SEO should collect a healthy budget

SEO should collect a healthy budget

Date: 27-May-2011

Companies have been maintaining healthy budgets for their search engine optimisation services (SEO), regardless of the latest Bellweather report showing overall marketing budgets were slashed in the last quarter of 2010.
Even though the budgets assigned to complete advertising for companies were slashed, budgets for SEO remained either unaffected or only faintly affected. One SEO expert told Advertiser Talk: “Though Bellweather have shown that companies are even now feeling the effects of the recession and amending their budgets as an consequence, it’s pleasing to see that, in most cases, search marketing budgets have remained untouched and at times, increased.”
“We think it’s essential for companies to keep a substantial budget handy for SEO and online marketing, and to invest in a variety of areas when undertaking a campaign.”
It is thought the benefits of undertaking an SEO project, such as increased rankings and improved brand promotion, have caught the eye of many companies and as such, provoked them to defend SEO budgets during times of economic sprain.
“I am sure that marketing skills will be in high demand throughout 2011.”


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