Benefits Of Developing An Online Store With Progressive Web Apps

PWA development services are gaining popularity in a variety of businesses. The eCommerce business is one of the sectors that is benefiting from the game-changing PWA technology. By developing three times faster websites, the PWA platform enables eCommerce firms to focus on enhancing their customer experiences.

#What is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and how does it work?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid of a website and an app. It’s a website that functions and looks like a native app. It’s fast, sends push notifications, works offline, and can be added to your phone’s home screen.

#What Are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce Stores?

For the reasons listed below, we may expect PWAs to rule and revolutionize the mobile-commerce landscape.

#1. Reduces the Amount of Time and Money Spent on Development

Because PWAs are built on reusable code, developers may reuse them over and over. Whereas, in order to construct an app, you’ll need distinct code for each platform. Furthermore, in order to gain approval from both platforms’ reviewers, your program must meet specified requirements.

#2. Amazing Marketing Possibilities

Search engines are tweaking their voice-based searches in subtle ways. Sellers, too, should fine-tune their skills. Since PWA is a native site, it automatically enhances searchability.

#3. Creates a Link Between Customers And Merchants

Users do not need to download an app to utilize a Progressive Web App. As a result, it reduces the cognitive strain that consumers often experience while downloading apps. Users dislike adding new apps to their phones if they already have a large number of them.

#4. Service Workers with Offline Functionality

PWAs’ USPs are cache and service worker APIs. Service workers are responsible for acquiring cache items and sending notifications in the background. Even if your app users are unable to access the internet due to a poor connection, PWAs will aid regular navigation.

#5. Data And Storage Space Are Saved

Internet and data costs are always saved by Users. PWAs are saviors for eCommerce firms in this regard. When an app takes up 50MB of storage space in the phone memory, a PWA takes up only a few MBs.

#6. Responsiveness And Flexibility

Progressive Web Apps’ flexibility and responsiveness may influence your decision. The layout of PWAs is responsive. As a result, no matter what device you use, the design of your website must be compatible with its resolution and size.

#7. Automatic Updates And No App-Fee

Automatic updates work like any other website’s update where all updating occurs at the server end. And this enables the end-users to have an updated website application.

#8. Simple to Maintain

Assume you need to create separate apps for the iOS and Play Stores. In such a situation, you may need to invest a significant amount of money to hire a developer for an extended length of time, as an app requires constant monitoring, regular error corrections, and upgrading.

#9. User Adoption Has Increased

Users must first install an application before they can utilize it. This involves a stage in the online purchasing process. As a result, the conversion rate is lower. Users do not need to download any apps while using PWAs. All they have to do is click on the website link and follow the instructions on the device screen.

#10. Secure Payments

Secure Payments is one of the benefits that PWA offers to eCommerce businesses. The concept of online shopping is unquestionably more appealing to people. However, lengthy and inconvenient check-out processes may deter people from completing an online purchase and abandoning their shopping carts.


For eCommerce businesses that seek to enhance mobile conversions, starting with Progressive Web Apps is the ideal solution. Because the web giants are dominating the industry with PWAs, every mobile-driven firm must seize this opportunity. As a result, this is excellent news for any eCommerce business owner.

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