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What is Agile working? And why emphasize on Agile Working?

The ability to be productive any time and any place. Make your work and process digital.

An effective digital workplace decouples work from a physical location for much of the time. This freeing up of work has several important implications not just about where people work, but how teams are formed and how people come together to solve ad-hoc problems.

Businesses that will be successful in the future will be those who break down the barriers between people, workplaces and technologies and empower their employees to be productive and creative wherever they are. It is a catalyst for new ways of working, but competitive advantage increasingly comes from letting employees use technology in the way they want to. This requires a business culture that puts people first.

Introduce Digital Workplace for improving Agile Working –

1. Digital workplace is an effective and engaging, mobile work environment that delivers all the services and collaboration tools employers/workers need.

2. It is the virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace.
3. It securely provides personalized role-based services, and all the data, applications, and collaboration an employee needs on any device, anytime, anywhere through a consumer-like online experience.

4. A digital workplace uses the latest in mobile services and digital technology to adapt to the way people work which increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

5. The digital workplace is a concept that describes how technology is increasingly creating a virtual equivalent of the physical workplace, and how that trend allows businesses to rethink traditional processes and increase efficiency.

6. The digital workplace is meant to be a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace, which requires strong planning and management due to its fundamental role in people’s productivity, engagement and working health.

Why Social Intranet Is Next-Generation Network

inhouse social site for employees India

Social intranet is the most advanced networking technique to bring employees of an organization on a common platform and connect them to each other. It is different from traditional intranet and has lots of engaging features to develop engaging and productive workplace.

Modern social Intranet is not just a in-house social site for employees but there are several other features which makes it a next-generation network, here are some of them:

Modern Philosophy

Today’s social intranet works on the most advanced business approach where employees are connected with each other in an interesting way. They are given a centralized platform where they not just talk to each other, but also share informative documents related to their work. To make them engaged with social intranet, they are allowed to conduct group chat and make comments on already posted blogs.

Advanced Way of Working

The modern world’s social intranet has advanced technologies which are not just reliable, but fast too. It provides effective work solutions which are user-friendly and easy-to-use.

inhouse social site for employees India

Lots of Solutions

Company intranet comes with a range of solutions for businesses of all kinds. For example, it can connect remote employees with each other and allow them to share documents. Using the advanced solutions, employees can uncover new and interesting solutions to perform their daily work and reach the objectives.

Interesting Feature

The advanced social intranet has lots of new, interesting features, such as group chat, voting, commenting and micro-blogging. Overall, social intranet is solutions for all kinds of workplace problems related to networking.

To use all the advanced and beneficial features of modern social intranet, it is important to get its services from a trusted and reliable service provider. Creative Social Intranet is an experienced service provider with all modern networking solutions related to networking, that too at unbeatable prices.

What is Social Intranet?

What are the intranet software challenges faced by a company?

The legacy intranets are a pain when you have to enter data in it. 80 percent of the companies are still using the age old intranet where the employees visit their intranet merely once a month. Out of them, 75 percent use intranet solely for HR purposes. These traditional intranet lack the social components like comments, likes, profiles, share and more generique voltarene. Social networking features increase the productivity of knowledge workers by as much as 25 percent. Companies have started implementing a social intranet in their organizations to gain a full extra day of productivity out of every employee.

Social intranet advantages
Traditional Intranet Challenges

There are 4 common challenges every enterprise faces.

  • Employee engagement
  • Getting people to read & participate.
  • Sharing culture across company boundaries.
  • Keeping content fresh & targeted.


What is Social Intranet Application

A social intranet is an extremely user friendly intranet tool that incorporates social technology, powerful search, multimedia creation and sharing features to create a communication and collaboration center that is easily accessible from anywhere to get the work done.

Social intranets are not just a technology or new features installed in your legacy intranet. Its an emerging view of how enterprises should work and how members of your organizations be engaged and interacted.

The underlying theory of social intranet is:

Social intranet uses
Social intranet uses
  • Identifying that an enterprise is made of people with interests, activities and interactions
  • Conveying easy-to-use intranet solutions that replicate how people work in real life
  • Assisting two-way communication between employees
  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Enabling Employee engagement to participate actively
  • Enhancing traditional business intranet activities with a social skin

How is Social Intranet different from traditional Enterprise Intranet

Social intranets vary from legacy intranets in primarily two ways:

  • Anyone can participate through content creations, postings or likes and comments.
    Right people are connected to right sources.
  • Companies are realizing the need for social intranet is to commend the cultural and social change that is happening within most enterprises.
Intranet v/s Social Intranet
Intranet v/s Social Intranet

If you’re on the hunt for a social intranet, Don’t waste valuable time searching for lost information or missing files. Instead, encourage an open team collaboration culture where everyone has the latest information available, no matter where they are – whenever they need it and whatever device they’re using. Creative Social intranet software is an agile, secure, and easy-to-use enterprise intranet platform for all your internal communication and social collaboration needs.

Our internal business networking software is simple, innovative, custom-made, responsive and intuitive user interface. These special enterprise private communication application features on Intranet helps to take the technology a step further by giving a “Person-structured” Intranet for individual users as well as other people on Intranet.

Company Collaboration Software

Company Collaboration Software

Company Collaboration Software: 3 Top Picks For Effective Collaboration Tool

As the name suggests, collaboration software is a tool that helps organizations and small businesses in a way by connecting their employees with each other to share valuable information and ideas. Through the tool, they could share data via video conferencing and scheduling.

Using collaboration software, a company not just enables communication, but also provides various business advantages, such as improved management, controlled work-flow, effective management of resources and easy access to important information.

Today, there are many service providers offering their company collaboration software to organizations and small businesses to meet their requirements. Some of them may have more features than others. Here is three of the most popular company collaboration software which a company may choose to cater their needs:

1. Microsoft Office 365

The most trustworthy and user-friendly collaboration software, Microsoft Office 365 is a fantastic pick in those organizations where employees are with knowledge of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. This tool for teamwork is a web-based version belonging to Microsoft Office which could be used on browser-only versions and mobiles.

Microsoft Office 365 allows a company to keep a constant check and share documents and important emails.

2. Huddle

It’s cloud-based collaboration software that allows an employee of an organization to share files and other data with colleagues who are part of a project. The software features a collaboration dashboard which provides access to users to get important information. It also records the usage history of a user.

3. Google Apps

It’s a cloud-based productivity suite that allows employees of a company connect to each other, share important information and get the work done, that too by using any device. The tool also provides facilities of Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Google Drive and Slides.