3 factors to consider for an Ecommerce website startup

Ecommerce website development India

As Ecommerce business is growing rapidly in India, number of ecommerce stores are increasing. So it is very vital to execute your Ecommerce business to next level so that it gets maximum marketing benefits. Buying online has become a most comfortable preference and prioroty amongst the customers and businesses. Thus, online Ecommerce development India will get a buzz in future for sure.

Ecommerce stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal have become popular giant ecommerce websites in India, establishing there strong presence in ecommerce marketplace. Though Internet is never going to diminish and there will always be enough space for startup businesses who wants to flourish by starting their ecommerce website. Many people have successful business offline in thier specific categories, but often are unable to market their businesses online.

Below 3 factors are important for a new e-commerce website designing Mumbai to look for to face the potential market.

1.Cut-throat Competition

Every new online business has to face few challenges. One such challenge is massive number of other ecommerce websites already present online. As a new eCommerce startup, gaining right number of traffic and revenue is very difficult when some strong established players have already retained the market.

For eg: If you are planning to sell apparels online, thier are many websites for same, thus a cut throat competition. However if you target niche and unique segment, like “Pure Cotton Apparels” or “Jute Dresses and Shirts” from the wide category of apparel, then the you have less competition in the market and high possibility to stand in top 10 in Google.

2. Innovative and extremely user friendly eCommerce storefront

In order to strive through the furiously competitive ecommerce market, it is very crucial for new startups to build a highly user friendly Ecommerce platform that will drive users easily to thier destinations without much hassle. You need an ecommerce storefront that has strong functionality, enabling transactions that are easy, quick and smooth with a highly secure shopping experience for your customers. Study your competitors websites, your business needs and then build your ecommerce website under expert guidance.

At Creative Web Mall, we offer turn key ecommerce solutions right from ecommerce website development, ecommerce website hosting on fast servers, to ecommerce website marketing online through SEO, PPC and SMO. We have executed plenty of ecommerce projects and know the dos and donts of online business to generate sales. We use advance technology ecommerce development platforms and responsive web design technique to optimize our ecommerce websites for desktop, tablet and mobile shopping.

3.Fund and Customer Salvage
Many often it is seen that many ecommerce websites fail to continue due to lack of funds. Raising funds to run operations is the key challenge that new eCommerce ventures startups face. Other key challenge is to drive traffic and convert users into customers. Online promotion and marketing needs lot of investment.

Creative Web Mall offers a tuen key ecommerce solution on both of the above challenges. If you have a workable idea, Creative can help you by consulting you with effective bifurcation of funds towards right IT solutions for you ecommerce website.

We have executed many ecommerce websites successfully. If you want to be one of them, then contact us and discuss your project with us.

Tips for Online Shop Success


Developing an effective and productive web-based application requires practice, persistence, proper planning and determination. It leads to a success of any eCommerce business. Once your online shop is designed and running, the key to your success is to know your online business insights.

Following are some tips you should take into the consideration before you develop a website for your Web-based business or should re-visit if you have already established an online store:

Online URL:
Check with your organization name and discover how it can best be used in your E-store web address. Your web URL is a crucial element in your marketing and branding efforts.
You may not get exact url name as your company name but a variant if it.

Log in  for an eCommerce Web hosting package that will grow with your online store,  includes features such as facility to provide secure transactions, reliability, shopping cart functionality, etc  you will need to operate an online business as well as provides Internet marketing tools.

Payment options:
Create a vendor account so that your online showroom can securely process credit card and other transactions. Your vendor account should be able to accept the credit cards,  PayPal, and accept other payment methods.

Easy Navigation:
Build your E-store  with the help of  a professional Web designer in order to design an attention-grabbing eCommerce website providing an easy to navigate the facility for your customers.

Lucrative marketing strategies:
Brand your business and boost your internet marketing campaigns, like dedicated mailboxes for each product line and targeted mailing lists for a particular group of customers.  Standing out in the crowd can play a vital role in your online success.

Track promotions:
Track the success and efficiency of your Internet marketing efforts by creating specific codes that distinguishes each promotion. This is the easiest way you can measure the most effective  promotions.

Use Internet marketing tools to work for your online shop:
Make use of suitable Meta Keywords and description that will place your online shop in search engine results. Submit your business website to the leading search engines that will surely help people to find your online shop whenever they are looking for an online product purchase.

Grand Launch:
After final completion of your online store design, you can launch your website on a specific date. Make use of Email marketing campaigns to promote your eCommerce website grand launch. So more people will get to know about your online shop and business.

Know your products:
If you are familiar with the products or services you are selling, you can easily guide the customers and promote the products.

Know your customers:
In this technological marketplace, it is easy to track your customer’s orders so you will get an idea about what exactly customer is looking for. It will help to serve customer needs in a better manner. Based on the customer’s orders, you are being able to recommend some new products to the existing customers, which will certainly keep you engage with them and enlarge your web shop.

Know your competitors:
Every niche that exists on the Internet typically has more than one online shop  serving that niche. You need to always be on the look for potential and actual competitors, and  notice how they are  actually reaching their customers. You can learn from their techniques and adopt new methods or changes if necessary.

By paying attention to the above tips, you can be successful in developing an eye-catching and productive online shop.

Retooling Applications to Make Them As Good As New

Applications at the end of the day are tools meant to be used for furthering business. There are times when they do not do that well. But there are times when people realize they are functional tools that are robust and reliable. Whenever one runs it right (even if that is difficult to do) one gets the answers one needs. Although it might seem to the employees a trial by fire at times the tool gets the job done the right way. It might even mean that one particular employee well versed with the user interface can at times lord over the others.

But everything considered one needs to provide for changing circumstances. What if that employee decides that she/he has a better situation somewhere else and not here? What if that employee with the crucial domain knowledge simply feels that some other company will be much more rewarding?

Consider a bigger question. What if the circumstances in which one undertook to perform certain tasks have changed significantly? The whole business scenario will more often than not change significantly at least once every decade. In such a situation one needs to be ready for the change as it takes place rather than start preparing for it after it has taken place and manifested itself. Simply because people don’t like to do business with people who appear indolent and out of their depths.

Application modernization is the only exercise that can be undertaken under circumstances that suggest major changes are taking place. At Creative Web Mall we have lots of experience of doing good quality work for companies that need modernization and management of applications. We understand problems better simply because we have done this in the past. We realize that new functionality needs to be fixed in without breaking the older modules in any way whatsoever making sure that the new cohesive whole works as expected in the different circumstances it is supposed to work in. We also realise that the user interface needs to be as ergonomic as possible for the benefit of the employees and therefore of the company.

Valuable Marketing Strategies for Major ecommerce Platforms

How can you tell products effectively to maximize your sales volume? What are the ways to draw more customers to your web store? If you ever bother answering these questions, you must pay attention to the following marketing strategies essentially meant to boost your sales, increase average order size and customer pool.

•    Cross-selling is a sales method that consists in offering additional products that are likely to interest the customers when they make a purchase. Cross selling refers to the practice of promoting complimentary items – you link certain products together, draw customers’ attention to the products that complement their purchase and encourage them to explore these relevant items. Often to influence the customer to accept the recommendation, retailers may also provide a cross selling offer discount.

Cross-sell products may appear in the product info page (in this case people call them related products, meant to be purchased in addition to the item the customer is viewing) and on the shopping cart page. It is highly advisable to display cross-sells already in the shopping cart as customers tend to make more impulse buys on this stage. Anyway, select wisely which products to highlight and where and what moment to offer cross-selling on your website. You can use the analytics website to find the best relevant associations between your products. But do not overwhelm the customer with additional products, cross-selling must be perceived as an intuitive ‘plus’.

Apart from offering associated products, there is also a widespread cross-selling form called ‘People who bought this, also bought’ – in the order details page the customer sees products that other people have purchased along with the chosen product and thus can be easily induced to make additional purchase. This is a good way for retailers to maximize the cart. Keep in mind that with cross-selling you may increase your average buying basket by 30% – that is a third of your product sales.

•    Up-selling is another established strategy to drastically increase your online profits. Retailers can enhance their checkout course with an up-selling block to offer the customers an upgraded or premium version of a product customers have selected. Discounts may also be applied with an up-sold product.

Through selling the customers just before they complete their purchase, you easily create add-on sales as the wallet is already out. If you are not focusing on this, you simply miss out on some serious opportunity to boost your cash flow.

As a store owner you require to define those upgrade options that can be up-sold when certain products are added to the customers’ basket. But describe them in a way that helps customers justify the additional higher value they will get with your up-sell item suggestions.

•    If you are running an e-store, you almost certainly need to integrate Affiliate programs. This is a type of negotiating with another company in which a business rewards with commission one or more affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate’s own efforts or marketing strategy. This is indeed an effective sales channel as it forces higher targeted traffic, better SEO ranking, collectively promotes your product reducing at the same time your overall marketing costs, since you only pay for quality performance.

Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site For Google’s Shopping Feed

Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site For Google’s Shopping Feed

A correctly optimized Google Shopping Feed can be the dissimilarity between success and failure in the online world. In addition, the lessons well-read in feed optimization can be approved over to paid comparison engines like Shopzilla and Shopping.com.

Also identify as a “Google Base Feed” or a “Froogle Feed,” the Google Shopping feed is fundamentally a file containing a list of all your products along with appropriate information like pricing, image locations, and so on. Google has a list of minimum necessities for a shopping feed, but it pays to supply as much information as possible.


How do you identify if you require to optimize your feed? If you have an vigorous feed which gets plenty of impressions (views), but very little clicks, then you may need to make some adjustments. Similarly, if you have a lot of products listed, but aren’t getting many impressions, then you have a still larger need to attach the information in your feed.

Here are some tips for feed optimization:

Do a slight keyword research – By using the Google Keyword Tool, you can discover which keywords connected to your product get the maximum search demand.

Be Original – Lots of people may be selling the similar product using the manufacturer’s title and description. Originality can set you separately, and get more concentration.

Put Relevant Information First – Away from appearing in the Google Shopping Results, a shortened title for your product may emerge among general searches, so take care that the first part of the title (product name) describes the product concisely.

Comprise Part Numbers – Many people know precisely what they’re looking for. This is particularly true for people buying ink cartridges, batteries, and memory cards.

Include Brands – This is very essential in shopping. Brand searches have a very high conversion rate, and you can list items in shopping feeds that have trademark filtering in PPC engines. An item like the “HP 60 Combo Pack Ink Cartridge” illustrates significance, part number, and branding, plus it ties in with the standard that someone looking for this item is a provoked buyer.

Write Good Descriptions – Produce a compelling, keyword-rich snatch encouraging the reader to buy the product. Notice that descriptions in shopping feeds are also used to help the engine deliver appropriate outcome. Again, the best information should be at the commencement of the description.

Check Images – Keep in mind that people are doing their shopping from the pages of Google, so confirm that the image existing portrays the product as clearly as possible. Listings that show good images are much more probable to get clicked.

Check Pricing – This can be the largest reason you’re not getting clicks. If someone else sells the exact similar product for a dollar less, the consumer will think about the other site first!

Add Attributes – More detail helps the search engine show more appropriate products. You can add product attributes like color, compatibility, height, length, weight, year (useful for automotive accessories, collectibles), and custom attributes. If you sell products that are based around a multiplicity of factors, you can get a competitive benefit by being the most significant

Disclose Shipping – For competitive items in Google Shopping, Google will show a list of base prices, a list of shipping costs, and then the complete cost. If you have free shipping, you can float to the top of a vendor list when people are searching for the lowest total price. (For an illustration, type in “ipod touch 32gb” into Google Shopping and then hit the “compare prices” button.)

Optimizing a Google Shopping feed is not a one-time process, but needs a little tinkering. Mainly, what you need to do is make a little alterations, see how consumers respond over the space of a week or two, and then make adjustments to products that aren’t showing outcome. Section of the process also involves searching for particular items and seeing how your competitors are describing the same item. Put yourselves in the shoes of a consumer, and ask yourself if the competing product listing has any features that should be part of your offering. Bearing in mind the high relative value of a click from Google shopping, a well optimized feed can make better your bottom line with very small additional cost on your end. If you’ve been running the same feed for a long time, and haven’t been getting the outcome you desire, then a slight feed optimization can go a long way.