Importance of web design

Importance of web design

Date: 12-Nov-2010

Many options are before you when you wish to design your website which makes you feel puzzled of which to pick. Simply because there are numerous options, we often overlook the basic web design principles which usually may hinder us from attaining our objectives with our website.

Let us discuss the 3 essential web design principles.

First of all, stay focused. Start with your end goal in mind. You have to know the target of your website. What would you like it to achieve for your business? Jot down the goal of your website for you business and make it as a regular reminder when you proceed through the process of web design.

Evidently, we get quickly preoccupied by the hottest widget that may make our website sing and dance. However the questions is, is that what visitors going to be searching for? Possibly not!

Think about the market you’re operating in. Attempt to take a look at some websites in that market. Find out the characteristics that you like and those that you wish to click away. This is a very easy exercise that will help you refrain from overfilling your website with gizmos and gadgets which will just push your visitors away.

Next, draw your overall design just before creating your first page. You should think of your site from a user perspective. Give your website with a consistent feel and look throughout as well as generate clear and concise pages. Think of future expansion plans and include this into your overall design plan. Additionally, make sure that you have your own domain name.

Don’t reduce your efforts through using free hosting services. Despite the fact that free hosting services will save you a lot of bucks and efforts however it will impede you from making some enhancements in your site when you intend to do so later on.

Never fail to make sure that your website have clear navigation menus and links all through your site. Ensure to supply contact details to ensure that your visitors can contact you just in case they needed to. When you’re selling a product or supplying a service, make sure that you let your website visitors know how to buy your products or how to get your services and what to anticipate at each stage of the purchasing process.

And lastly, create your content strategy. “Content is King.” I am sure that you have over heard this saying lots of times. We can’t refuse the fact that we’re surfing the web searching for some form of information whether it be a particular product or content. Think about on the web sites you are browsing. What do they have that makes you go there? What are other parts of the site that make you click there?

The most apparent reason that you go there is simply because you find it simple to find the content or the product that you’re searching for. These websites have tested user experiences to redesign their site to be able to increase revenue. Consequently, it’s ideal to learn from their experiences.

You have to come to a decision what content strategy you want for your website right after having carried out this basic exercise. Consider how you can lure individuals to come to your site and spend some time there after they have got there. Plan on how you can have the ability to create sales from these site visitors. You additionally have to think about keeping your website fresh and updated in order to make visitors return to your site.

Utilizing these three fundamental web design principles when designing your website will help you not only stay away from pricey and troublesome redesigns in the future but also accomplish what your website seeks for your business.
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