Creative Social Intranet for School

Creative Social Intranet for School

Of late, mobile learning was always in the background of education technology. Though M -learning was a concept established long ago, and was appreciated for its convenience and cost-efficiency, yet its adoption in the classroom was tentative, restricted, and mostly dependent on an educator’s initiative.

However, the Covid -19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown disrupted the older way of educating and things spinned around for mobile learning. Teachers from two hundred countries were urgently required to readjust the learning process for online education without compromising its efficiency, and hence mobile educational apps were rediscovered and they quickly became a staple of remote education. Will education be the same when societies emerge from the lockdown?

Will the revamped system find a place for M-learning?

How Mobile Learning lifts up Traditional Education

Here is why mobile learning should continue to remain a part of education kits after we emerge from the lockdown.

    1. It increases the Classroom Experience
      Today, educators around the world are actively embracing tools and strategies and all types of mobile apps like coloring apps to AR anatomy tools. Ever since most of the in-person classes were halted because of the lockdown, mobile AR and VR solutions became the best media for home-based education.
      Features like teaching continuity, free content, extended course libraries, ImagineAR and MetaAR are a few prime examples of home learning which allow teachers to design educational materials with 2D and 3D objects without coding.
      As countries start emerging from the lockdown, teachers who got appreciated for the eye- catching visualizations, classy learning models, and cost-efficiency of AR apps, are most likely to continue using them as support tools more often even after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    2. It allows Students have possession of Their Learning
      Before lockdown days, interactive learning had made its way into classrooms all over the globe. It was favored by teachers for keeping students motivated, attentive, and alert. In lockdown, if video conferencing tools allowed teenage and adult learners to connect easily online, then educational mobile games were most preferred teaching tools for kindergarten and primary school pupils to keep lessons engaging and enjoyable for them.
      Educational video games like Assassin’s Creed or Minecraft , Kahoot (game-based learning app from Norway), Indian K-12 learning app BYJU’S are few game-based apps that not only allowed teachers to keep education fun and simple during these testing times, but it has also helped in engaging students and encouraging them to master new concepts.
    3. It alleviates the Digital Divide
      The challenge of the digital divide has been harming the education sector ever since technology started gaining its foothold in the classrooms. Even though internet and technology is getting cheaper year after year, lower-income families children tend to lack satisfactory connectivity.
      When education shifted online, the alarming digital gap was revealed as; 21% of parents admitted their children couldn’t complete schoolwork due to lack of computers in the household, while 22% of stated they didn’t have consistent internet access at home.
      Due to lockdown many countries launched mobile apps or mobile-responsive platforms for remote learning, allowing millions of children to keep up with their curriculum. The success of this unplanned experiment confirmed that the digital divide can be mitigated by the Standardization of mobile learning apps on mobile devices. The mobile delivery model enabled the underprivileged students to participate in the learning process on par with their more well-to-do classmates.
    4. It Keeps Higher Education pertinent and Competitive
      After many months of quite efficient online teaching, the very expensive traditional system of higher educational institutions with its one-way lectures and teacher-centered learning is most highly likely to lose its appeal to the current potential students. Thus, to survive in the post-
      lockdown period, universities should revamp their value plan, making it parallel with what their students need.
      Since younger generations today is so keener than ever on digital technologies, mobile learning should become a good competitive advantage for all educational institutions. This technology can empower students with the flexibility to study anywhere at any suitable time.Above all, the shift to mobile learning will help universities become more budget-friendly, easier and more ecologically sustainable which is mainly important in the aftermath of the economy- wrecking pandemic. Also, it is cheaper to update a mobile app’s content than reprinting old textbooks and studying materials.

Barriers to M-Learning Adoption

Even though Mobile learning has gained a new importance due to the pandemic and recent technological advancements, its implementation is still loaded with persisting challenges like:

  1. Risk of Digital Distraction
    An inherent disadvantage of mobiles is that they are very distracting. This is a universal issue but children and teenagers, who lack adult discipline and self-control, are particularly more likely to misuse their devices when they are bored.
    Thus introduction of mobile learning in classrooms can take its toll on students’ academic performance.
  2. Lack of Adjusted Teaching Practices
    Educators’ insufficient competence and experience in handling mobile courses is another major block on the way toward full-scale m-learning concept.
    A pleasing pedagogical framework on how to properly use mobile apps in a classroom is required and hence only the more tech-savvy and determined teachers can explore m-learning, while others who are unaware of the technology’s potential can steer clear from educational mobile apps.

Creative Social Intranet’s M-Learning App: the New Era of Forward-Minded Educators

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, M-learning has finally been recognized and accepted as a sustainable educational technology.
  • Creative’s M- apps make lessons more creative, turn tests into engaging games, and layout complex concepts in a simple-to-grasp way.
  • The wide acceptance of m- learning methods promises to prepare kids for the technology-saturated world we are living in.
  • It bridges the gap between low-income students and their hi-fi classmates.
  • The New Creative’s Mobile learning app will help to reduce the knowledge and skill gap that discourages many tutors from employing the technology.
  • Creative Social Intranet’s education apps think out of designs that make their products more enticing than the social networks and games.

All in all, nobody knows whether there will still be room for all the virtual learning strategies after lockdown. So let’s hope that the unique opportunity offered by Creative Social Intranet’s M-learning app which helps to study anytime, anywhere — which is so valuable in the modern knowledge-driven world that the technology gains a foothold in the educational ‘new normal’.

Workplace and Anxiety: 4 Ways to lessen stress in your job

Workplace and Anxiety: 4 Ways to lessen stress in your job

Are you feeling stressed out thinking about your work?

It is universally common for people around the globe to get tensed and suspicious with their work and the tough work hours. People even face anxiety due to it. And because to the routine tough work schedules, work pressure, severe deadlines, etc. they also tend to get tired.

This adversely affects their health and also their mind. And this further hampers the productivity level. Hence, follow the below mentioned tips to lessen your work anxiety.

Tips to deal with your work anxiety:

  1.   Think about the positive aspect at the workplace:

Whenever workers have doubts related to their workplace, it’s always better to think about the positive aspect of it. They may get weighed down with corporate diplomacy, tough deadlines, challenges, etc. But there is must be something rewarding and hence they should think about it to reduce the anxiety. They can think positively about what makes them happy at their workplace. What will they benefit from the hard work?  

This will directly help them to viewing their job from an all together different perspective and making them more enthusiastic towards their work. 

Most notably, this will make them feel motivated and confident about their job.

  1.   Identifying the circumstances that increase your stress level at work:

Many times, we can’t understand the reason for getting stressed out. And this result in making ourselves more irritated and helpless. Hence, it’s important to uncover the reason.

Carefully observe the conditions that make you suspicious and then make a record of them. Next, check which one can be dealt with by you and which cannot. Accordingly, work on those things which can be managed by you and find a special way to deal with them. This will definitely lower your stress level and stay calm too.

  1.   Taking regular breaks in the busy work schedule:

It’s important to take small breaks in our strict work schedules. We can’t keep working for several hours without any break, that will make us tired and eventually our productivity will slip down. So, taking timely breaks is necessary to balance work.

  1.   Celebrating success at your workplace :

People should learn to celebrate success at their workplace. They must also schedule a few fun activities in between to relax. This will reduce their stress level, motivate them and also increases their work satisfaction.

How Vendor Portal Management Software helps Companies to Work Competent?

How Vendor Portal Management Software helps Companies to Work Competent?

Times have changed. Today Organizations no longer find Excel enough sufficient to manage hundreds & thousands of vendors and hence look forward for some software that would be ideal to use.

According to the grapevine, in today’s digital world owning a Vendor Management software is probably a must have solution to do any business. By incorporating this software tool business can vibrantly increase their vendor collaboration and also lessen risk.

Any company who is willing to work competent must seriously think about adopting this supplier management software as it is an automated tool that would streamline each process with centralized information.

Again, managing various Vendors or suppliers is a tough task and the manual interaction may be a costly and time taking process.


  1.  A vendor or a supplier is an important part of supply chain management term which signifies anyone who is providing goods or services to a company or to individuals. A vendor many times manufactures inventoried items, and sells these items to a customer/client.
  1.  Also note that Vendor Management is a time consuming process that includes adding up a new supplier to your vendor master database, payment related inquiries, order management, invoice creations, vendor evaluation process and many more.
  1. Centralization Vendor Management tool helps in easy management of contracts, reducing time wastage, viewing key terms and certainly not missing on any compliance steps.
  1. Fewer Errors When performance is properly logged and measured, users know about problems instantaneously and can take immediate corrective action before any harm is made. You can keep an appropriate track of significant events and stop the risk of losing sight of key data.
  1.  Increased Efficiency This software will also allow you to reduce your labour costs, seal the gaps, raise quality control standards and let you achieve your ultimate goals.

It helps Organizations to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process and yield best outcomes by discovering & fixing issues, if any from the bottom line. To keep things clear, outlook purchase orders, invoices and their current or previous status, just simply rely on Creative’s Vendor portal management software. 

Creative Vendor Management Portal 

Creative Vendor Management Software automates your interface with the vendor/supplier and decreases the manual error and paper works.

  • Creative vendor portal automates the process of the purchase order creation and permits tracking the order status online while avoiding any interaction with the vendor.
  • Creative Vendor Management Application will allow you a complete range of strategic vendor assurance process manuals that will reduce errors and vendor risks, driving you more profitability.
  • Also our vendor management application reduces the time spent on handling the vendor inquiries, thus making it easier for them.

Vendor Management Portal

Now Streamline Suppliers interactions and communication with our unique Creative Suppliers Management portal.

What is Creative Suppliers Management portal? A Supplier Management Portal is a web-based, vendor self-service solution that lets you to team up and collaborate with companies suppliers in a more secure and online environment that to 24×7.

Suppliers management portal provide a web-based platform that permits:

  • Potential vendors to effortlessly provide vendor onboarding or supplier onboarding information
  • Submit invoices for payment and handle accounting with easy online balance sheet
  • Execute and handle 24 x 7 payment inquiries
  • Commence payment and transaction disputes
  • Participate in workflows to update and rectify information

Supplier Self Service Portal
It is ideally perfect to host a Vendor Management Portal, for a business which has frequent requirements of vendors to fulfil various facets of services. Let the fanatic’s sign-up and express their interest. Enable an end to end process that will filter the ones that meet your compliance and fulfilment requirements. Whenever on earth you need their services, all you need to do is post your requirement online. The vendors will post a custom requirement and your team simply only needs to analyze these proposals.

Supplier Portal Solution
A similar process for suppliers is even more critical. Mainly, vendor management refers to services; while supplier management refers to products or raw materials. While choosing the supplier; quality parameters, goods availability, shipping & delivery timeline, and previous history of goods quality matter majorly. You can now optimize this whole process of procurement with a fully well designed functional custom supplier portal solution.

How does Creative Supplier Management Portal help your Business?

  • Creative Supplier Management Portal can modify, style and shape a supplier management solution to meet your companies specific needs.
  • Creative will help you reach your goals in a manner that makes sense for your company by offering valuable solutions that grow as your company grows.
  • Our technology solutions are fully configurable and are ERP-independent, designed to allow your legacy system to remain unharmed.
  • At Creative, we also help endow a connection between your suppliers, customers, employees, and the critical information they need to work more efficiently.
  • Creative offers hands-on all-encompassing solutions by taking into account your current AP/AR processes along with your technology needs.
  • Our solutions are technology-cynic and can be incorporated into your current system and buying network very easily.

How to boost employee engagement and productivity during festive months?

Festive season is around the corner, and people are soaking in the spirit of merrymaking to overcome the Corona Virus trauma. The energy, enthusiasm and festive atmosphere is not only restricted to family and friends but spreads into the workplace too.
These times may be less productive at the workplace, but again it can be a great chance for businesses to obtain the best out of their employees.

But then how can this be possible?

What needs to be done to keep employees’ motivational level high and also maintain the company’s productivity?

  • Companies can design their variable shifts patterns in a manner that most can take advantage of the festival.
  • Companies can conduct some specific contests and themes during festivals. For example, one who gets the maximum business logged in can get an increment of 5 or 15 % on the incentive earned on that sale.

The methods can differ from business to business and it will also depend on what kind of workforce the organisation is targeting. Most migrant workers will want to have a company environment where they can be a part of the festival since they are away from their families.

How organisations can retain productivity when employees go for leaves during the festive months?

It is a common practice for employees to take leaves during festive months to be with their families and it is not easy for companies to reject them, but they can surely make some provisions for the same.

  • Plan accordingly for it and organise leave for teams, make arrangements for holiday coverage, and predict sickness.
  • Maintain backup for temporary staff and use substitute trainees, consultants and moonlighters.
  • You can declare official long-term closures, work extra weekends in advance, and utilize the work-from-home option during these pandemic times effectively.
  • Be firm with clients and stick to deadlines.

While few people feel organising theme-based activities and conducting contests will hold back the focus level of employees, and further impact the company’s productivity, the fact is that the productivity will be impeded during these days.
This is because the employees will be working for some five hours and for the remaining four hours they might be engaged in taking part in different activities. Usually on a daily basis, workers tend to do actual productive work for merely five hours only in the total nine hours of office duty.

Setting up a social networking app like Creative Social Intranet will boost up employee engagement and company productivity with its inbuilt social networking, employee recognition, easy collaboration and workflow management features among many others.