Compose the Most of Your Top Performing Keywords

Compose the Most of Your Top Performing Keywords

Date: 28-Aug-2009

The performance of all keywords is never equal. Professionals believe that 80% of the effect is generated by 20% of the causes. Search engine marketing is no dissimilar than this. It has been experienced that only 1% of the keywords used in an account are competent of driving 50% of the total revenue. This means that these keywords are the value keywords and top performers. Therefore, to make your search engine marketing campaign successful, safe and sound measures must adopted to increase the visibility of these keywords or terms.

To do this, you have to first identify and segregate these keywords by running a keyword report. This report will help you in sorting the data by cost. Based on this report, you may then figure out the top performing terms. At the same time, you can also figure out the terms that are present in this set of keywords, which do not spawn sufficient sales. This is very essential, especially if your pay per click program or search engine marketing campaign is focused on the return on investment.

Once recognized and secluded you can place them in unique Ad Groups. This will help in increasing the quality score. Moreover, placing the keywords in Ad Groups will help in creating more significant landing page associations, and also improve the click through rates. As a result, the cost per click will also come down.

Be it a pay per click program, search engine optimization or any other search engine marketing campaign, identification of the top performing keywords are the ones that brings in most revenue in the account. However, accounts with thousands of terms may not find it difficult to figure out all important keywords, and thus should focus on a small section of terms which have a positive impact on the account.


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