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Every company with a web presence needs hosting. A website needs to be "hosted on" a server by a service provider. Thats the reason a website loads into the browser of any visitor. Each and every website on the internet is hosted on computers. A reliable, robust, resourceful and effective solution provider offering acceptable redundancy is absolutely necessary.

Services Resilient hosting is necessary to maintain continuous presence on the internet.

There isn't really anything glamorous about it. Web hosting is not about beauty and grace and every thing nice. But it is about best practices. It is about performance, precision and prevention of problems. A service provider needs to maintain consistency and be able to balance cases of heavy load as well as mild user activity. The service provider needs to be able to offer quality assistance in-case problems occur that need attention and supervision. The service provider should be able to provide quality support even when problems do not occur. But most importantly, a service provider needs to be accessible.

Creative Web Mall provides web hosting, domain names, website design and email services. Quality web presence, perhaps, needs quality partners and quality services. We strongly feel so. Our hosting service is good for all sorts of websites. Our services cut across the spectrum: smaller business website, personal web sites, corporate portals and e-commerce sites. We can take care of your design, internet marketing, domain names, email and web hosting needs.

Creative Web Hosting offers:


  1. Fast reliable servers
  2. Quality Web space
  3. Extensive bandwidth
  4. No pop ads
  5. FTP access
  6. website developers