Amazing Advice for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Intranet!

Date: 16-Dec-2023

Choosing the perfect name for your intranet isn’t just a formality; it can significantly influence how your employees connect with and utilize the system. Simply labeling it ‘the intranet’ with your company logo might make it seem uninspiring and just another mandatory platform. To truly boost the system’s utility and engagement, your employees should genuinely want to visit because it’s informative, enjoyable, and inspiring.

An essential step toward increased engagement is aligning your intranet with your company’s culture. Giving it a distinct identity, complete with a unique name and branding, ensures your intranet resonates with users, making them feel a personal connection to ‘their’ intranet.

The name you choose should be inspiring, and memorable, and hold meaningful associations for your employees, creating an engaging and enjoyable digital workplace.

Here are four friendly tips to guide you in choosing the perfect name for your intranet:

1. Organize a Naming Contest

Let your employees be part of the decision-making process by organizing a naming contest. This not only raises awareness but also encourages active participation and collaboration, fostering engagement from the start.

Create a suggestion box for employees to share their ideas, including taglines. Use intranet survey and polling tools to turn it into an interactive experience, letting users vote on their favorite suggestions.

2. Create a Persona Unique to Your Business

Avoid generic names like “The Hub” and opt for something more personal and relevant to your company’s culture or lingo. Examples like TripAdvisor’s “Passport” and Mercedes Benz’s “Pitstop” showcase how injecting clever and witty puns related to your working environment can enthuse employees.

3. Get Creative with the Branding

Take the time to uniquely brand your intranet with its logo, color palette, and style. This effort showcases the intranet’s value and pride to your employees. A separately branded digital workplace reinforces the idea that it’s their space, promoting a flatter hierarchy of communication and collaboration.

4. Never Underestimate the Power of an Acronym.

Using acronyms adds meaning and helps employees relate to your organization. For example, Dee Beers Forever’s intranet is named “SPARKLE,” representing a System Providing Access to Research, Knowledge, Learning, and Education. Acronyms are memorable and can easily define the intranet’s purpose, making it more relatable and accessible for employees.

What are the Advantages of having a Creative Intranet Name?

Choosing a creative name for your intranet can offer several benefits that contribute to the overall success and effectiveness of the platform. Here are some reasons why having a creative intranet name is advantageous:

  • Enhanced Engagement: A creative and unique name captures attention and generates interest among employees. It makes the intranet stand out and encourages users to explore the platform enthusiastically.
  • Memorability: Creative names are more memorable than generic ones. Employees are more likely to remember and refer to the intranet by a distinctive and interesting name, fostering a stronger connection with the platform.
  • Reflects Company Culture: A creative intranet name can be aligned with the company’s culture, values, or industry-specific terminology. This alignment helps reinforce the organization’s identity and makes the intranet feel like an integral part of the company’s ecosystem.
  • Boosts Employee Ownership: Giving the intranet a creative identity contributes to a sense of ownership among employees. When the intranet has a name that reflects the organization’s personality, employees are more likely to feel a personal connection and actively participate in its use and development.
  • Encourages Communication and Collaboration: A creative name can set a positive tone, making the intranet a more inviting space for communication and collaboration. It contributes to a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, breaking down potential barriers to engagement.
  • Differentiates from Other Systems: Using a creative name helps distinguish the intranet from other systems or tools in the organization. It prevents the intranet from being perceived as just another mandatory platform and positions it as a unique and valuable resource.
  • Promotes Positive Perception: A creative intranet name contributes to a positive perception of the platform. Employees are more likely to view the intranet as a dynamic and enjoyable tool, rather than a mundane or obligatory part of their work routine.
  • Facilitates Branding: The intranet name can become an essential component of your internal branding. A creative name, coupled with a unique logo and branding elements, enhances the overall visual identity of the intranet within the organization.

In summary, a creative intranet name goes beyond mere nomenclature. It becomes a tool for engagement, communication, and reinforcing company culture, contributing to a positive and vibrant digital workplace environment.

Why Does your Organization need an Intranet?

Your organization needs a Creative Social Intranet for seamless internal communication, collaboration, and information sharing. It serves as a centralized hub, fostering efficient teamwork, knowledge exchange, and document management. An intranet enhances employee engagement, streamlines processes, and ensures easy access to vital resources, ultimately improving overall productivity and organizational cohesion.



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