Self Hosted Intranet Software OR SaaS? Which Is Right For You

Internal communication is necessary for a business whether small or big. Social Intranet not just connects employees with each other, but also give them authority to share documents in digital form. To stay ahead, companies use various kinds of employee engagement application to develop a secure connection among their employees. Which options is the best - self hosted intranet or Saas?

Social intranet professionals or experts with detailed knowledge in the field believe Software as a service (SaaS) is better than other options, and is effective in many ways. Today, SaaS is the first choice due to its popularity, hassle-free features and cost-effective solutions. There are several other reasons too behind SaaS being so popular, and they are:

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Reliable For Long-Term And Customization

SaaS intranet will be a reliable option to have long-term intranet facilities and solutions for internal communication in an organization. Apart from that, it comes with customization option which means a company can have upgrades and add-ons whenever required.

Effective For All Organization

Whether it’s about having software to connect a few employees or developing a connection among hundreds of employees, SaaS intranet is the best pick. It connects all of them without affecting the functionality.


SaaS has excellent intranet security which not just secures data, but also gives confidence to send information to each other without any issue.

Cost And Maintenance

SaaS intranet is a cost-effective method to use and its maintenance cost is also low as compared to other intranet software.

All these features of SaaS intranet software can be enjoyed only by selecting the right service provider. Creative Social Intranet ensures that the best of SaaS intranet has been provided to a company which could help in developing effective connection.

How To Avoid Misuse Of Social Intranet Features

ProductivityModern social intranet software is beneficial for small as well big businesses in many ways. Using advanced social intranet software, companies can develop an effective communication among all their employees, assign work, make announcements and discuss strategies. In the presence of the company’s social intranet, employees don’t need to switch to different platforms to share information or discuss ideas. This not just saves time, but also makes employees more productive.

Social intranet tool has many features that ensure transparency and effective working, but what if the platform is being misused? It could lead to affected network or leaked important information. To ensure that all the social intranet features are being used in a secure way, it is necessary to avoid its misuse. Here’s what can be done:

  • Only the company employees should be allowed to access the social intranet software. In addition, they should be given unique login authorities to access the platform and connect to other employees.

  • Employees should be allowed to access only a certain features of the social intranet portal which are necessary for them. They should not be allowed to make changes to access the announcement sections. It should be limited only to the top management.

  • It should be ensured that important information is shared only with the trustworthy employees. Those who don’t have any association with the data should be given any information about it.

  • There should be top management to keep a close eye on low level employees and their activity over the social intranet. The employees should be given feedback on their activities and they should be ensured that their moves are being watched. Transparency

  • There should be transparency among top management to make sure that the platform is constantly being observed and there’s no duplicate content.

How Intranet Is Different From Extranet? Which Is More Beneficial

ProductivityWhen it comes to increasing productivity of a business, there are various kinds of network systems used by experts. Intranet and extranet are among those network resources. They are beneficial for a company and contribute in its growth. Although both the terms are related to an organization’s network system, they are different from each other and work differently.

Intranet: An intranet network system of an organization is a network that allows employees to collaborate, share ideas and information, communicate, develop new content and work on same project at a same time while being at different locations.

Extranet: Although the network system works similar to intranet, it comes with controlled access over resources. For example, the controlled access may include partners, vendors and even customers of a company.

Difference between Intranet and Extranet

The key difference between two network types is their usage and access. The extranet can be controlled and access can be given to limited people. On the other side, the use of Intranet is limited to a company and its employees. These employees can communicate and work for a common goal using web intranet, but the network doesn’t include customers or vendors.

In other words, it can be said that the Intranet of an organization is an internal network that allows only its computers to be connected with each other. But it can also be accessed through Web Intranet software by people linked to the company and present at different locations.

Which is the best: Intranet or Extranet?

Although both the network systems serve different purposes, the web intranet is more secure and flexible. It can be accessed by company employees at distant locations and allows them to share information with each other. It’s a modern way of collaborating employees and make them work for a common company goal.

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