Tools for Collaboration at the Enterprise Level, But No Cloud? It’s possible.

Tools for Collaboration at the Enterprise Level, But No Cloud? It’s possible.

Date: 03-Jan-2023

If you’re in need of an enterprise-level system that you can use to create a digital workplace without having to send your data to the cloud, Creative Social Intranet is the answer. It’s an on-site software that supplies business-level communication tools and security protocols, complete with audit functions, so you never have to be anxious about your information being seen by a third party or the internet. What’s more, it’s fully customizable and is effortless to manage.

Given the laws in place or the internal policies of many organizations, there’s a growing concern about the use of cloud services when it comes to utilizing complete communication tools. This article will discuss the difficulty of the situation.

#Cloud and Privacy

When you are responsible for the safety of the data of your business, you may think: “I don’t want to give my data to someone else”. Additionally, you may have observed a rise in rules regarding how and where an enterprise can save its data, such as GDPR. In such a situation, it is easy to keep everything in-house, but it might imply that you will miss out on modern collaboration tools utilizing cloud services.

Fortunately, Creative Social Intranet allows firms to have features like video conferencing, collaborative editing, and file management without having to put their data in the cloud. This allows you to use the same tools as your competitors without compromising the security of your or your customers’ information.

#How Does Creative Social Intranet Solve Your Privacy Issues?

Due to the escalating problem of security, numerous corporations have difficulty preserving the confidentiality of their data. To guarantee the safety of their information, more and more organizations are transferring their essential systems to the cloud. To tackle the privacy and regulatory concerns that often come with these cloud services, Creative Social Intranet offers two solutions:

  • On-premise infrastructure
  • Private cloud.

#On-premise Infrastructure

Creative Social Intranet offers a solution to help keep your data away from the cloud by using on-site infrastructures that offer the same application capabilities as cloud services. Not only does this give you total control of your data, but it also provides an e-mail and collaboration platform with servers located on the premises. This product offers the same enterprise-class features that people are accustomed to with centralized file-sharing solutions and internal communication platforms while keeping your confidential data secure behind a corporate firewall.

#Private Cloud

Companies can only access cloud-based services through a private cloud. If an organization opts for Creative Social Intranet on a private cloud, it can achieve a similar level of security to that of an on-premise server, since the data and applications are not accessible from outside the firm’s firewall.

One of the major benefits of the private cloud is its pay-as-you-go model, which means companies don’t have to make any substantial upfront investments or take on long-term commitments. Moreover, the place of the private cloud data centers is decided by the cloud service provider, thus it is essential to take into account data protection regulations such as GDPR when utilizing a private cloud.

#Why Are So Many Companies Switching From Cloud to On-Premise Servers?

Cloud storage has been a beneficial source for many years, as it is straightforward to launch, can be accessed from any location, and aids small businesses to concentrate their efforts on their progress. However, with the introduction of GDPR and similar regulations, various companies have chosen to move their data away from the cloud and back to internal servers, while some are still considering their choices.

It’s simple to understand why this is taking place. Here are a few of the most popular explanations:

  • Easier to supervise – Primarily, it is less complex for a firm to supervise its servers than to depend on an outside source.
  • Increased Control – Organizations may opt to switch back to on-premise servers as they want to be in charge of how other parties use their information.
  • Safety – Businesses that store their data on the cloud must keep in mind that their data is not protected from danger. On the other hand, when an agency utilizes its servers, it will have total control over its data, and it will be able to shield it from any possible weaknesses that could come up because of third-party control over its data.
  • Costs – This is yet another reason why many businesses are moving away from cloud services to their servers as it helps them lower their expenses as have more flexibility in furnishing, appliances, and upgrades.
  • Personalization – When applying cloud usage, users are dependent on the services’ predetermined capacities and abilities. For companies that are in need of more adaptability, having on-premise servers is the more suitable choice. Additionally, it is advantageous for firms with large data or those that require high levels of computing power.
  • Privacy Adherence – The prime motivation for this transformation is to adhere to GDPR. With many firms still facing difficulties in meeting the standards, shifting data back to on-premise servers can facilitate the process and guarantee all the requirements are met.

Companies must have a thorough understanding of how they handle data management and storage in order to comply with GDPR. Lessen the GDPR here:

#Not the End of the World – Creative Social Intranet as the Solution

Creative Social Intranet provides a wide range of modern tools and features that are competitive and suitable for enterprise use. It also enables organizations to maintain control over their infrastructure and keeps them in compliance with data protection regulations. The intranet includes exclusive communication capabilities like video conferencing, file sharing, and collaborative document editing. It is powered by an infrastructure that is flexible, reliable, and equipped with advanced storage management, real-time backup, disaster recovery, and a secure authentication system.


Companies had to make a difficult decision between settling for a hosted system that puts their data security and compliance with regulations at risk, or keeping control of their infrastructure and foregoing the advantages of cloud-based services. Creative Social Intranet offers the best of both worlds: not only is it secure and compliant, but it also has advanced features such as video conferencing, document management, email, and collaborative editing and still allows organizations to maintain control over their infrastructure.


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