Various web services

Various web services

Date: 10-Nov-2010


This term CMS stands for content management system and this is where a website has the function for you to be able to update your own text and images by accessing the back end of the website. CMS is very good to have because it allows you to keep your website fresh and updated at all times however this normally comes at an additional cost and so you need to have a good think about whether you want the ability of updates and more to the point would you update it regularly.


SEO is a very common term when discussing web design and it actually stands for search engine optimisation and this is the service that gets your website to the first page of the search engines for competitive key terms. SEO is essential to get onto the first page for most commercial words and so it needs to be looked at in detail. SEO is not a onetime thing either, you need to budget each month for SEO and the amount depends on how competitive the keywords are.

Web Design

Web design is someone who is normally a web site designer will build a website which is normally made up of images and text and positioned in an attractive manner for your business and then uploaded to the internet for people to view. Web design comes in many different formats and there are a whole host of companies offering cheap web design and companies offering expensive web design. It totally depends on what you want and how big your budget is. Cheap web design should be under £300 and expensive can be anything above £700.


This term stands for essentially a website that can take payment over the internet for products or services. There are many ecommerce websites online and they can be a great tool for any business to maximise profits. Many businesses that have retail shops on the high street are now looking towards ecommerce as people are now spending more and more time shopping online and predictions suggest this is only going to keep increasing.

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