What are the benefits of AMP?


What is AMP?

AMP also known as (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source initiative by Google focusing at improving the mobile experience. With Accelerated mobile web pages, your website loads instantly (5x faster than regular web page). Users want a streamlined mobile experience. AMP focuses on same with static content that renders fast, very fast.

What are the AMP Benefits?

Increase conversion rates due to improved page load speeds

Every website has a purpose – lead generation, more advertising clicks, or to promote a product and service effectively. With faster loading web pages, users are more likely to continue engaging with your website. Thus reducing the bounce rates, increased length of time on site and higher conversion rates.

Improved User Experience

Did you know?
53% of visits are abondoned if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load
1 out of 2 people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds.
Google wants to give users speed because of so many websites coming up everyday. If your website offer superior speed for content accessed via search results,  you will maintain or win market share. Google also wants to keep people on the mobile web.

AMP a SEO ranking factor

Though all of the other (search engine ranking) signals needs to be satisfied to show up in google, AMP will be a major ranking factor. If an AMP web page gets more clicks and fewer bounces due to it’s faster loading capability, Google determines that webpage more valuable to users, and it’s likely to show up above other search results in Google. Majority of the people surf Google for finding everything, AMP thus will be an important ranking factor.

Accelerate your website pages today and increase your mobile conversions.

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Social Intranet Software

Social Intranet Software

Importance of the social intranet software

In the present era connecting with the people and the companies is essential for the growth of the business. This may require different types of tools and the companies employ them as per the need. One such tool that is gaining a lot of popularity and the demand is the social intranet software through which you can connect with people in a single click. Even remotely connecting with individuals and groups is quite easy with the social intranet. That is why more and more people are incorporating it into their business.

What is social intranet software?

The name social intranet software itself says that it is a tool using which you can seamlessly connect with the staff of your company and others as well. There is no doubt about the fact that such a software is a necessity for every business as it results in hassle free communication which leaves a strong impression on the clients. It also helps in building trust among your clients and gets their loyalty which is most important in business.
• Documents can be shared with everyone
• No hurdle of geographic location
• Customized management
• Get personalized insight
• Central hub for sharing and updates
• Build strong relations
• Achieve values and goal.
Features of social intranet software
• People directory
• Interact cms
• Intelligence store
• Forums
• Teams
• Workflow
• Task manager
• Developer platform
• Interact analytics

Why Creative?

In order to get the maximum from your social intranet software, it is very necessary to avail it from a reliable service provider and Creative can help you in this concern. Creative not only provides you the intranet but even installation is done by them thus putting an end to your stress and makes you familiar with its features too. So you are able to understand how to use it in a better way and achieve what you want to.

Outsource Web development services

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Know which Social media Platform works well for your business

Social Media Platforms

We as a whole realize that web-based social networking is pivotal to making an effective business these days, yet are all web-based social networking stages worth a similar measure of your time and cash?

Obviously not.

So what are you expected to do? Squander your vitality on every one of them until you discover which one works for your business? Nah.

At Creative , we trust that time is cash. So as opposed to giving you a chance to squander your time (and cash) attempting and testing all the diverse web-based social networking stages on offer, we’ve
done it for you.

We’ve investigated 9 of the most famous online networking stages for independent companies. We’ve taken a gander at what they do, who utilizes them and what are their advantages and disadvantages for organizations.

So we should go investigate what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare bring to the table you and your business.



Social media

What it does
Facebook is the behemoth of all online networking stages. It is a long range informal communication site where individuals everywhere throughout the world can interface and impart to their companions or people in general (contingent upon their security settings).

When you go along with, you make an individual profile where you can include companions, share photographs, make statuses, share recordings, join bunches, include pages of intrigue, read and take a gander at what others have share
Facebook is intended to empower client connection. With “Share” and “Like” catches individuals can discuss rapidly and effectively with each other.

4.5 billion “Preferences” are shared day by day as of May 2014. This isn’t quite recently from the site itself, yet different sites have begun to incorporate Facebook catches to their site that permits individuals to share their substance specifically from them.

Who utilizes it?
Essentially everyone.
1.28 billion individuals have month to month dynamic records.
802 million clients sign in every day.
1.01 billion month to month clients get to Facebook through their cell phones.
25 to 34 year olds take up 29.7% of the clients.
Facebook clients are 53% ladies and 47% male.

Facebook has a considerable measure of clients, so the geniuses are quite tremendous.
Positive informal exchange is magnificent for your business! In the event that you share fascinating and significant substance, individuals will share what you’ve shared thus on etc.
You can “talk” straightforwardly to your clients, and they can disrespect you.
You can give client benefit effectively to your clients.

Also, it works!
52% of advertisers found a client on Facebook in 2013.
42% of advertisers express that Facebook is critical to their business.

It’s an entirely bustling commercial center on Facebook, and organizations can think that its difficult to be listened.

Facebook is an open discussion, and clients can compose on your divider whenever they pick. This implies you have to continually screen your page for unseemly or defamatory remarks.

Facebook’s calculation implies that not the greater part of your presents get on the majority of your devotees.

Step by step instructions to begin

In the event that you think Facebook is the social stage for you, go to www.facebook.com and make a Facebook page for brands and organizations. Maintain a strategic distance from the Groups pages, they’ve constrained abilities with regards to showcasing. Additionally, utilizing an individual page for a business is a no-no.

At the point when setting up your page, remember to compose a definite “about me” segment and a significant photograph and cover photograph.
After you have an incredible page set-up, it’s a great opportunity to make sense of how and when you ought to post that best suits your intended interest group. You can make sense of this by perusing our total manual for how frequently to post, tweet and Facebook for your independent company.


Twitter Social Media

What it does?

Twitter has been precisely portrayed as “messaging for the web”.
Twitter is an informal organization or “miniaturized scale blogging” website that permits individuals to send short 140 character instant messages, otherwise called “tweets”. You can share photographs and recordings, yet message based alternatives are much and frequently incorporate connections to outside sites.
Who utilizes it
650 million clients.
It’s pretty 50/50 between the genders, with 53% female and 47% male.
African, Americans and Hispanics.
School Graduates.
15 – 25 year olds.
The individuals who procure $75,000+ a year.


Twitter is a standout amongst the most famous online networking stages for organizations in light of the fact that, dissimilar to Facebook where just some of your presents get on your adherents, tweets will achieve the greater part of your devotees!

Tweets are simple (and snappy) to compose in light of the fact that they’re just 140 words!

Twitter is a decent place to convey showcasing messages. 49% of individuals would preferably get notification from an organization on Twitter than on whatever other social stage (even Facebook).

51% of dynamic clients take after brands or organizations and 90% of those folks are doing it for promos or rebates.


Twitter is truly occupied. I mean truly occupied. With 340 million tweets a day, it’s simple for individuals to miss your tweet in case you’re not doing it all the time.

Twitter isn’t incredible for picture based setting, as photographs or recordings.

Instructions to begin

In the event that this sounds like it’d work for your business, then begin by going to www.twitter.com and set up your Twitter account. The short bio is truly essential, so don’t stay away from it. Slap up a photograph and tada! You’re good to go up!

No, I’m joking.

Presently you must really tweet!

Above all else, we should take a gander at a portion of the dialect you’re probably going to experience.

Gracious yes. “Tweet” was quite recently the start.

Here are a couple of something beyond:

Hashtag: A hashtag is a pound sign (or hash sign) trailed by a word. It’s utilized to send a particular message or point. #socialmediaforsmallbusinesses

Retweet: Retweeting happens when some person shares your tweet.

Twitter handle: This is your username. It would appear that this: @username

Specify: A say is the point at which somebody utilizes your Twitter handle in a Tweet.

Furthermore, recollect that the normal life expectancy of a tweet is just around 2 hours.

So you’ll need to post as often as possible with a specific end goal to keep your adherents locked in.

Finally, keep in mind to track terms that are identified with your business. Seek hashtags to see what individuals keen on your industry are discussing so you can remain up and coming and in vogue!


Linkedin Social Media
what it does?
LinkedIn is a social stage devoted to proficient individuals. The stage associates organizations with potential workers and accomplices by furnishing a people with the chance to make an “expert profile”. It is additionally to a great degree important as an expert systems administration online stage.

Who utilizes it
Experts, clearly. On account of its more expert base, the general population that utilization the LinkedIn likewise have a tendency to be more established and more instructed.
There are 300 million individuals utilizing LinkedIn.
75% of clients utilize their LinkedIn 4 hours or less every week.
It’s 50/50 concerning sexual orientation.

When you transfer something onto LinkedIn, anybody can get to it – regardless of the possibility that they’re not an association!
It builds up believability with associations.
It’s rich in substance and data – including organization’s data and definite individual expert profiles.
43% of advertisers said they found a client on LinkedIn.

It’s an extremely specialty advertise, so before you invest energy making a profile and sharing substance, ensure that it’s the correct stage for your business.
It can require a considerable measure of investment to set up, to get associations and to get discussions streaming.
You need to request that be associated with different organizations and profiles, which can be tedious and baffling.
Physical organizations may discover LinkedIn hard to use, however for individuals who are in businesses, for example, innovation, fund, advertising and so on. LinkedIn can turn out to be extremely helpful.

The most effective method to begin

Before you go to www.linkedin.com and begin the sing up process, consider whether you’re advancing yourself as a consultant, or a business operation under a brand name.

Once you’ve made sense of that, begin on making your profile. Attempt to set some time aside to including however much substance and data to your profile as could be expected.

After that, get to sharing substance, making associations, having discussions and recently by and large systems administration. Look at Wix’s article on the best way to build up a showcasing technique for LinkdedIn for more nitty gritty data!


Pinterest Social Media
What it does?

Pinterest is a visual substance sharing social stage, like an online corkboard. Every client can make “sheets” that are typically identified with a similar subject. Visual bookmarks, or pictures are called “sticks” and are put in a related board.
Not at all like other sharing online networking stages, Pinterest isn’t generally about making content to such an extent as gathering it.

A ton of retailers and organizations utilize it as a sort of portfolio or list.
Who utilizes it
70 million dynamic month to month clients.
47.7% percent of customers say that substance they’ve seen on Pinterest has motivated occasion blessing buys.
80% of Pinterest clients are ladies.
Pinterest clients have a tendency to have a higher salary.

It gets more referral movement than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ consolidated.
It’s optimal if your intended interest group is female.

Perfect in the event that you have loads of items with top notch pictures.
It creates movement to your site generally rapidly.
Your “pins” remain dynamic for a considerable length of time.

Loads of organizations aren’t generally utilizing it yet, so it’ll be a moderate begin for B2Bs keen on utilizing the stage.
On the off chance that you don’t have numerous items or brilliant pictures, it won’t be extremely powerful for you.
In the event that your objective audience is not female group its not good.only UK has 56% of male pinterest users

How to get started
My advice would be to try Pinterest as a user before you join as a business.
This will give you a judgement about how it works for your client before you try to market to them. It will also give you an chance to browse and get inspired!
After that, if you join as a business, Pinterest gives you a metrics so that you can view what content from your website is most popular.


YouTube social media
Youtube is a video-sharing social media platform. It was founded in 2005 and was quickly bought over by Google in 2006.
Youtube allows users to upload, share and view videos. The content varies from individual user content to business user content, featuring TV clips, personal videos, Video logs (or “Vlogs”), music videos etc etc. Users who are registered can upload and share their videos, unregistered users can still view the videos but can’t upload them.
Youtube is the second largest search engine. (After Google, of course)

Who uses it?
100 million unique visitors every month.
54% of people who use Youtube are male.
37% are between 18 – 34.
People love watching videos, and this means that having a Youtube account could potentially make your videos go viral.
Youtube is the third most popular site, behind Google and Facebook.
90% of customers of online retailers say that they find videos useful in making purchasing decisions.

Videos is another way to show off you industry expertise.
Videos have a really wide reach, you don’t have to be a connection to see your videos.
Because YouTube is owned by Google, it’s super SEO friendly.
Videos make a business accessible. People like to see a face behind the product.

“Related videos” on the site often draw attention to your competition and distract customers from your message.
Creating interesting videos can be very time consuming and expensive.

How to get started
Everyone has to sign up for a general Youtube account, and branded business accounts are accessed afterwards. So, go ahead and sign up. One note: Don’t use your personal Google I.D. as this will be attached to the branded account later on.
When you’re making a video remember that you only have 10 seconds to capture the audience’s attention. And even when you keep them for that long, you’re best keeping it short and sweet – under 2 minutes is perfect. Also you only need to post once or twice.
Don’t forget to add a subscription widget or link to your website on your video. This will make one-off views become longer-term influences.




What it does?

Google+ is Google’s social platform. It’s compared to Facebook and Twitter, but many people believe that it’s much more than that. There are a few extra features, such as Communities and Circles that increase interaction with people and topics that interest you.
Who uses it

550 million active monthly users.
It’s mostly men using it so far.
Professionals such as students, technology industry professionals, bloggers and photographers.

Google hangouts is a great place to start talking with people and many businesses use it to keep in contact with employees as well as customers.
Google Communities provides you with content of your choosing and a place to network and share with people of similar interests.
Because it’s owned by Google, using Google+ can have positive effect on SEO.

People see it as being quite similar to Facebook so there’s always the temptation to share identical content on both platforms.
Google+ only helps out your SEO ranking if the person is logged on or if they don’t have your page in their circle.

How to get started
Google+ differentiates between companies and individuals, so you’ll be best by setting up aCompany Page. Remember: This is Google that you’re dealing with so think keywords when creating your profile.
Communities are where it’s all at on Google+ so start by getting involved by finding communities that are relevant to your business. Involve yourself in discussions and share your expertise.
Oh and don’t spam. It won’t work.


instagram social media

Photo courtesy of José Moutinho

What it does?

Instagram is owned by Facebook. It’s a photo and video sharing platform that allows users to share their photos with other users.
There’s also some pretty funky filters that you can choose to tweak your photos!

Who uses it
37% of all users are 18 – 29.
68% are female.
5 million US. Internet users access it at least once a month (and that’s with 60% of Instagram users being outside of the U.S!)
It is a predominantly mobile app.
Similar demographics and user interaction to Twitter.

Instagram allows people who are interested in your brand to follow your business and see what you’re up to. This adds a bit of a personal touch.
Like Pinterest, Instagram puts a face to a brand.
Instagram uses hashtags, which makes content super easy to search. Anyone who’s interested in your company can use a hashtag to find content. (This does mean that you have to choose your hashtags wisely).
Visual representation of your business is always good, it gives people the sense that you’re being transparent with your business – When people know that there’s no games involved, they trust you more.
Instagram has an insane amount of user engagement – up to 10 times what Twitter and Facebook generate.

Like Pinterest, if you don’t have an actual product to sell & take a photo of, it might not be the easiest platform to use.
It’s a very young network, with 90% of users under the age of 35, so if this isn’t your target audience then using Instagram might be a lot of time and effort for very little customer engagement.

How to get started
First, make sure that you have enough visual content to share. If you’ve got products, you’ll obviously want to share pictures of your products.
But don’t let that limit you.

Share images that fit in with your brand too.
If you’re a service provider things are a little bit more difficult because you might have to think about what you could take photos of.
A lot of businesses have done very well by taking photos of their offices, celebratory staff parties, the staff doing particular projects, the machinery they use etc.
After you know what you’ll be posting, download the app to your phone and get snap happy.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags when you upload your photos so that people searching through Instagram can find you! Then use these same hashtags to find people in your industry and follow their accounts!

Company Project Management Software

Company Project Management Software

How Project Management Software Helps In A Company’s Growth

To meet targets and generate profit, a company requires a dedicated team of workers who use their skills and knowledge. But end results could be achieved only if the organization has an effective plan on a project’s cost estimation, time, resources, workforce and decision-making. In addition to that, there’re should be a path to choose plans, their implementation and maintenance.

Although all these things seem easy to implement, they require lots of efforts and some special tools. Here’s when a company’s project management software could make a notable in the way to plans things to achieve a goal.

Types of project management software tools

1. Scheduling tools:

They’re known as the most common type of project management software tools which are used by an organization to collect information and create sequences on activities linked to a project. In addition to that, such a tool could also be used to link two activities, make estimations on an activity and time.

2. Project planning tools:

This tool could be used in an organization to figure out what efforts will be needed to achieve a goal. In addition to that, it could also be used to understand about risks associated with the project and cost maintenance.

Where project management software could be used

A company could use or purchase various kinds of project management software, depending on where and how they will need it. For example, some of the software could be used on desktops of employees only, while other could be web-based, single user or collaborative. Their use depends on the company which is buying a service provider’s service. There may be a company that wants its employees to connect to each other through their desktops only, while another organization may be thinking of project management software that’s accessible as single-user.