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World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day is held on September 16 it celebrates this achievement. It suggests that collective choices and action, guided by means of science, are the sole way to remedy predominant world crises. In this 12 month of the COVID-19 pandemic that has added such social and monetary hardship, the ozone treaties’ message of working World Ozone Day

Creative Social Intranet for School

Of late, mobile learning was always in the background of education technology. Though M -learning was a concept established long ago, and was appreciated for its convenience and cost-efficiency, yet its adoption in the classroom was tentative, restricted, and mostly dependent on an educator’s initiative. However, the Covid -19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown disrupted Creative Social Intranet for School

How Vendor Portal Management Software helps Companies to Work Competent?

Intranet Hosting

Times have changed. Today Organizations no longer find Excel enough sufficient to manage hundreds & thousands of vendors and hence look forward for some software that would be ideal to use. According to the grapevine, in today’s digital world owning a Vendor Management software is probably a must have solution to do any business. By How Vendor Portal Management Software helps Companies to Work Competent?

Vendor Management Portal

Now Streamline Suppliers interactions and communication with our unique Creative Suppliers Management portal. What is Creative Suppliers Management portal? A Supplier Management Portal is a web-based, vendor self-service solution that lets you to team up and collaborate with companies suppliers in a more secure and online environment that to 24×7. Suppliers management portal provide a Vendor Management Portal