Free SEO vs Paid SEM

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website and essentially the two most important ways are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Both revolves around the keywords.

SEO is the strategy used to optimize your website and getting more traffic to your site from search engines. Optimized websites helps to get higher ranking in less time.

SEM is an marketing strategy used to get more visibility in search engines by paid search advertising.

What Is Free SEO and What Is Paid SEM?
SEO includes the link building and onpage optimization accomplishments the with the  objective of achieving high rankings in search engines, while SEM is basically buying an advertising space in search engine results to appear on top of the searches like PPC (Pay Per Click).
When to Use Free SEO?
There might be situations when you need SEO. These cases involve:

Tightened budgets
You can choose SEO as a marketing strategy when you have a limited budget and the able to pay only for some cheap PPC clicks. But those few clicks will not be helping to achieve a great ranking. So its better to make use of the SEO strategies till you have a  budget for paid advertisements.

Limited competitive keywords, specially long-tail keywords.
You don’t need much time and efforts to get high rankings for the less driven words. You will get good rank with the use of long-tail keywords without any specific SEO strategy as you will barely get much clicks if you bid on them. You just have to include the long-tail keyword repeatedly.

When to Use Paid SEM ?
Most of the people turn to the paid search and PPC when free SEO fails to deliver the results  you are looking for. There might be a situation when your websites that rank well for  your keywords which are get buried down the search results as soon as a search algorithm gets updated.

When you need huge traffic in a shorter time.
As a free SEO takes too much time to deliver the results , PPC is your only choice to gain a lot of traffic in a shorter period of time. For example, if you want to sell some Diwali stuff and you are using too competitive keywords, you might get good ranking, but is useless to rank high related to Diwali in the month of January. So you might want  to navigate  massive traffic in October and November to your site, PPC is the only productive option for you.

For competitive keywords.
PPC is much cheaper than organic for competitive keywords if you already know how much time free SEO takes. If you use Adwords from google which is basically expensive will lead to high cost. Rather than you can try first competitive keywords on Adwords alternatives which will help you to get succeed in achieving better results for a small percentage of the money you would spend on Adwords.

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How to optimize your website for mobile search?

Mobile search is become rapidly emerging field of the digital market nowadays. As mobile search is different from the traditional desktop search, you need to understand the mobile searchers requirements. So if you don’t want to lose mobile traffic, here are some very important guidelines to consider when enhancing for mobile search:

Local search:
Most of the times people prefer to search things located in neighborhood. Mobile searchers are also locally targeted likewise shorter search keyphrases. For example, If you are standing in the roadway and searching for a place to lunch, its obvious you will first search the place in locality rather than around the world.

Ongoing news in mobile search:
If your site is come in the categories where location and timing are the main elements such as latest news, sports results, weather reports and financial information and is not mobile-friendly then you are about to lose site visitors. You need to optimize your website by developing two different versions of it, one for desktop users and other one for mobile users.

User friendly site:
You can neglect mobile resources such as directories, mobile search engines and mobile portals as they are helpful to bring great mobile traffic to your site. You can submit your website to some of the major mobile resources.
If you are optimizing the site for any particular restaurant, you should submit it to all the directories in particular categories for your location are listed. So user can find it quickly. Similarly, If your site is listed with the portals, then mobile user will directly redirected to your site from the portal rather than from search engine.

Shorter pages for mobile searchers:
Pages with lengthy keyphrases are not preferable by the most of the mobile users as it leads to long pages. You can develop shorter mobile version of your website using shorter texts. As keywords plays crucial role in mobile search, you should not exclude them while optimizing the site.

Inclusion of Meta.txt:
It is compulsory to include Meta.txt file which describe the contents of your website in detail and can be easily parsable by the search engines. Search engine spiders precisely index the file which is located in the root directory. Meta.txt is similar to the robots.txt file used in the desktop search which also located in the root directory. Each field in the Meta.txt file has the syntax as <fieldname>:<value>.

Implement predictive search:
you can try predictive search for mobile searchers as it saves a lot of typing. If you use phrases which are well-known in predictive search, then it increases the chances for the keywords to be searched. You can’t always use the predictive search as predictive search keywords change very frequently.

Analyze your site on mobile devices:
You must preview your site look-and-feel on a mobile device. It is not possible for you to check your website on every individual device because of the number of devices and screen sizes, but you can view it at most on main devices. If your site is looking inaccurate on a mobile screen, visitors will not prefer to visit your site again on mobile search engines. So it is necessary for your website to be mobile-friendly.

Though mobile search is new ongoing trend, it will lead your website with huge mobile traffic in the future. With the use of AdWords Keyword Research  you can easily found the keywords which are doing well in the mobile search and put your efforts and more time to optimize for it.

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What are the benefits of AMP?


What is AMP?

AMP also known as (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source initiative by Google focusing at improving the mobile experience. With Accelerated mobile web pages, your website loads instantly (5x faster than regular web page). Users want a streamlined mobile experience. AMP focuses on same with static content that renders fast, very fast.

What are the AMP Benefits?

Increase conversion rates due to improved page load speeds

Every website has a purpose – lead generation, more advertising clicks, or to promote a product and service effectively. With faster loading web pages, users are more likely to continue engaging with your website. Thus reducing the bounce rates, increased length of time on site and higher conversion rates.

Improved User Experience

Did you know?
53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load
1 out of 2 people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds.
Google wants to give users speed because of so many websites coming up everyday. If your website offer superior speed for content accessed via search results,  you will maintain or win market share. Google also wants to keep people on the mobile web.

AMP an SEO ranking factor

Though all of the other (search engine ranking) signals needs to be satisfied to show up in Google, AMP will be a major ranking factor. If an AMP web page gets more clicks and fewer bounces due to it’s faster loading capability, Google determines that web page more valuable to users, and it’s likely to show up above other search results in Google. Majority of the people surf Google for finding everything, AMP thus will be an important ranking factor.

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Social Intranet Software

Social Intranet Software

Importance of the social intranet software

In the present era connecting with the people and the companies is essential for the growth of the business. This may require different types of tools and the companies employ them as per the need. One such tool that is gaining a lot of popularity and the demand is the social intranet software through which you can connect with people in a single click. Even remotely connecting with individuals and groups is quite easy with the social intranet. That is why more and more people are incorporating it into their business.

What is social intranet software?

The name social intranet software itself says that it is a tool using which you can seamlessly connect with the staff of your company and others as well. There is no doubt about the fact that such a software is a necessity for every business as it results in hassle free communication which leaves a strong impression on the clients. It also helps in building trust among your clients and gets their loyalty which is most important in business.
• Documents can be shared with everyone
• No hurdle of geographic location
• Customized management
• Get personalized insight
• Central hub for sharing and updates
• Build strong relations
• Achieve values and goal.
Features of social intranet software
• People directory
• Interact cms
• Intelligence store
• Forums
• Teams
• Workflow
• Task manager
• Developer platform
• Interact analytics

Why Creative?

In order to get the maximum from your social intranet software, it is very necessary to avail it from a reliable service provider and Creative can help you in this concern. Creative not only provides you the intranet but even installation is done by them thus putting an end to your stress and makes you familiar with its features too. So you are able to understand how to use it in a better way and achieve what you want to.