with an integrated blog that will allow you to have your business presence online in one place.

  4. User-friendly platform – WordPress is hugely popular CMS systems that have over 51% of the world’s top websites. Many e-commerce start-ups used WordPress to kickstart their businesses online. With WooCommerce offering WordPress plug-in, the users may often be very familiar with WordPress interface. This will give a good amount of boost and popularity to your website while curtailing any confusion. It can be a huge time-saver.

  5. Offers Customization – WooCommerce is a free platform that comes with vast variety of features and options. You can tweak and design your online store with fine uniqueness. There are over 40 themes, some of which are absolutely free. The process is simple, once you select the theme, you can set the color and styles for the selected themes. You can tweak the codes and keep experimenting with simple options that are given.

  6. Professional outlook – WooCommerce is a simple yet user-friendly platform where there are easy to use options. This online store is actually a professional store where you can have detailed order-tracking system along with other engagement tools. The merchants shall be able to view the order records, update the entries, check on the delivery statuses, and apply the discounts – if applicable. It has other features like inventory management, tax settings, shipping, coupon codes and other things that will help you set-up a perfect E-Commerce setup.

  7. Easy Analytics – Any E-Commerce portal doesn’t work without Analytics tool; it is the core functioning tool that helps the owners of the websites to study the statistics. The statistics helps to check the total sales made, average sales made, total number of owners, customer statistics and many other statistics represented with the help of the graphs.

  8. Applications available – it may be disappointing for an E-commerce start-up merchant to not find valued features and applications in their newly built set-up. There is nothing to get disappointed about since WooCommerce helps with other extensions and support features bringing uniqueness to your store. This is all charged at a nominal fee. With the extended applications, one can get accounting, marketing done, there are payment gateways, reporting and many features can be found.

  9. Grow at greater speed – WooCommerce is an E-Commerce platform helping you to set up your online store with a galore of features and applications. You can definitely have vast scope for growth through your products and consumer networks. You can make use of amazing templates to attract attention. There are theme files, varied hooks and filters, APIs that are used to build up extensions. There are documentation libraries you make use of, over all this platform helps you do whatever you wish to do with your store.

  10. WooThemes – As much as WooCommerce is helpful to you, the WooThemes are surely going to WOW you! With vast theme features and the best options available especially for the start-ups where people have limited budgets. WooThemes produces WordPress themes with all the extensions and plugins that you need for building up the site. WooThemes have varied things for varied business purposes and personal uses like building a community forums, placing video tutorials and so on.woo commerce development Mumbai, India



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