Let’s be Santas for a cause and bring smiles to faces around the world!

Date: 20-Dec-2023

Be Secret Santa to someone who needs it, a Virtual Christmas celebration for a cause

Virtual Secret Santa and Christmas celebration ideas for the hybrid workplace where employees are located remotely.

Virtual Secret Santa celebrations for a cause can spread joy and make a meaningful difference. Here are some steps you might consider:

Nowadays, it seems as though every office has a Secret Santa and they can certainly be lots of fun. The intranet makes it a whole lot easier to organize and run the process.

Not only can you organize and publicize the Secret Santa cause online, but staff members can post the photos of their small or big Secret Santa presents they gave to someone in need and make them smile on the employee blog for a bit of light-hearted entertainment.

  • Select a Cause: Choose a cause or charity you’d like to support, whether it’s helping families in need, supporting healthcare workers, providing meals for the homeless, or any other cause close to your heart.
  • Organize Participants: Gather a group of colleagues or even an online community interested in participating. Create a sign-up form or a platform where people can join in.
  • Set Guidelines: Establish guidelines for the Secret Santa exchange, including spending limits, gift themes (if any), and the deadline for sending gifts.
  • Virtual Contest: Organize a contest where the best cause will win points that can be redeemed on the Intranet. Can be a photo contest, a story contest, or a highest contributor contest.
  • Theme it up: Add some themes to your celebration with colors and props.
  • Donate: Consider setting up a donation drive alongside the Christmas party. Call for a webinar and discuss social awareness, Motivate people to donate for some cause. Participants can contribute a small amount towards the chosen cause, amplifying the impact of your virtual celebration.
  • Spread the Word: Document the event and share it on social media or with the charity you supported. Encourage others to consider similar initiatives, spreading the spirit of giving.

Remember, the essence of this initiative is to spread joy and make a positive impact. It’s about coming together virtually, celebrating the holidays, and making a difference in the lives of others.

Let us know, What exactly is Secret Santa and why is it celebrated?

Secret Santa is a popular holiday tradition where a group of people, often friends, family, or colleagues, participate in a gift-giving activity. Here’s how it typically works:


A group of people willing to take part in the activity is assembled. This can range from a small group to larger gatherings, depending on the participants’ preferences.

Names Drawing:

Each participant’s name is written on a piece of paper and placed into a container. Then, everyone randomly draws a name from the container. The name they draw is the person for whom they will buy a gift.

Keeping it a Secret:

The key to the tradition is keeping the identity of the gift giver (the “Secret Santa”) a secret. Participants don’t reveal who they are buying gifts for until the day of the gift exchange.

Gift Exchange:

A designated day, often during a holiday gathering or a specific event, is chosen for the gift exchange. During this event, everyone presents their gifts anonymously to the person they’ve been assigned.


As each gift is received, the recipient tries to guess who their Secret Santa is. Sometimes clues or small hints are given to make it more fun before the final reveal.


The exchange is often accompanied by food, drinks, and socializing, making it a festive and enjoyable occasion.

The goal of Secret Santa is to spread holiday cheer, foster a sense of generosity and surprise, and create a fun and engaging way for people to give and receive gifts without the pressure of buying something for everyone in a large group on Creative Social Intranet.

When did the tradition of Secret Santa begin?

The exact origins of Secret Santa aren’t definitively documented, but it’s believed to have evolved from various cultural and holiday traditions over time.

One of the earliest recorded instances resembling Secret Santa dates back to ancient Rome during the festival of Saturnalia. During this celebration in December, it was customary for Romans to exchange small gifts or tokens of appreciation.

In the 18th century in England, the tradition of “Secret Santa” evolved from the practice of “Kris Kringle,” where a person would anonymously give a gift to someone else. This concept spread to the United States and other parts of the world.

The term “Secret Santa” itself became popularized in the mid-20th century. It’s a fun and inclusive way for people to exchange gifts, particularly in larger groups where buying gifts for everyone might be impractical or expensive.

As the tradition has spread and evolved, it’s become a widely practiced and cherished part of many holiday celebrations around the world. The exact start date or the person responsible for originating the tradition remains unclear due to its organic evolution over time.



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