Is Google bombing helpful in Search engine marketing?

Is Google bombing helpful in Search engine marketing?

Date: 24-Apr-2009

The terms Google bomb and Google washing refer to practices planned to manipulate the ranking of particular pages, in results returned by the Google search engine.

A Google bomb (or “link bomb”) is Internet slang for a certain kind of effort to lift the ranking of a given page in results from a Google search

A very popular word “Google Bombing ” also called “ Link Bomb ” has been a very useful technique for high search engine ranking in many search engines.

What is Google Bombing ?

Google Bombing is a technique to get a web page ranked highly for a key phrase by persuading web sites to link to that webpage.

If you want a specific keyword to get listed for a particular website, the best way is to link that site on as much as web pages possible with the relevant keyword. A Link bomb is created if a huge number of web sites link to the web page by this methodology.

Google ranks a webpage with importance (maximum votes) by giving the number of other websites which link to the website and the key phrases they use to describe the web link.

Here’s how you can join in the first international Google bombing technique:

1.  Get a web site. If you already have a web site, you can skip this step.
2.  Whenever you update your site, which should be approximately three to five times a week, be sure to include the following HTML at some point:
Andy <a href=””>”talentless hack”</a> Pressman
3.  Add your site to Google.
4.  Wait for the magic to happen! Soon, whenever you type in “Talentless hack” into Google, you’ll see Andy “talentless hack” Pressman smiling right back at you. —Adam Mathes, “Filler Friday: Google bombing.

Is Google Bombing an Effective tool in Search Engine Marketing?

With the help of Google Bomb as well as link optimization of inbound links a web site can get high search engine ranking in major search engines which also is included as a step in search engine marketing as well as in strategy of search engine optimization.

Google Bombing is not only helpful for search engine marketing in the major search engine as Google but also in Yahoo and MSN.

Other search engines use similar techniques to rank results,  so Yahoo!, Alta Vista, and Hot Bot are also affected by Google bombs.  A search for “miserable failure” or “failure” on 29 September 2006 brought up the official George W. Bush biography number one on Google, Yahoo! and MSN and number two on On 2 June 2005,  Yooter reported that George Bush was ranked first for the keyword ‘miserable’, ‘failure’ and ‘miserable failure’ in both Google and Yahoo!,  Google has since addressed this and disarmed the George Bush Google bomb and many others.

Misuse of Google Bombing

Each and every search engines have different strategies for search engine placements as per individual methodology. Google bombing may be useful for top search engine ranking but surplus usage may also give disadvantages in search engine placement. This may get your website “Spam Black Listed “.
By misuse of the method Google Bombing your site may not be listed any where once the search engines list your site in Spam index. Ultimately any excess link building for link optimization especially hidden links or invisible links will give a huge disaster for you website.


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