7 Key Advantages of Enterprise Intranets

Date: 09-Mar-2023

From the early days of corporate intranets in the 90s to today, the concept and function of these systems have changed drastically. What once was slow, confusing, and difficult to navigate are now sleek, user-friendly, and packed with features that make collaboration easy. Here are seven benefits of enterprise intranets and some real-life intranet use cases that show just how powerful these systems can be:

What is an Enterprise Intranet?

An enterprise intranet is a secure network that can only be accessed by people within the organization. It provides employees with a space to share files, communicate, and collaborate. With the current remote and hybrid work set-up, enterprise intranets are more valuable than ever as they give colleagues the ability to work together effectively despite the distance.

What is the Purpose of an Enterprise Intranet?

#1. Promotes Employee Engagement

Enterprise intranets are beneficial to employees because they act as a platform for connection, whether or not they physically share the same space. This sense of community engagement has been known to improve employee satisfaction, as well as retention rates.

The social and collaborative features of an intranet are what make it most valuable to a corporation. These features include but are not limited to: shared channels, posts, reactions, and other forms of communication that help everyone feel connected.

#2. Helps to Improve Communication

The best enterprise intranets enable team members of all ranks to exchange posts, comments, and news, encouraging an open communication environment throughout the organization.

The ability to send a message to a colleague directly from your intranet platform is another feature that many solutions offer. These connections include Microsoft Teams and Slack. Your intranet essentially serves as your one-stop shop for improved, more efficient communication.

#3. Improves Information Sharing

Employees can save, share, and access information conveniently through a company intranet. Your corporate intranet may (and should) store anything, including corporate policies, shared calendars, and your personnel directory.

This will prevent your staff from having to search through shared files or pages of emails to find a certain attachment because they will always know where to look.

#4. This Leads to Higher Productivity

Having an enterprise intranet can make work life much more productive, streamlined, and peaceful. Imagine never having to search for the right version of a document or switch tabs to respond to a message again. With an intranet, communication tools, important files, and information are all in one place. Intranets are designed to make work easier and more efficient.

#5. Offers a Powerful Universal Search Engine

According to a McKinsey report, the average employee spends about 20% of their workweek searching for and gathering information. Not only is this annoying, but it’s also a huge waste of your employees’ time.

The best way to combat this problem is to invest in a corporate intranet solution with powerful universal search functionality. This will allow your employees to search across emails, your intranet platform, and your shared drives all at the same time, so they can find the files they need in seconds.

#6. Enhances Security

No matter what kind of company you have, chances are you need to deal with confidential information on a regular basis. This could be anything from employee records to customer data to top-secret business strategies.

An enterprise intranet can provide a safe and secure place to store all this sensitive information. Creative Social Intranet, for example, uses Google Cloud to store all data, so you can benefit from top-quality security protocols. You can also set up access controls to make sure only the right people have access to the most sensitive parts of your intranet.

#7. Limits Email Usage

Receiving a constant stream of emails can be disruptive to your workday and your thought processes, but using an enterprise intranet can help mitigate this issue. An intranet allows for a search culture rather than an ask culture, meaning that your colleagues won’t need to rely on emailing each other for information. This can help reduce distractions and keep everyone on track.

What is the Role of Enterprise Intranets in Business?

Here are some real-world examples of successful businesses that used Creative Social Intranet corporate intranet solutions to assist you to understand how an intranet solution may benefit a company.

#To Make Mergers Easier

The Inspire Education Group was formed by a merger of two colleges. The group saw the merger as an opportunity to implement new and more efficient communication methods and launched Creative Social Intranet as a way to connect the two formerly separate entities.

With Creative Social Intranet, the ISG hoped to reduce the number of internal emails sent, decrease the time spent searching for information, and improve the visibility of their leadership — a key challenge in education.

By sharing vital material and making use of their powerful organizational culture, the team was able to bring everyone together through the use of the Creative Social Intranet.

#Move Toward A Remote-First Company

By the end of 2020, TCS India was preparing to transition into a remote-first company. In order to facilitate successful communication and collaboration among employees who would be working at a distance, the company needed to implement a robust tool. Creative Social Intranet proved to be an excellent solution, creating an organized knowledge base where people could collaborate remotely and easily find the information they needed. TCS India also made the most of Creative Social Intranet’s features by encouraging employees to get to know each other, even if they had never met in person.

#To Connect Global Teams

TCS India is a 2600-employee-strong global company with 75 offices in 16 countries. Its workforce is highly diverse, which is why it needed a platform that could unite all its employees, including a large number of desk-less workers such as technicians.

Creative Social Intranet was the perfect solution for TCS India as it allowed the company to connect its whole workforce together, thanks to the platform’s integration with Google Translate. This feature allows employees of all nationalities to share moments of connection with their colleagues across the world, regardless of language barriers. Additionally, the mobile app has also been crucial in connecting TCS India with its desk-less workforce.

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