Successful launch of CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life.

Pharmaceutical Company Website Design and DevelopmentCreative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. has successfully launched their client’s new CMS Product Catalog website for ASA Life which provides comprehensive and up-to-date source of medicines / drugs information online.

Technologies used by the Creative team are 4.0, JQUERY, AJAX Javascript, MS SQL Server 2012, XML and more.

Creative provides easy-to-read, in-depth authoritative information for users via User-friendly interface


Having trouble in deciding what to use? When deciding to build a website, one should have a domain name to use. In this article, we will talk about how to choose, how to check the availability of the domain name that you chose, and how to register it.

Thinking of what to use?

1. Be sure that it is just short and simple so that it will be easier to remember. The number of characters allowed is 63 characters. Remember, it will become your online identity.
2. here are billions or maybe more listed and registered. Make sure that visitors would easily recognize it and as well as remember it and not confuse them with sites that have almost the same ones. Sometimes they usually differ only in letters or having special characters like hyphens and underlines.
3. You can use your company name or maybe the keywords that your are focusing on.

To check the availability, enter it on the search box of any search engines. If a page comes up, then it is not available. It also comes with a “.com”, “.org” and “.info”.

When registering, one should go to a accredited site registrar. Most often, hosting companies has direct links that allows one to buy both the host name and as well as the domain name in just one step. It is easy, right? But that’s an option.

You can also just search on the sites and register your chosen domain there. Usually, prices ranges from $7 to $35. Another way is that, you could contact the owner and ask if they are willing to sell it and if they do, it is most probably expensive or might have other failed reasons why they lost interest on it. Some people would usually buy domain names and sell them for a profit. It is not practical to buy from them. It would be better to buy it on a accredited registrar. But if the owner of the domain decided not to use it, then you could get it in a much lower price or maybe for free.

Given example sites that you can register:

* Snap Names – you register your chosen domain name and will automatically register if it is available.
* Name Winner – Here, they are in auction. They will be on bid and only pay if you win the bidding.
* Expire Fish – This site would require an amount to your account and they will be the one to fish out or look for an available name. In this way, it allows you to choose different names available.

For those previously owned websites, always check for its history. Make sure that the domain names is not expired or spammed. Some sites were banned for spamming. Ask the previous owners if why they don’t want to maintain it or why they want to sell it.

This is just a start to a higher ranking on search engines and online success. Create your website with domain names that is memorable and is easily remembered by visitors.

Learn more about how to choose a domain name at WebPageHostings (.org). Also take a look at this interesting information regarding web page hosting, which can impact your domain name and web performance.

What is Web Hosting?


Web hosting unlimited is a concept that is not as straightforward as the term implies. Many a webmaster has been burnt because they mistakenly thought that unlimited meant getting unlimited disk space or bandwidth. This is because the term unlimited in hosting language is not what one thinks when we use the same term in ordinary English.

We might use unlimited as a word to mean that the client gets unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth, unlimited in this sense will be redefined to mean something else and this meaning in turn will depend on the discretion of the web host. In fact, each web host tends to give this term a unique meaning and in most cases it means the exact opposite of the meaning that unlimited in ordinary English means.

An example of what unlimited means is that the host may ask you to check the fine print. This will reveal that the word means that it is possible to add whatever content the client wishes to add but perhaps not at one go. Put simply, this means that the client will not be able to utilize unlimited disk space in a single go.

What you can do is to make use of an undefined amount of disk space at first and then you can add some more later on. The trick is that there will be confusion regarding who makes the decision about how much the client is able to use at different points in time. Well, in most cases, it is the web host that decides.

The website manager will make rules regarding the MB that the client is able to use at first but they will omit to spell out the rate at which the disk space can increase. In fact, the web host can also offer you unlimited disk space but they will also place restrictions regarding how the space can be used by the client. This is to protect themselves from allowing every client to use unlimited disk space.

If the client is allowed to use unlimited disk space, the hosting company would need to spend a fortune to cater to such use. Therefore, before dealing with hosting services that are offering unlimited space you must first check their Terms of Service agreement. You will soon find that the host will not allow you to use the disk space for each and every purpose.

Mostly, it would mean that the space is only available for your website. So, at most you will not be allowed to make use of space for backing up your home or office computer at an offsite location. In fact, the web host will specify how much space you can realistically use.

Unlimited bandwidth is another feature to dealing with a web host. Here again there are differences in meaning as used by a web host and what we normally believe the word unlimited means in everyday English. This has given terms such as unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space a bad name.

The good news is that not every unlimited plan is suspect. Some web hosts will allow you to create unlimited email addresses. You do need to understand that unlimited in everyday English is seldom the unlimited that you hear in web hosting language.

Importance of web design

Many options are before you when you wish to design your website which makes you feel puzzled of which to pick. Simply because there are numerous options, we often overlook the basic web design principles which usually may hinder us from attaining our objectives with our website.

Let us discuss the 3 essential web design principles.

First of all, stay focused. Start with your end goal in mind. You have to know the target of your website. What would you like it to achieve for your business? Jot down the goal of your website for you business and make it as a regular reminder when you proceed through the process of web design.

Evidently, we get quickly preoccupied by the hottest widget that may make our website sing and dance. However the questions is, is that what visitors going to be searching for? Possibly not!

Think about the market you’re operating in. Attempt to take a look at some websites in that market. Find out the characteristics that you like and those that you wish to click away. This is a very easy exercise that will help you refrain from overfilling your website with gizmos and gadgets which will just push your visitors away.

Next, draw your overall design just before creating your first page. You should think of your site from a user perspective. Give your website with a consistent feel and look throughout as well as generate clear and concise pages. Think of future expansion plans and include this into your overall design plan. Additionally, make sure that you have your own domain name.

Don’t reduce your efforts through using free hosting services. Despite the fact that free hosting services will save you a lot of bucks and efforts however it will impede you from making some enhancements in your site when you intend to do so later on.

Never fail to make sure that your website have clear navigation menus and links all through your site. Ensure to supply contact details to ensure that your visitors can contact you just in case they needed to. When you’re selling a product or supplying a service, make sure that you let your website visitors know how to buy your products or how to get your services and what to anticipate at each stage of the purchasing process.

And lastly, create your content strategy. “Content is King.” I am sure that you have over heard this saying lots of times. We can’t refuse the fact that we’re surfing the web searching for some form of information whether it be a particular product or content. Think about on the web sites you are browsing. What do they have that makes you go there? What are other parts of the site that make you click there?

The most apparent reason that you go there is simply because you find it simple to find the content or the product that you’re searching for. These websites have tested user experiences to redesign their site to be able to increase revenue. Consequently, it’s ideal to learn from their experiences.

You have to come to a decision what content strategy you want for your website right after having carried out this basic exercise. Consider how you can lure individuals to come to your site and spend some time there after they have got there. Plan on how you can have the ability to create sales from these site visitors. You additionally have to think about keeping your website fresh and updated in order to make visitors return to your site.

Utilizing these three fundamental web design principles when designing your website will help you not only stay away from pricey and troublesome redesigns in the future but also accomplish what your website seeks for your business.
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