Creative Social Intranet address 3 major issues organization faces with remote employees.

Creative Social Intranet


The number of remote employees are increasing in organizations. And with the increase in the remote work force a different set of issues have come up for the organizations. Now managers are finding it difficult to manage their remote employees.

Social Intranet can help you address 3 Major issues you face with the remote employees

Organization Culture :

Every organization have a set of practices which evolve as a organization culture. But most of your remote employees fails to understand it. With their limited organization contact they generally feels left-out and uninformed.

Creative Social Intranet can prove a great tool to build better connectivity with your remote employees. With its live streaming feature all news and announcement are delivered to them in real time. Also commenting their opinion in a forum discussion makes them feel more connected with the organization. Overall It helps your remote employees to develop a sense of belongingness with the company they work.

Accountability and Visibility :

The most difficult part of a manager is to keep the track of work among its employees without making them offended. And when your employees are at some remote location it became more difficult. On the other hand a remote employee needs to put extra hours and efforts in-order to get the equal visibility. Such situation brings unnecessary friction between authorities and employees.

Work Report updation feature of Creative Social Intranet can help managers to track their employees without nagging them. Employees on other hand can justify their day job without putting extra working hours. Also Employees sitting far-away from office can take second opinion on their work by sharing it with their colleagues and seniors via messenger option. Their active participation in various forum and discussion automatically increases their visibility.

Time Zone :

Another issue with remote employees are coordinating with the time zone difference. Scheduling a meeting in comment time and sending important reports as per time of receivers end bring much confusion to the employees

Creative Social Intranet Time & weather widget and helps employees to check the timezone of any country/city. This helps employees to discuss and agree to a common time. Also they can set a personalized calendar for their reminder for coming meetings and deadline all this without opening to their heavy email accounts.

Remote employees and remote business center are need of hours. But keeping your employees align with your organization mission and vision is a difficult task. Creative Social Intranet helps you bind all your employees across globe with your organization culture. Come join the change now.

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