How Much Does a Budget-Friendly On-Premise Intranet Software Cost?

How Much Does a Budget-Friendly On-Premise Intranet Software Cost?

Date: 02-Jan-2023

If you’re looking for a way to improve your company’s digital presence and make it more cost-effective, you’ll love the cost of on-premise intranet software. The price of this multifaceted tool can vary based on what software is being offered and how much company resources will have to be used. A great option is to use affordable software that comes with multilingual capabilities, certain mobile apps, and much more.

A variety of options are available to help companies choose the best intranet software for their needs. The first step is finding out what exactly the software can provide, like how many pages users can create and how various features can help save time in the workplace. Some examples of these software features include:

#How Much Does It Cost to Build a Basic Intranet?

The price of an intranet sometimes depends on customizations that must be made in order to meet your company’s needs.

#Corporate Intranet Strategy

The first place to look for information on intranet costs should be the intranet strategy. An intranet that doesn’t meet the needs and goals of the firm could eventually require expensive upgrades, maintenance, or development. If it is not done correctly the first time, it could eventually cost thousands of dollars.

All parties involved in the business should be consulted while creating a strategy. This guarantees that all departments agree that an intranet is required. The last thing you want is for the project to look to be being pushed by the IT Division.

When creating the strategy, take into account the following factors:

#Business goals: Are intranet features necessary to encourage increased participation and collaboration inside the company? According to recent surveys, 78% of workers are not interested, meaning they don’t work with enthusiasm or have a strong sense of loyalty to their employers. Is it an intranet or both for communicating with the outside world? Are intranet features required to boost employee productivity at work? In the end, the intranet proposal should support each department’s aims and be in accordance with business goals.

#Workforce poll results: What percentage of the workforce will routinely use intranet software? Which profiles are they—junior, mid-level, or senior?

The combination of generations is essential for the usability of the platform and intranet services.

#Projected intranet usage: To acquire an accurate picture of intranet activity, you must determine the number of unique users who will view intranet webpages each month in all departments. You may wish to take into account intranet traffic during a change of shift as well. Once more, costs increase as usage and population do.

#Installation plan: To ensure minimal disruption of corporate processes, the execution must be well planned. This plan can include moving intranet material to the cloud, but due to budgetary restrictions, you may prefer to start out with fewer platforms involved. The features and hosting options for your organization’s intranet will affect the technical needs as well.

#Reporting: Establish the frequency of reports and the information required to make decisions. Whichever intranet software option you decide on, the intranet should provide a safe, practical, and easy way to generate reports.

#Roles: Since maintaining an intranet requires a lot of work, the provider’s contract frequently includes intranet support. Inquire about the number and duration of intranet administrators allocated to your account. Ask if you may contact intranet support engineers at any time, day or night (if you need them).

#Factors to Consider for Technical Intranets

  • Prior to purchasing an intranet solution, take into account the following technical factors after developing a strategy.
  • On-Premise or Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud hosting is the industry norm since it saves time, money, and resources by avoiding the need for people to be assigned to on-premises maintenance. Intranets on-premise, however, might be more practical for young small organizations.

#Customization Versus a Standard Approach

Even smaller businesses can easily set up and operate intranet software that is purchased off the shelf. The intranet platform does, however, get more expensive the more configurable it is, just like any other good or service. You can receive advice on intranet customization possibilities within your price range from the intranet software provider you select.

#Technical Assistance and Updates

To remain updated, secure, and effective, the intranet platform will need updates. To avoid causing any disruption to your business, the supplier must provide you ample notice of impending changes. It is better if technical help is outsourced. Support should be accessible throughout the upgrade process.


The intranet depends on its content, so it should be updated frequently and stay informative. The degree of difficulty should also be managed to make it simple to produce fresh material without prior knowledge of website design or application setup. Finally, intranet data needs to be safe and only available to team members with the right rights.

#Setting a budget for intranet software

Due to intense competition in the intranet space, costs are quite low. Your location’s customization options, the number of users who will have access to intranet pages across all departments, and the intranet features will all affect the final cost you pay.

But while evaluating several options, the total cost of ownership must be your top priority (TCO).

The following TCO components are part of your budget:

#Components and Infrastructure

As opposed to cloud-hosted intranets, on-premise systems require more infrastructure and technical support. Depending on the functionality and hosting options for the intranet, TCO will change. A scalable intranet platform will enable swift resource upgrades and downgrades in response to consumption.

#Cost of Installation

There may be one-time charges associated with setting up rights and user groups, so you should take these into account independently from the subscription costs when estimating intranet implementation costs. Additionally, constructing specialized intranet modules to achieve everything you want may be necessary if you choose an intranet solution that is completely customizable (in-house or customized platform), which might increase the initial launch expenses. Before deciding, make sure to find out whether there are any additional “hidden” fees.

#Sign up

A monthly or yearly subscription often comprises the cost of the software license, hardware resources, intranet hosting, program updates, and tech assistance. Smaller intranets might choose a cheaper membership, but be cautious of the risk of exceeding the limits of the intranet’s traffic capacity.

#Technical Assistance

Businesses that operate in several time zones or need support after hours must provide a 24/7 intranet support option. You shouldn’t undervalue the price of downtime; when accumulated over a full year, lost productivity due to system failure could be astonishing. Your intranet will always be accessible with an outsourced intranet support package, saving you the expense of hiring more internal infrastructure experts.

#Resources for Onboarding and Training

To acquaint intranet users with the system, some intranet software providers provide intranet training and onboarding. This is helpful for companies who want to benefit from intranets but may not have any expertise with them. While more sophisticated intranet solutions are likely to provide webinar training sessions, a less expensive option will merely include on-demand intranet tutorials.

#Size of the Business

For large enterprises, there are frequently more affordable, tailored intranet choices that include all necessary features on an intranet platform. However, if your company is new or small, one of the well-liked commercial intranets can be a better fit for your budgetary requirements. Selecting a Solution for an Intranet.

#Selection of an Intranet Solution

The intranet is a crucial business tool that can improve communication with your staff members and the flow of knowledge throughout your organization.

It’s crucial to confirm that the software solution satisfies all of your technical needs and integrates with other systems already in place at your business if you’re thinking about implementing an intranet for your company. In order to help you choose the intranet system that will work best for you and your budget, we’ve highlighted certain important factors. With the help of this knowledge, we hope you can develop or modify a plan that encourages teamwork, increases employee engagement, boosts productivity, and forges deep relationships among individuals.



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