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What is Agile working? And why emphasize on Agile Working?

The ability to be productive any time and any place. Make your work and process digital.

An effective digital workplace decouples work from a physical location for much of the time. This freeing up of work has several important implications not just about where people work, but how teams are formed and how people come together to solve ad-hoc problems.

Businesses that will be successful in the future will be those who break down the barriers between people, workplaces and technologies and empower their employees to be productive and creative wherever they are. It is a catalyst for new ways of working, but competitive advantage increasingly comes from letting employees use technology in the way they want to. This requires a business culture that puts people first.

Introduce Digital Workplace for improving Agile Working –

1. Digital workplace is an effective and engaging, mobile work environment that delivers all the services and collaboration tools employers/workers need.

2. It is the virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace.
3. It securely provides personalized role-based services, and all the data, applications, and collaboration an employee needs on any device, anytime, anywhere through a consumer-like online experience.

4. A digital workplace uses the latest in mobile services and digital technology to adapt to the way people work which increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

5. The digital workplace is a concept that describes how technology is increasingly creating a virtual equivalent of the physical workplace, and how that trend allows businesses to rethink traditional processes and increase efficiency.

6. The digital workplace is meant to be a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace, which requires strong planning and management due to its fundamental role in people’s productivity, engagement and working health.

World HR Summit Goa 2018

World HR Summit Goa 2018

The World HR Summit 2018 is all about the Future of the Working Environments, the Future of Human Resources, Future Smart HR Management Systems and its impact on the Society. This two day Summit aims at transforming the way one thinks about the HR Profession and shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not yet considered. The Summit is all about going “beyond” the ongoing HR debates, becoming an impactful journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum. The World HR Summit 2018 will address the technological changes that are impacting HR and also considering technology in the context of the society and how a social impact can be generated.

This Conference would be covering every aspect for the Digital Age of Leadership, HR and Talent Management with the Largest selection of Buyers and Sellers for HR Products, Technology and Solutions from around the World and you can also take part in more Intimate Meet Ups with your HR Peers and Colleagues. Exchange Business Cards, Ideas and Experiences with other HR Experts and Professionals at the show which would Empower You and Your Business overcome the Upcoming Challenges such as the Future of work as it is the single biggest challenge from the Human Capital stand point, Culture and Ethics, Business Transformations, using an Agile Approach to Recruit and Develop Employees, giving employees a choice in where to work based upon their Roles and Responsibilities, Environment Disaster and Resource Management.