Retooling Applications to Make Them As Good As New

Retooling Applications to Make Them As Good As New

Date: 02-May-2014

Applications at the end of the day are tools meant to be used for furthering business. There are times when they do not do that well. But there are times when people realize they are functional tools that are robust and reliable. Whenever one runs it right (even if that is difficult to do) one gets the answers one needs. Although it might seem to the employees a trial by fire at times the tool gets the job done the right way. It might even mean that one particular employee well versed with the user interface can at times lord over the others.

But everything considered one needs to provide for changing circumstances. What if that employee decides that she/he has a better situation somewhere else and not here? What if that employee with the crucial domain knowledge simply feels that some other company will be much more rewarding?

Consider a bigger question. What if the circumstances in which one undertook to perform certain tasks have changed significantly? The whole business scenario will more often than not change significantly at least once every decade. In such a situation one needs to be ready for the change as it takes place rather than start preparing for it after it has taken place and manifested itself. Simply because people don’t like to do business with people who appear indolent and out of their depths.

Application modernization is the only exercise that can be undertaken under circumstances that suggest major changes are taking place. At Creative Web Mall we have lots of experience of doing good quality work for companies that need modernization and management of applications. We understand problems better simply because we have done this in the past. We realize that new functionality needs to be fixed in without breaking the older modules in any way whatsoever making sure that the new cohesive whole works as expected in the different circumstances it is supposed to work in. We also realise that the user interface needs to be as ergonomic as possible for the benefit of the employees and therefore of the company.


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