Google Bombing used in negative SEO?

Google Bombing used in negative SEO?

Date: 24-Apr-2009

Some tactics I found today, expressed by some webmasters to De SEO or negative SEO of a particular website.

Read it as below:

Google bombing can be treated as a practice of using anchor text to make a page show up in the search engines (SERPs) under keywords that are out of context for that page. For instance, if you want your arch enemy’s page to be No 1 on Google for “absolute moron”, you’d get as many people as possible to link to his page using “absolute moron” as anchor text. Google bombing can of course also be used to create a positive effect. In theory you could get your own site listed at the top for very targeted keywords using the same technique. Both these uses are of course aimed at manipulating search results and as such are spam.


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