How To Engage Employees On A New Social Intranet

engagementAfter a hectic process of choosing the most advanced social intranet and installing it in the right way, engaging employees and asking them to use the platform are the most difficult things.

In the modern world, social intranet is an online community that comes with lots of fascinating features to provide fruitful results to a company using it. It not just helps in connecting company employees with each others, but also allows them to send important information and share data or conduct online meetings. Today’s social intranet is so flexible that it could be used on devices like laptops and even mobiles. Still, lots of employees do not use them.

Here are some effective ways to engage employees over social intranet and encourages them to use the platform to perform their work:

  • After launching the intranet, all employees should be made aware of its existence. Their employee ids should be generated and they must be asked to use the ids.

  • Employees should be trained on how to use the platform.

  • Important information should be released over the social intranet. In addition, there should be special messages from the company CEO for all workers.

  • Managers and top management should allocate work over the intranet, and employees should be asked to send reports using the same platform.

  • Employee activities should be observed over social intranet, and they should be asked about problems they are facing using the network.

  • Surveys should be conducted to understand employee problems with the network. The issues should be resolved quickly.


From choosing, installing to maintaining the social intranet, there are several things that should be done in the right manner to ensure effective working. Creative Social Intranet can help you get the best of social intranet and its features through the company’s beneficial and cost-effective services.

How To Manage Company Assets Through Social Intranet

Digital Culture

Most of the organizations- both small as well as big- have adopted the digital culture to manage employees, promote product or services or contacting customers. One positive feature of the digital world is social intranet. It’s a secure network of an organization where employees can communicate with each other, share information and stay in contact with their managers.

One more usage of social intranet is managing the brand assets in an effective and secure way. Through the centralized network, content related to the company over the social intranet can be managed and updated to make employees stay updated with latest happenings in the company and important events.

Apart from that, important data and information can be stored over the platform for future use. Employees sitting in remote regions can access the social intranet through any smart device and use the data to perform their daily tasks, even when they are not in the company. All they require is authentication to access the data and use it. Employees can also send and receive reports from the top management, and make necessary changes as per the requirement.

Digital Culture

The social intranet software can also be used to secure and share data about employees over the intranet. Through unique employee ids and information on them, other employees can identify people with whom they should make connections to meet their professional objective and perform their duties to meet common goals. This also leads to trust among employees and improve productivity in the organization.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

All the best, modern and beneficial features of social intranet can be availed by installing the advanced form of social intranet and get it managed by experts. Creative Social Intranet can help a company in installing the advanced social intranet in the right way.

Modern Intranet For Corporate – How Blogging Helps Collaboration Among Employees

employee collaborationIn the modern business world, it has become important for organizations of all kinds to adopt new technologies and use them in their best form. Intranet is a reliable and easy way to connect all company employees with each other and allow them sharing of documents. Social Intranet is the most advanced form of intranet which connects employees with each other in an interesting way and provides them lots of fascinating features to share information and plan group discussions. One such feature is blogging over social intranet.

Blogging feature of modern social intranet allows posting of content over the intranet that may help convey a message to company employees or introduce them to new policies introduced by the top management. This leads to employee engagement over the platform and encourages people belonging to any department of the company spend time on the social intranet.

Blogging from CEO

Leading from the front, CEO’s are contributing in promoting content over the social intranet. By adding ‘message from CEO’s attention of all company employees can be received.

Blogging From HR

The HR department can contribute in posting unique content over the Intranet by putting company policies, information on changes and information about new recruitment.


Blog over a social intranet can also be customized as per the requirement. Authorized members over the network can add, delete or modify permission to people using the same intranet software. The best of blogging feature can be availed by using it in the most advanced form. Creative Social Intranet has all the resources and technologies to provide a company the advance version of social intranet, so that all modern features could be used. In addition, maintenance of the network is also handled by the expert professionals of the company.

Social Intranet – How To Improve Search over Company Network

company networkWhether it’s a small company or a big organization, searching for an employee or document over the company network is a hectic and time-consuming process. As advanced technology has taken the front seat in every type of company, organizations have started using social intranet to promote collaboration through digital technology. The modern social intranet comes with lots of features that not just allow employees to communicate with each other, but also let them perform several task over the network. One such feature of social intranet is ‘search’. Employees can search information on other workers or important documents over social intranet. This saves time for other processes, and eventually leads to productive workplace.

But the way ‘search’ feature is being used can further be improved to make it more beneficial and time-saving. Here’s how:

  • Employees can be given a remarkable search experience by improving the content over the social intranet. Well-written and fully-optimized content can save time for employees and let them explore more.

  • Page names can be optimized to make content finable over the network.

  • Employees can be trained on how to use the right keywords to find what they are looking for over social intranet.

  • There must be people handling the social intranet continuously and taking feedback to improve search experience.

  • The authorized employees should be available for other workers to guide them on how to use the ‘search’ feature in an effective way.

Creative Social Intranet For All Solutions

Creative Social Intranet not just helps set up the most advanced version of social intranet, but also assists a company in maintaining and optimizing it in the right way. The service provider ensures that all the features of social intranet can be used by employees in an effective way.

Social Intranet – What Type Of Content Can Engage Employees

employee engagement

Social intranet is one of the greatest ways to promote employee engagement in an organization and improve productivity. But it’s beneficial only when company employees are using the advanced networking platform and utilizing it to communicate, share information and search things. It is the responsibility of top management to ensure that social intranet is serving all its purposes to employees of all departments.

Posting fresh, easy-to-read and helpful content over the social intranet can engage employees and make them spend more time over the platform. But what type of content it should be? Here are some ways that could drive traffic over the social intranet and make them spend time over there:

  • Company Events: If the company is going to host an event in the near future, information about it should be posted over the social intranet. It will take employees to use the software and explore more about the event.

  • Job postings and new recruitments: HR department can help in driving more traffic over the social intranet by introducing employees with trainees through social intranet. In addition, the HR can also share new company policies or guidelines over the platform.

    job posting

  • Blog from CEO: Top management or CEO can write a blog and share it over the Intranet with a catchy title like ‘Message from CEO’. Every employee will open the blog to know what it is about.

These are some of the content types that could be shared on social intranet to grab attention of company employees and make them spend more time over the platform. But to avail this feature, it is essential to install and use the blogging or features related to content posting in the right manner. Creative Social Intranet can help you set up the advanced version of social intranet and use its all modern features.