Tips on maintaining existing customers

Tips on maintaining existing customers

Date: 30-Sep-2010

Providing Customers Incentives To Return

How To Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Customers!
Regular Customers Become Your Sales People

Regular customers will inform their friends and relatives about your business – and if you’ve done your job well, you will soon have lots of new customers, courtesy of your old ones. Your regular customers are actually now advertising your business – without you having to spend an extra dime on marketing.

In business, referrals are like gold. With new customers already convinced of your honesty and reasonable pricing, you will not have a difficult time convincing them to buy your products.

It costs double as much to gain a new customer as it does to grasp on to an existing one. There are six proven actions any small business can take to make sure a customer stays a customer.

1. Provide a Progress Report – Explain your customer or client the work you’ve been doing and the outcome you’ve achieved. By giving them something they can read and respond to, questions are answered and doubts are erased. What’s more, the customer may understand they require you to do additional work.

2. Meet Face-to-Face – If the majority of your dealings are done over the phone, make a point of holding face-to-face meetings occasionally. Meeting in person says you are interested in there business and it gives you a chance to accurately see things that you can help address.

3. Avoid Jargon – Every business has its own verbal shorthand. When speaking with a customer use terms they can readily recognize. They feel more relaxed and sense you’re working as a team.

4. Ask for Feedback – Never take for granted the customer is fulfilled. All through the work process, ask how your customer feels about what you’re doing and show them by remark and act the comments are taken sincerely.

5. Tune your Offering – As pleased as you may be about your product, keep in mind it’s being made for the customer. Make sure you know precisely what they wish for, when it’s needed, and more. Keep away from the kind of surprises that no one likes.

6. Be Open to Change – For numerous reasons customers change processes, be it terms and conditions, purchase orders, accounts payable or just about anything. Customers know they are respected if you show a readiness to work with them, just as much as you desire them to work with you.


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