Facts about Link Building

Facts about Link Building

Date: 06-Apr-2011

In the SEO field, link building has a valuable role to play. While optimizing a website for search engines the off-page optimization involves in building links for a given website. In the internet the significance of a website is decided by the number of inbound links a website has. Inbound links are obtained from various websites in the form of text links, banners, or links through images. Links for a website can be obtained from numerous sources and some of them comprise directories, articles, blogs, websites, forums and the like.
The source or area of the internet and the kind of website you decide to get your links from should be determined from the start. Quality links on related websites are worth 5x there weight then a link back to your website on a random non related blog post. Be care when you build links as some can be picked up by google as spam.

Free backlinks can be obtained by submitting your websites to search engine friendly directories; by writing articles for article directories where you can put your backlinks at the author bio section; by contributing articles for blogs; by making comments on blog posts; or by participating in forums. Lately due to the formation of link farms that concentrate only on money and no value search engines have dismissed the value of a broad range of free links and have made it essential to add no-follow attribute while linking websites for the intention of ads.

The process of link building involves acquiring links and requires a multiplicity of skills to attain desired targets. You should have researching abilities to find relevant websites that are ready to offer links. You also require to be experienced in negotiating the reimbursement for the service offered generally website owners and webmaster require either money or products or services in return for their links. You require creativity to fulfill them with your products and services. Even though search engines do not encourage link sales, experts can buy backlinks in a tactful manner and increase the popularity and page rank of your websites with high PR links.
The price of links can differ depending on the targets website PR.  From experience I have found buying website links will have the following price scale.
·    PR1 – PR3 – $1 -20 a month
·    PR4 – $20 – 30 a month
·    PR5 – $30 – 50 a month
·    PR6 – $50 and up
Prices can also be subject to the popularity of a website, if a website has a pr3 though has an alexa rank of 5000, the price of the link would be 10x what is listed here.

While the process itself is monotonous for individuals, experts that work together as a team can easily achieve high quality backlinks for a small fee. It’s worth to spend a few dollars for backlinks to a certain extent than wasting valuable time without any positive results. Link building not only enhances the page rank of a website but can bring in targeted traffic and increase the conversion rates in an unbelievable manner. However, you should be careful that you do not obtain links or provide links to penalized websites as they can damage your ranking as well as lessen the value of your websites. It is essential to follow the rules set by search engines while obtaining links and to be careful not to spam or get spammed.


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