Is Your Store taking Decisions For Customers?

Is Your Store taking Decisions For Customers?

Date: 24-Sep-2010

Is Your Store taking Decisions For Customers?

Optimization of your Shopping Cart.

Tips for a perfect shopping cart experience – E commerce SEO

What makes a customer feel, in-secured while shopping from your store?

  1. No phone number for customer service
  2. No about us page
  3. Check out pages contains security warnings
  4. Links to pages that REMOVE them from the store
  5. Confusing check out processes
  6. Making people register to buy
  7. Asking for a customer’s first born
  8. So the last one is far fetched but, you get the idea.

We reviewed numerous similar websites which gave people reasons not to buy from them.

Store owners should learn that their store has to say:

  1. Buy here now
  2. Shop with self-confidence
  3. This is precisely who I am
  4. You can contact me
  5. Our site is safe
  6. We offer value and service

Take a look at your store right now, what is it saying?

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