Pay per click Tips

Pay per click Tips

Date: 13-Apr-2011

Pay per click (PPC) is a common marketing strategy used by website owners to promote their products and services through other websites and search engines. In PPC the advertiser pays the publisher for every click on the ad positioned in their websites. While search engines offer these ad programs through bidding individual website owners generally offer it for a fixed price per click. This is a very famous method to drive targeted traffic to new websites which has just begun its SEO processes.

While this is an actual boon to new websites, PPC should be dealt with carefulness. Wrong selection of keywords and phrases could burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the reasons why maximum care should be taken while opting for PPC programs are as follows:

* While ads located in high traffic websites can bring in heavy traffic, the conversion rates may not reach your projected targets.
* Inappropriate choice of high priced keywords also can bring in a lot of traffic with no or little conversion.
* It depends on how attractive the ad captions are. Dull captions seldom produce a successful campaign even if positioned in a high traffic website.
* Depending on the demand for a specific keyword or phrase the price may shoot up making the campaign very costly.
* There are also counterfeit practices, such as clicks through software, or through other unfair means that can victimize the advertiser.

For effective use of this inventive marketing technique, the advertiser should be smart enough to choose the right keywords and at the same time should be able to cope up the cost of the campaign. If you aren’t well-known with tracking tools or about the fraudulent clicking methods, it is clever to consult experts or hire them to help you in promoting your websites through PPC ad programs.

Some of the common PPC programs offered by the chief search engines include Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. All of the ad campaigns offered by the search engines are on bid-based model. Although PPC can give a huge start to your online business, it is highly suggested that you optimize your website for foremost search engines so that you get free targeted traffic for the keywords and phrases in the future.


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