Facts about Link Building

In the SEO field, link building has a valuable role to play. While optimizing a website for search engines the off-page optimization involves in building links for a given website. In the internet the significance of a website is decided by the number of inbound links a website has. Inbound links are obtained from various websites in the form of text links, banners, or links through images. Links for a website can be obtained from numerous sources and some of them comprise directories, articles, blogs, websites, forums and the like.
The source or area of the internet and the kind of website you decide to get your links from should be determined from the start. Quality links on related websites are worth 5x there weight then a link back to your website on a random non related blog post. Be care when you build links as some can be picked up by google as spam.

Free backlinks can be obtained by submitting your websites to search engine friendly directories; by writing articles for article directories where you can put your backlinks at the author bio section; by contributing articles for blogs; by making comments on blog posts; or by participating in forums. Lately due to the formation of link farms that concentrate only on money and no value search engines have dismissed the value of a broad range of free links and have made it essential to add no-follow attribute while linking websites for the intention of ads.

The process of link building involves acquiring links and requires a multiplicity of skills to attain desired targets. You should have researching abilities to find relevant websites that are ready to offer links. You also require to be experienced in negotiating the reimbursement for the service offered generally website owners and webmaster require either money or products or services in return for their links. You require creativity to fulfill them with your products and services. Even though search engines do not encourage link sales, experts can buy backlinks in a tactful manner and increase the popularity and page rank of your websites with high PR links.
The price of links can differ depending on the targets website PR.  From experience I have found buying website links will have the following price scale.
·    PR1 – PR3 – $1 -20 a month
·    PR4 – $20 – 30 a month
·    PR5 – $30 – 50 a month
·    PR6 – $50 and up
Prices can also be subject to the popularity of a website, if a website has a pr3 though has an alexa rank of 5000, the price of the link would be 10x what is listed here.

While the process itself is monotonous for individuals, experts that work together as a team can easily achieve high quality backlinks for a small fee. It’s worth to spend a few dollars for backlinks to a certain extent than wasting valuable time without any positive results. Link building not only enhances the page rank of a website but can bring in targeted traffic and increase the conversion rates in an unbelievable manner. However, you should be careful that you do not obtain links or provide links to penalized websites as they can damage your ranking as well as lessen the value of your websites. It is essential to follow the rules set by search engines while obtaining links and to be careful not to spam or get spammed.

Using twitter for social media marketing

Social media marketing has become the buzz word of today’s internet marketing. Twitter is one of the incredible social media sites where you can generate your web page to promote your products and services. Like in any other hot spots twitter also is filled with scam and it needs good hard work to make yourself wellknown. To show that you are sincere, you need to start right from the themes of the page. Use customized themes that keep you stand out of the crowd that uses outmoded ready made themes.

Together with your personal photo and providing the contact info of your firm create honesty and confidence that would draw many followers. In the internet marketing quality is the key to success. It’s not sufficient if your products and services are of good quality but you also require to maintain the quality of your marketing strategies. Even though twitter can generate good traffic to your websites, you require to add followers that are potential buyers. You can do this by searching people using your keywords and send them a direct message or through a reply for their queries.

If you are short of time and would like to add friends and followers through automation software can facilitate you do the job with great ease. Software can do a better job than employees. It is valuable to prove that you are a human and that you are an expert in your field to get good business from twitter.
Some of the tips comprise:
·    replying non-spammy messages
·    re-tweeting on alike topics
·    presenting a strong however interesting biography
·    talking about current innovation in the field rather than completely focusing on your products and services
·    making followers curious by revealing a part of what’s going to be your next post, and the like.

If you provide web-based products and services it would be easy to spread out your network all through the globe using twitter. However, you can also concentrate on people in your geographical location using special software available for a price in the internet. This will improve your business if you depend on the local market to sell your products and services. You should remember that twitter as a social media site is only an indirect method of increasing your sales and is surely not a market place. It is a great place to generate highly targeted traffic and make potential customers visit your websites. If you desire to spread the word about your products to the world twitter can do it for you much more rapidly than any other marketing tool in the internet.

Some important tips for seo services

As regular visitors to my blog will already know, I’m doing a lot of experimenting right now: with social media, blogs, articles and networking. My first aim, though, is to increase my website referrals. To do this I cannot rely on a set of well-researched META tags. After all, metacrawler robots consider a range of criteria when analysing a site: how long it has been active; how many inbound – and outbound – links it has; and the amount of traffic it receives from backlinks.

Today I want to talk about writing organically optimised articles – in particular, about how to use this technique to encourage your readers to follow a link back to your website (thus promoting your online ranking).

To write effective SEO articles, you’ll need to define a set of keywords to integrate in to your content. Before you start writing, make a short bulleted list. To make this believable, I’ll select a topic. Let’s call my article ‘How to Write Compelling Copy.’ Good. That’s the easy part completed. The next stage is to brainstorm. I want to talk about planning a piece of writing, so I’ll jot down ‘structuring copy.’ Other key-phrases could include ‘copywriting styles,’ ‘copywriting tone’ and ‘call-to-action copy.’

Remember that your article will be searchable online, so these key-phrases need to be competitive. The term ‘copywriting styles’ currently retrieves 667,000 results on Yahoo; so we need to do something more with the content to make it unique. The following list represents a possible outcome: ‘structuring copy for SEO articles’; ‘effective copywriting styles,’ ‘copywriting tones for online media’ and ‘persuasive call-to-action copy.’

When expanding your key-phrases, make sure they flow organically. Machines are unemotional and endow promotions based on logical-algorithms. Your readers will be less forgiving, so ask yourself the following two questions: (i) ‘can these keywords/phrases easily be inserted in to a sentence?’; and (ii) ‘how does the completed sentence sound?’

It’s also important not to overstuff your article with too many keywords. There are two main reasons for this: (i) it won’t read well and this will put potential subscribers off; (ii) many online blog/article writing forums penalise writers who do this. This penalty can be served in terms of rejection of the said article or through a temporary suspension of the user’s account.

Finally, remember to include a link to your website at the end of the article that invites your readers to connect with you.

On that topic, if you’d like further advice on writing SEO articles, please do feel free to contact me via www.creativewebmall.com

How Do I Talk to my Executives and Customers about Social Media?

How Do I Talk to my Executives and Customers about Social Media?

SMO Planning

Firstly explain your Executives / Colleagues / Customers, What exactly Social Media Marketing is?

What is Social Media?

Simply put social media presents an extraordinary opportunity for you to find, engage and convert prospects to customers using the internet. The internet got its start as a more or less traditional ‘broadcast’ medium where a website, like radio, TV and other advertising channels, sent its message in only one direction. Social media, enabled by the breakthroughs in what are known as Web 2.0 technology, allows web users to talk back; to voice their opinions; to participate in the conversation. It’s not the play presented at your local theater; it’s the reception held afterward fore cast, crew and audience members.

Why is it important?

Because it allows you to more easily engage the people who are in a position to either buy or recommend what you have to sell and it allows this engagement to take place without the constraints of time, language or location. In a pre-internet world we called this word-of-mouth marketing. In a web based world we call it viral marketing and, where previously our influence was local or regional, now we have the opportunity and means to spread our message globally.

Secondly Start with Technographics,

Obtain the technographics of your market segment, using social media tools available on internet like Quantcast.com.

Ascertain if this is right for your company

It’s important to note that social media may NOT be the best for your market or company, if the in actives are a significant amount of your technographics, or you’re in a very conservative industry, you may be ready to deploy a listening program, but may not want to participate. I really believe that social media isn’t for every company, and you’ll have to do an internal reality check to see if this is the case for you.

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Successful Facebook Marketing Tactics

Some of the additional successful tactics that  succeed on Facebook.

One thing is rather clear is that tactics that work for the B2B market will not essentially work for those marketers who are targeting the B2C market.
For individuals in the B2B space, the most successful marketing tactics used on Facebook are creating a survey of “fans” and friending customers.
Performing a survey of “fans” was the one marketing tactic that seems to work in both the B2B and B2C markets.

On the consumer side the most successful tactic that marketers are seeing is creating a Facebook application all over a brand.

Buying ads,even extremely targeted ones, was the least efficient type of social media marketing on Facebook is very amazing from a lot of marketing campaigns on Facebook and the outcome have been very good, particularly for locally targeted campaigns. The outcome is much better than other online efforts together with Google Adwords.

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