3 factors to consider for an Ecommerce website startup

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As Ecommerce business is growing rapidly in India, number of ecommerce stores are increasing. So it is very vital to execute your Ecommerce business to next level so that it gets maximum marketing benefits. Buying online has become a most comfortable preference and prioroty amongst the customers and businesses. Thus, online Ecommerce development India will get a buzz in future for sure.

Ecommerce stores like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal have become popular giant ecommerce websites in India, establishing there strong presence in ecommerce marketplace. Though Internet is never going to diminish and there will always be enough space for startup businesses who wants to flourish by starting their ecommerce website. Many people have successful business offline in thier specific categories, but often are unable to market their businesses online.

Below 3 factors are important for a new e-commerce website designing Mumbai to look for to face the potential market.

1.Cut-throat Competition

Every new online business has to face few challenges. One such challenge is massive number of other ecommerce websites already present online. As a new eCommerce startup, gaining right number of traffic and revenue is very difficult when some strong established players have already retained the market.

For eg: If you are planning to sell apparels online, thier are many websites for same, thus a cut throat competition. However if you target niche and unique segment, like “Pure Cotton Apparels” or “Jute Dresses and Shirts” from the wide category of apparel, then the you have less competition in the market and high possibility to stand in top 10 in Google.

2. Innovative and extremely user friendly eCommerce storefront

In order to strive through the furiously competitive ecommerce market, it is very crucial for new startups to build a highly user friendly Ecommerce platform that will drive users easily to thier destinations without much hassle. You need an ecommerce storefront that has strong functionality, enabling transactions that are easy, quick and smooth with a highly secure shopping experience for your customers. Study your competitors websites, your business needs and then build your ecommerce website under expert guidance.

At Creative Web Mall, we offer turn key ecommerce solutions right from ecommerce website development, ecommerce website hosting on fast servers, to ecommerce website marketing online through SEO, PPC and SMO. We have executed plenty of ecommerce projects and know the dos and donts of online business to generate sales. We use advance technology ecommerce development platforms and responsive web design technique to optimize our ecommerce websites for desktop, tablet and mobile shopping.

3.Fund and Customer Salvage
Many often it is seen that many ecommerce websites fail to continue due to lack of funds. Raising funds to run operations is the key challenge that new eCommerce ventures startups face. Other key challenge is to drive traffic and convert users into customers. Online promotion and marketing needs lot of investment.

Creative Web Mall offers a tuen key ecommerce solution on both of the above challenges. If you have a workable idea, Creative can help you by consulting you with effective bifurcation of funds towards right IT solutions for you ecommerce website.

We have executed many ecommerce websites successfully. If you want to be one of them, then contact us and discuss your project with us.

Is SEO important for building credibility and authority?

Have you ever thought about what is your online presence? Online presence is the identity and the position of your website on the cyberspace. As you have observed that the competition is going tougher than ever before you will need to put in a lot of effort to attain a remarkable position of your business on the internet.

But what can be the best for your business? How will it affect your business and what results can you get from it? One of the most common answers by many professional internet marketers will be Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of the website. This is a constant battle that many companies are fighting for many years to stay on the top of search results of all the major search engines. But as a professional you must understand that Search engine optimization is always changing with time so you must also change your plans and strategies. Google calls the following changes or updates as a later edition a penguin or a panda. Hence, all the internet marketers must be ready for the following changes and updates.

Many people are saying that these updates or changes like Google’s new Panda and Penguin are making SEO more complicated and tricky. But this is not the fact as in reality these updates are eliminating all the tricks and complexities involved in the online marketing and making SEO mush easier. Nevertheless to say, SEO is the same as it’s ever been and the race can be conquered with the weapons like high quality natural links and high quality original content that you can get from SEO Services in India. If you have these things in the right place you’ll do miracles.

If you look back in past you’ll find that for many years, SEO was just a strategic marketing practice that was the only option used by the internet marketers for improving the position and rank of the website on all the top major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. but now the scenario has certainly changed. No one can just run behind the search engines and get their websites to the top. Search engines are no longer the only source of organic traffic on the Web as the internet world has moved to be social.

Today there are many Social networks, blogs, emails, RSS subscriptions, and word-of-mouth that all are competing to get a high grade publicity on the World Wide Web as well as drive substantial visits towards their own websites that can convert into potential customers for their products and services. Surely, now people are just looking for improved visibility but also they are very must eager to learn from it. You must understand that the paths that people use to discover and research a purchase or to get engaged with certain kinds of product or service are never only one. They can come through multiple mediums so you must be ready to cater them in accordance with the platform.

So you must know what to implement and when rather than freaking out. For those you don’t just have to know what the competitors are doing, but also you must know how the industry is changing and must adopt the changes for your campaign. By effectively understanding and adopting the changes you can use SEO as the path to build credibility and authority for your online business.

Boost Your Business via Affordable SEO Services

Are you worried about not getting an adequate amount of online traffic to your business website? Well, then I would suggest to have a closer look at the various online marketing techniques and strategy you are implementing currently to increase your site visibility over the internet. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what helps a website achieve a high ranking on all popular search engines. Getting a top spot on Google or Yahoo means millions of people searching for information on products or services similar to yours will instantly come across your company site thereby automatically expanding your site visibility, exposure, and of course traffic. A greater number of visitors mean a higher chance of conversions and sales taking your business to new heights in less time. Many companies have come up in the marketplace to provide affordable search engine optimization services to businesses looking for the same.

The main task of a search engine optimization company is to improve the ranking of a website by making necessary changes to the site layout, design, etc. A number of key factors play a crucial role in helping a website get the desired top ranking in a search engine’s natural search results. These key factors are as follows:

Keywords and Key Phrases

All search engine marketing companies ensure they have a team of experienced researchers to find out the relevant keywords and key phrases related to a specific site. Relevant keywords are the ones that are typed maximum times by people searching for products, services or information similar to what your company has to offer. Best of SEO companies use a number of free of cost keyword tools as well as paid tools to find out the keywords for use within the content of web pages or site.

Development of Fresh Content

In order to see your site at the top position in Google, Yahoo, or Bing organic search results, you need to have in your website original, informative, and engaging content. The site content should be written in simple English if it is for the English speaking audience, should have relevant keywords evenly used without being stuffed forcefully, and should have a free flow making it an interesting read.

Link Building

As part of the link building process, online marketers hyper-link relevant keywords to transfer people to important web pages. The keywords are linked to a related web page. When a reader clicks on the specific word, he or she gets transferred to a more important page for an immediate call to action. External link building refers to the process of having a large number of links of relative third-party sites. It denotes the specific site is popular and has a large follower base. To note: Google gives credibility to a site that contains a maximum number of external hyper-links. Hence, every SEO company should ensure they help a site get as many third-party links as possible in quick time.

Meta Data Modification

Affordable search engine optimization services also include changing the meta tags and descriptions for getting an improved exposure and CTR or Click-Through-Rate. It is always advisable to write a compelling Meta description to attract more clicks. Every click from personalized search results is recorded in the search engine’s web history. Next time, the internet users search for a product or service related to your site, the website will automatically appear high up in their personalized search results.

Low-cost Search Engine Optimization services are offered by many reliable digital marketing companies across the world. However, you should select a company that offers customized SEO solutions without compromising on the quality of services.

Benefits of SEO optimized Web Site Designing

Searching target keywords – We need to search the the keywords related to you business and services as well as products. You can use proposal and Google Keyword Tools as well as many tools are available in market. You can create a list of  keywords or keyword phrases related to your business and which are highly searched in the search engines.

Content Writing – Write healthy contents and adjust the keywords in the text. Your first paragraph can be between 250 to 500 keywords. You can use some sentences like , what, who, which to make it more content based.

Optimize meta tags – Your web page title should include proper keywords which are most important for you. Then these keywords should be included in the description content  as well as keywords meta tags.

Heading Tags – The H1 tag contains the largest font and is the most significant. You should use h1 to h5 header tags properly and the fonts can be controlled via Style Sheet.

Optimize images using the alt tag – Write a short description for the alt tag of your image. too many images or very large images on your web page will slow down the loading time of your web site. So image size should be optimized.

Optimize links using the title tag– Write a link name for the title tag of your Link. too many links on your web page will help the promotiong your keywords or key phrases. So links should be optimized.

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More Tips on maintaining existing customers

More Tips on maintaining existing customers

Rewards Programs Foster Long Term Relationships And Repeat Sales

It is said in business that customer achievement is an investment but profitability is built on customer maintenance. In other words, it normally costs you more to sell to a new customer than it does to a existing one. As an effect, your profits are higher when you sell to those who have already purchased from you.

Customer withholding is necessary to business expansion.

So how do you develop customer loyalty and retain their business? Like any successful relationship, If you want customers to be loyal to you, you must be loyal to them. Your product must deliver on its assurance as advertised—but that is just the commencement.

Here are some tips to help you keep your present customers coming back for more:

Offer Exceptional Customer Service

A lot times, customer service can be a important differentiator for companies that sell alike products. In today’s digital age it is all excessively ordinary for companies to hide behind “digital walls”. Many times this indescribable nature can lead to lost sales not to talk about decreasing customer self-confidence. When customers have questions or problems they want them addressed—by a real human with real answers, not just a scripted list of FAQs or automated phone system. Two ways to achieve this are through posting customer service phone numbers on your site and bearing in mind Live Chat type systems.

Stay in Front of Your Customers

You can’t promote customer loyalty if your customers forget you survive. You must stay in contact with them on a recurring basis if possible with information that eventually benefits them in the end (remember it about the customer not you.) Two methods of staying in front of them are through email and RSS feeds. The solution here is to feed them information that helps them. Promotions on products, sales etc… all work and should be a division of your communication but don’t ignore the necessitate to provide them with precious content that helps enhanced their position. This could be showing them innovative ways to use your product, complimentary products that may work well with the one they already have etc…

Develop Customer Friendly Policies

If you desire to keep customers happy you must present flexible policies. Don’t make it stiff for them to return an item, get support for current, broken, or discountinued products, etc… Be flexible and kind of their needs and especially else, make it right for them. Put these policies in place and respect them. If you don’t, your customers will move to the competitors that do by no means to return again.

Think Implementing a Rewards Program

Loyalty or rewards programs are a wonderful way to promote long term relationships and replicate sales. Rewards can be managed in just about anyway you can dream up from earning discounts on future purchases to earning products at numerous levels. Just make certain your internal systems can manage the route you take on. Just about anybody can sell on the internet. Selling profitably and doing it for continued durations is what separates sincere businesses from short run fly-by-night operations. If given the opportunity, I’d to a certain extent build a continuous business that lasts many years than develop a business that is here today gone the next. Profitability is an important element in this equation.