Modern Web Design Trends You Need to Know About

Modern Web Design Trends You Need to Know About

Date: 18-May-2015



The technology world is changing everyday in a way you couldn’t possibly have expected.. Being web designer, you need to keep up-to-date yourself of these changes, else you’ll be left behind by tons of competitors.

This article will help you to know about the ongoing trends and keep yourselves up-to-date. Here are a few of the most essential trends on the modern web. As a web designer, you must know about them.

1) Flat Design Is Getting Bigger:

Flat design will help you to get to the point, without disturbing the look and feel of a website. These days, websites are focusing more on quality content and

Websites are focusing more on content and less on superfluous or unnecessarily ornate user-interface elements. We’re also seeing an emergence of single-page websites, as well as sites that use simple color schemes and navigation. In short, the web is becoming more and more streamlined with each passing day.

2) Fixed-Position Navigation:
Fixed-navigation – where a page’s navigation bar is visible at all times – will come into its own this year as web designers realize that gaudy, overdesigned, anchored sitemaps do absolutely nothing to help the user experience. Expect sidebars and top-bars that stay with the page as you scroll down, making navigation feel both simpler and smoother.

3) Typography’s a Big Deal

The eyes of the average web user are just a touch more cultured than they used to be – once ubiquitous fonts like Times New Roman simply won’t cut it anymore. This year, you can expect typography to dominate the design dialogue.

4) Mobile’s Importance Is Increasing in Leaps and Bounds:

This is perhaps the least surprising trend on the list – mobile devices are going to grow even more prevalent, and as a result, the mobile web is going to become even more important from a web design standpoint. Designers who haven’t yet addressed the mobile problem are going to be forced into rethinking the user experience for smaller screens, and the phrase “mobile first” will take on a very real meaning.

5) Short Presentation Videos Are Making a Comeback:

Thanks in large part to the immense popularity of Vine, short presentation videos are likely to make a comeback this year. Shorter videos – which appeal to the relatively short attention span of the average user – are far likelier to go viral, and marketers are starting to clue into this trend. Expect to see promotional clips that get the point across right away rather than waste time standing on ceremony.

6) It’s All about Scrolling:
parallax websites which focus almost entirely on scrolling – are going to continue growing in importance. Again, this is thanks to mobile devices. The simple fact is, a scrolling website is far easier to navigate on a mobile device than one that requires you to click a bunch of links. It feels more natural, too.



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