Every Single Page In Your Store Is A Landing Page

Every Single Page In Your Store Is A Landing Page
What most people fall short to understand is that every single page within your store is a landing page.
The home page, each section page, and every sole item page its own landing page. You have to care for every single page as a discrete landing page.
That is what people go out of business to understand. Most people consider their home page is their lone landing page.
When people are searching for the diverse section categories you have, those sections are landing pages. When people search for your items, those items are landing pages.
We need to take them from landing on that page and converting to a sale by clicking on the add to cart button and checking out. Every single page in your store is a landing page. When you write a blog article, that is a landing page. Discover a way to send them to your shopping cart.
Keep in mind, you are optimizing a page not your website. Optimize every page inside your website.
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