eCommerce Website for Retail Stores

The reason to be online for retail stores!

A consumer demands a truly digital experience, thus it has become important for the retailers to make their mark online to keep up with the pace of digitally growing business and meeting the needs of the people. As internet shopping is becoming more popular among consumers with the higher use of mobiles and computers, retail stores need to ensure that they are adopting with this fast transition towards being online.

An eCommerce website can have comprehensive benefits for retailers and a digital marketing agency can you gain them. These benefits decreasing cost of inventory management, consumers shopping habits, stay open 24*7, decrease costs and boosts brand awareness. The digital marketing services offered today can help your brand to offer greater business opportunities with online web store or eCommerce storefront. A brand more social among its consumers can build a community by using various custom eCommerce solutions to reach the far-out masses. An eCommerce website for retail store can be handy to provide information about what all the store can offer to its consumers.

The goal to achieve better consumerization and unique online experience should be forefront for any retail store for creating productive business for itself by being online.

3 factors to consider for an Ecommerce website startup

Ecommerce website development India

As Ecommerce business is growing rapidly in India, number of ecommerce stores are increasing. So it is very vital to execute your Ecommerce business to next level so that it gets maximum marketing benefits. Buying online has become a most comfortable preference and prioroty amongst the customers and businesses. Thus, online Ecommerce development India will get a buzz in future for sure.

Ecommerce stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal have become popular giant ecommerce websites in India, establishing there strong presence in ecommerce marketplace. Though Internet is never going to diminish and there will always be enough space for startup businesses who wants to flourish by starting their ecommerce website. Many people have successful business offline in thier specific categories, but often are unable to market their businesses online.

Below 3 factors are important for a new e-commerce website designing Mumbai to look for to face the potential market.

1.Cut-throat Competition

Every new online business has to face few challenges. One such challenge is massive number of other ecommerce websites already present online. As a new eCommerce startup, gaining right number of traffic and revenue is very difficult when some strong established players have already retained the market.

For eg: If you are planning to sell apparels online, thier are many websites for same, thus a cut throat competition. However if you target niche and unique segment, like “Pure Cotton Apparels” or “Jute Dresses and Shirts” from the wide category of apparel, then the you have less competition in the market and high possibility to stand in top 10 in Google.

2. Innovative and extremely user friendly eCommerce storefront

In order to strive through the furiously competitive ecommerce market, it is very crucial for new startups to build a highly user friendly Ecommerce platform that will drive users easily to thier destinations without much hassle. You need an ecommerce storefront that has strong functionality, enabling transactions that are easy, quick and smooth with a highly secure shopping experience for your customers. Study your competitors websites, your business needs and then build your ecommerce website under expert guidance.

At Creative Web Mall, we offer turn key ecommerce solutions right from ecommerce website development, ecommerce website hosting on fast servers, to ecommerce website marketing online through SEO, PPC and SMO. We have executed plenty of ecommerce projects and know the dos and donts of online business to generate sales. We use advance technology ecommerce development platforms and responsive web design technique to optimize our ecommerce websites for desktop, tablet and mobile shopping.

3.Fund and Customer Salvage
Many often it is seen that many ecommerce websites fail to continue due to lack of funds. Raising funds to run operations is the key challenge that new eCommerce ventures startups face. Other key challenge is to drive traffic and convert users into customers. Online promotion and marketing needs lot of investment.

Creative Web Mall offers a tuen key ecommerce solution on both of the above challenges. If you have a workable idea, Creative can help you by consulting you with effective bifurcation of funds towards right IT solutions for you ecommerce website.

We have executed many ecommerce websites successfully. If you want to be one of them, then contact us and discuss your project with us.

Why outsource your web design requirements to India ??


No matter whether you have a small or large business, it is essential for you to have a website these days. You don’t need to have just a simple website, but it will be professionally well-designed website that will increase website visibility, promote awareness as well as build credibility of your brand.
Not only the  look and feel, Web design is correspondingly about the ease of use  and  functionality. A creative website fulfills all the requirements of the client.
With a website you can not only let people know about your presence in the market, but can also increase your earnings and revenue by attracting more customers. To get all these benefits and to cope up with the comprehensive online market, you must own an excellent website with informative content and latest back end technology.

Besides good design, following are some other advantages of web design outsourcing to India:

Outsourcing web design to India will enable you to focus on immense business issues while having the website and web presence related issues managed by us.
Furthermore,  by outsourcing web design activities of your business to low cost countries, the total costs acquired will be cut down by at least 50%. This will improve your effectiveness, enhance your revenue and acts as a promoter in enlarging your business.
Outsourcing web design to India will enable you to expand to more markets without the need to hike resources and personnel.

Cost saving:
When you decide to outsource your web design, you just need to pay some reasonable amount and ensure to get a best web design services. Outsourcing a designing also cut down the labour as well as operational cost. If you plan to do it yourself, you need a high budget to hire a skilled designer and R&D team and to set up a different area for them with all the desired tools.

Time saving:
It helps you save your precious time and allows you to concentrate on other important tasks. The efforts you will have to put on hiring,  the complete team and getting the website designed can be shifted to the core business processes.

Convenient utilization of latest technologies:
If you outsource web development project to India, utilizing latest tools and technologies, which help you get an attention-grabbing and creative website. experienced and well-trained designers use innovative ideas to come up with a unique, exceptionally effective and user friendly website. So, outsource your web design project and get access to comprehensive knowledge and top notch capabilities.

On-time project delivery:
Most of the India based web design companies give priority to completion of the projects on time. So, by outsourcing your project to India, you can be sure of getting your website completed in a timely manner and can jump on your other processes related to online marketing.

Quality work:
By hiring a proficient and qualified web development service provider for your website designing, you can be ensured about the quality of your website.

There are various other reasons because of which organizations outsource web development project. This is the key to success for many businesses and specially for small scale companies. One need to be very careful while selecting a company. Analyze their credentials and satisfaction level of past or existing clients and get ready for an appealing and engaging website.

India based affordable web design companies specializing in providing quality web design services to its clients. The web sites developed by designers provide an opportunity to the  clients to expand their business levels, enlarge their markets and become a worldwide known organization. A Company primarily focuses over the core concept of client business and deliver them an reasonable website that meets their requirements.

Innovative websites that bring out very well on search engine results, while at the same time use skillful graphics to entice new business. The websites designed by us reflect and endorse the organization’s image and act as a virtual showroom, which clearly display the services delivered and products offered by the clients.

Tips for Online Shop Success


Developing an effective and productive web-based application requires practice, persistence, proper planning and determination. It leads to a success of any eCommerce business. Once your online shop is designed and running, the key to your success is to know your online business insights.

Following are some tips you should take into the consideration before you develop a website for your Web-based business or should re-visit if you have already established an online store:

Online URL:
Check with your organization name and discover how it can best be used in your E-store web address. Your web URL is a crucial element in your marketing and branding efforts.
You may not get exact url name as your company name but a variant if it.

Log in  for an eCommerce Web hosting package that will grow with your online store,  includes features such as facility to provide secure transactions, reliability, shopping cart functionality, etc  you will need to operate an online business as well as provides Internet marketing tools.

Payment options:
Create a vendor account so that your online showroom can securely process credit card and other transactions. Your vendor account should be able to accept the credit cards,  PayPal, and accept other payment methods.

Easy Navigation:
Build your E-store  with the help of  a professional Web designer in order to design an attention-grabbing eCommerce website providing an easy to navigate the facility for your customers.

Lucrative marketing strategies:
Brand your business and boost your internet marketing campaigns, like dedicated mailboxes for each product line and targeted mailing lists for a particular group of customers.  Standing out in the crowd can play a vital role in your online success.

Track promotions:
Track the success and efficiency of your Internet marketing efforts by creating specific codes that distinguishes each promotion. This is the easiest way you can measure the most effective  promotions.

Use Internet marketing tools to work for your online shop:
Make use of suitable Meta Keywords and description that will place your online shop in search engine results. Submit your business website to the leading search engines that will surely help people to find your online shop whenever they are looking for an online product purchase.

Grand Launch:
After final completion of your online store design, you can launch your website on a specific date. Make use of Email marketing campaigns to promote your eCommerce website grand launch. So more people will get to know about your online shop and business.

Know your products:
If you are familiar with the products or services you are selling, you can easily guide the customers and promote the products.

Know your customers:
In this technological marketplace, it is easy to track your customer’s orders so you will get an idea about what exactly customer is looking for. It will help to serve customer needs in a better manner. Based on the customer’s orders, you are being able to recommend some new products to the existing customers, which will certainly keep you engage with them and enlarge your web shop.

Know your competitors:
Every niche that exists on the Internet typically has more than one online shop  serving that niche. You need to always be on the look for potential and actual competitors, and  notice how they are  actually reaching their customers. You can learn from their techniques and adopt new methods or changes if necessary.

By paying attention to the above tips, you can be successful in developing an eye-catching and productive online shop.

How To Build A B2B Online Marketing Strategy That Generates Leads ?


It’s been difficult for many B2B companies to make a move to online marketing. Nowadays, most of the B2B customers search the web before making any purchase, So this is the right time for B2B businesses to build a more effective Internet marketing strategies.

Buyers are changing as they prefer to shop from their desk than they would travel and visit the shop. This article outline some of the most effective strategies to develop the foundation for your B2B online marketing strategy.

Well-designed and well-written website:
According to web credibility research from Stanford, many of the users judge a company’s reliability based on its website design. Your website should make first impression of your company and offerings. And, it should have educational content that entices and teaches your prospects.

Know your target audience:
Develop a crystalline vision of who your content is destined to motivate. When you   closely understand your core audience, you can easily create website pages and effective targeted content.

Start blogging:
In growing digital marketplace where you are making an effort to get more visibility, blogging is the best option to connect with the customers. Creating an original and unique content is one of the Internet marketing strategy that every business can use. It will make your sales process simpler and helps to establish your company as subject matter authority.

Make start with LinkedIn:
LinkedIn can be a powerful social networking tool which helps to lead B2B conversion. By optimizing your personal profile and company page, You can make strong presence on LinkedIn and attractive to new connections. You can actively share some valuable content with your network to make your business more interactive.

Always be building new highways to your site:
There are a many ways for you to drive traffic to your site. The most basic way is to make sure your website and blog URL are incorporated in your communications materials. That includes your email signature, printed & digital marketing materials, building/vehicle signage, packaging, and published articles. You can also drive people to your site via social media channels.

Target industry publications:
Your industry and trade associations are robust publishers of online content – all directed at your prospects and customers. Many of my clients have had great success developing a relationship with the editors of these organizations and offering expert advice to their readership. This can take the form of articles, webinars, podcast interviews, and blog posts. This is a powerful way to establish your authority with your target audience, build your company’s brand recognition, and drive new traffic to your site.

Unique Content:
Many of the visitors used the website content to differentiate your business from competitors and help them make buying decisions. Unique and valuable content also help your website rank better in search engines. Website content can be in the form of articles, case studies, videos or webinars.

The above tactics are the fundamentals for a robust online B2B presence. Use this as a checklist to build and enlarge your Internet marketing efforts. Above mentioned points will definitely increase the number of qualified leads to your website.
There are a many of other Internet platforms to reach your target audience such as Google Plus,Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. All these are responsible to drive more traffic to your website and boost your business ROI.