Tips to creating engaging page posts

Tips to creating engaging page posts

social_icons_6_on_mobile_smartphoneSocial media channels are preferred by the most of the businesses to enhance website traffic. You can plan and implement social media marketing strategy to engage the visitors with various posts. It doesn’t matter you are creating a page for the blog, for Facebook or for your website.

This article make available some useful tips to create an engaging page posts.

Develop and maintain a mutual conversation

Links enables your Facebook audience to connect to your website. As it has bigger, clickable area, it easily steals users attention. Also, it makes the audience more curious about your post and drive them to your website.

In your Page’s status sharing area, enter your post URL . After that Facebook will automatically grab the title, description and image from URL.

It also gives the power to customize the text and image of the post. You should try to use clear and descriptive images and maintain best post title and description which helps to grab attention of your audience.

Offer special discounts and promotions

Rich media contents such as pictures and videos are more noticeable by the users and help your posts stand out in News Feed.

Images from Your friends on facebook are more engaging. You can share pictures of your products of your customers relishing your services. You can keep your post more clear up to 250-300 characters since shorter posts helps to keep user more engage with your post.

Drive visitors to your site using link posts

The Mutual interaction between you and customers helps you to know what they think about your product or service. You can ask customers to share their review and feedback on the service provided by you which helps you to enhance your business.

You can also ask the audience about their need and what improvement they are looking in your product or service.

Engage people using Rich media, images and videos

You can offer special deals to keep your customer involved and drive online sales. For example, you can offer your customers some 20-30% discounts or promote buy1 get1 scheme to attract them to your site.

To enhance the engagement with your offers, you can include redemption details and promo codes, as well as offer time-based sales so customers can make a purchase before the time period ends.

Organize your conversational calendar

You can reward your regular visitors with discount coupons, redeemable codes only for those customers who are connected to your page and proved loyalty towards your service. It will help to connect new users to your page. You can also offer free gifts on some special day or occasions.

Organize your posts

If you regularly post topics related to audience interest, it will lead to increase the audience engagement and keep them up-to-date.

The more quick reply you provide to customers’ queries, the more likely they will engage with your site. You can notify customers about upcoming events or megasales.

Provide access to exclusive information to your audience

Conversational calendar helps you to build two-way interaction with your customers. This is the simple way to keep in contact with regular customers with innovative ideas about conversation to be done at regular interval of time.

A content calendar will help not to miss key business events and ongoing news. It will help your content to be well planned and organized, though you are not posting regularly.

Target your posts

Scheduling your post will help you to know when to execute your upcoming events and schedule your post in advance.

You can easily find out the online time of your audience by page insights and post at that time only. Its an easy way to keep engage your audience. By simply clicking on the clock icon on the lower left-hand corner of the page’s post sharing tool, you can easily schedule your post.

Be up-to-date and well-timed

You can customize your post for the particular group of audience who are actually showing interest in your product or service. You can target your post according to interest, age, relationship status,language and more.

You can notify about your offers, discounts and promotions to your targeted audiences. Also, you can invite new audiences and convert them into the engaging audiences.

Analyse the performance

The most important point to take into the consideration is evaluating performance of your posts. You have to understand which post on your site keep audiences engage. Regular checkup of page Insights will help you to understand your customers.

SEO Services in India

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Our Company provides monthly reports where you can catch the results of your website and se how your keywords are performing. These keywords can get better the visibility of your website and hence have traffic. With our SEO consulting and Team of expertise you can feel free and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Selecting SEO Company in India

If you are thinking that having a well designed and developed website would bring you usual business, you got to re-think. In this type of stiff competition, you require a lot more than a website to earn regular profits from your business. What would you do with a website if it is ranked 400th or lies on the tenth page of a search engine? It is as good as nothing. Whereas, if the same website, even with not so great design is ranked fifth, you can be rest assured of regular business. This is where, SEO comes into play. A good SEO India company would center on pushing your website up in the search engine rankings. Hence, it is significant to outsource your SEO work carefully.

Selecting SEO India has surely become a safe and reliable option for offshore companies. With large pool of IT professionals, excellent infrastructure, government support, lower costs and quality work, India definitely holds the edge over any other country, when it comes to search engine optimization. However, even with all these positive factors, you can’t go for SEO Company in India with closed eyes. Following are the things that you should be careful about if you are selecting a SEO service provider in India:

  • Beware of the companies that guarantee the number one ranking in the search engine. It is very much clearly mentioned that no company can guarantee the first rank
  • Ask for references before signing any deal with SEO consultant in India. It is also important to study the work they have done before.
  • Watch out for the service provider’s search engine ranking. If he can’t maintain his ranking in the top ten, then how will he increase your ranking?
  • Make sure that the SEO expert in India you are employing collects back links from reputed website. Back links from known websites would definitely help the optimization of your website.
  • If a SEO company in India promises you with instant results, there is definitely a check. Optimization of website is a long process and it might take few weeks or even months before you start getting results

Apart from taking all these cautionary measures, you ask few tricky questions before you pen a deal with SEO expert in India. Ask the company if it would optimize the website on the keywords mentioned by you, and if they say yes, reject the company straightaway. A company would always optimize your website on the keywords that are mostly used and not on the keyword you think are right. With considering all these factors, you will surely be able to select your SEO Company in India.

Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization (Optimization)

Defined: On-page optimization (on-page SEO) is what can be done on the pages of a website to maximize its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the on-page content.

On-Page SEO Checklist

• Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
• Meta Description tag
• ALT tags
• H1 tags
• URL structure
• Internal linking strategy
• Content
• Keyword density
• Site maps, both XML and user facing
• Usability and accessibility
• Track target keywords
• Expect results in 6-12 months

Avoid common on-page SEO mistakes such as:

• Duplicate content
• URL variants of the same pages
• Off-site images and content on-site
• Duplicate title tags

Do not use on-page SEO spamming tactics such as:

• Hidden text
• Hidden links
• Keyword repetition
• Doorway pages
• Mirror pages
• Cloaking

Off-Page Optimization (SEO)

Defined: Off-page optimization (off-page SEO) is what can be done off the pages of a website to maximize its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the on-page content and keywords in off-page direct-links.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

• Always start with keyword research, testing and selection
• Use Keywords in link anchor text
• Obtain links from high ranking publisher sites
• One-way inbound links (not link exchange or reciprocal links)
• Different keywords in your link-ads from the same site
• Gradual link building technology (no growth spikes)
• Use relevant keywords near your inbound link (contextual relevance)
• Deep linking (from multiple pages to multiple pages)
• Target a large list of keywords (5-500+)
• Link from sites with a variety of Link Ranks
• Track active all keywords and refine strategy as required
• Discontinue campaigns if ranking does not improve
• Expect results in 1-2 months (Bing) 1-9 months (Google, Yahoo)

Avoid common off-page SEO mistakes:

• Duplicate keywords in link adverts
• Site-wide links causing link growth spikes
• Using on-page SEOs to do the work of specialist off-page SEO’s
• Placing random links without keywords near your link adverts

Do not use off-page SEO spamming tactics such as:

• Link farms (sites with 100+ outbound links per page)
• Using irrelevant keywords in your link-ads
• Garbage links
• Link churning
• Hidden inbound links

Off Page Optimization VS on Page SEO (Optimization)

Have you been investing heavily into on page optimization (optimization) and not seen any results?

You may have made sure that you picked one of the best on page optimization agencies in the industry, got references, asked for case studies then after risking it all with a 12 month contract, you invested all your expectations and large part of your internet marketing budget with the on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency.

Months later with your patience worn through and no significant results delivered, you must be frustrated with the lack of returns on your investment and possibly even ready to give up on SEO all together.

We have been very surprised to see how many of the top SEO agencies in the UK have been very slow to change their optimization strategies; now that on page optimization has mostly lost all of its affect.

Is there any need for On Page Optimization?

There are some basic optimization issues that are critical to have in place and then there are more technical / advanced techniques that can improve your search engine rankings. You should not pay for basic SEO advice and you do not need to pay much for advanced optimization advice.

We disclose up to date SEO advice and tips to most of our clients at no charge.

After having the basics in place, creating masses of useful content is the main on-page optimization strategy that a webmaster should focus on, but without off-page SEO you will not see your website’s current ranking increase significantly.

More on off-page optimization…

Off page optimization or off-page SEO is basically controlling how the internet portrays your website.

A professional off-page SEO will be able to employ their own resources* to control how search engines view your website and thereby control your ranking. Most off-page SEO techniques done well will result in very high ROI and high ranking in MSN, Google and Yahoo!

One way links from their link publishing partners
Gradual link building technology
Your business partners and their link publishing resources
General internet resources: Powerful free directories, one way link brokering etc.
Online PR campaigns
News articles

Are there any risks associated with off-page SEO done incorrectly?

We recommend that you only use professionals for your off-page SEO

Make sure that the company winning your business has been focusing on off page SEO for more than two years and are not late adopters jumping on the band wagon of a new product and service that has been under boom demand of late.

5 SEO Tactics to Explore in 2011

5 SEO Tactics to Explore in 2011

It’s the New Year and I can guarantee there will be a ton of new people at my gym this week ready to work on their resolutions (and generally getting in the way ). In SEO, some resolutions might include working on personal sites or writing more blog posts. Resolutions have never really worked for me though. So instead of giving you SEO resolutions for 2011, I’d like to inspire some exploration in the New Year when it comes to your search marketing campaigns.

The following five areas are either up and coming, or becoming major cornerstones to every search marketing campaign. The first is my personal “to-do,” and the others are always on the “I need to look into that” list for most search marketers I know. Each has a clear impact on optimization, traffic and conversions. After all, the end goal still is and always will be the conversion, whatever it is for you.

I’d love to hear what it is that you want to work on in 2011. Maybe you’ll inspire some YOUmozzers or SEOmozzers to write some posts to help you out. Or just maybe … you will be the one writing a post.

Exploratory Tactic #1: HTML5

This new way of coding is cleaner and allows designers to do things that HTML 4 and CSS (which are preferred by most SEOs) could not do before. HTML5 is changing the way sites are designed, crawled, and used by consumers. Long gone are the days of Flash, Tables, and other code hogs.

Here are a few sites that are utilizing HTML5 elements to enhance the user experience and increase search engine understanding of the site. Not saying learning and using HTML5 will rank your site better or increase your indexation rate, but depending on what you were using before it just might.

Aquatic yacht services

And our very own Richard Baxter’s SEO Gadget and he have a great post on HTML5 as well.

SEO Gadget

As are most SEOs I know, I am a self-taught coder and very dangerous. I am sure with some fun nights of coding (some yelling will be involved), studying sites using HTML5 and begging the members of Webmaster World for help, I can get this new stuff down pat. And so can you.

Exploratory Tactic #2: A/B Testing

My good friend Joe Hall brought this one up on Twitter. As a frequent panelist on the Landing Page Optimization panel at PubCon, I know there are many people that always want to try A/B testing but never find the time to do it. So much can be learned with testing and many more conversions made.

This year if you are still finding a lack of time to test landing pages, here are some things that might help.

1. Hire an intern

Interns are plentiful if you work near a university. I got my start in search marketing in college and that gave me a nice lead on most other marketing graduates. An intern can be hired at a small cost ($10/hour) for 5 hours a week to put together tests and collect the data. That’s a mere $200 per month! Think about contacting the local university and look into the computer science, advertising, and business school for possible candidates.

2. Use Google Website Optimizer

It’s hard to take the time to come up with ideas, build the pages, and track everything. In comes Google Website Optimizer, which automates the much of the work for you. And best of all it’s free!

3. Use a service like Ion Interactive

These systems are easy to use testing grounds for landing pages but specifically for marketers, not developers. You can change things about a landing page using their WYSIWYG editor and test the changes immediately without the need to involve developers or your IT department. How you ask? These pages are hosted on the service’s servers (sent to your chosen sub domain) so there is no need to involve your IT department until you’re sure you have the version you want.

Exploratory Tactic #3: Micro formats

Local search marketing is all the rage because the global community is looking more to their local area than ever before. The search engines are responding by changing the way search results are displayed. If they see that users’ intent for a search is to find a local provider, they are showing integrated local results. These results are outranking and being mixed in with natural search results. The result are natural looking listing that have more items like location markers and stars from review ratings that draw the users’ eye to those listings.

For local businesses, coding your website with micro formatted data will allow for better information updating in the search results. For businesses that provide reviews of local businesses, micro formats of those reviews can provide another way to gain traffic from local searchers looking for the lowdown on local businesses.

Red and blue lit neon sign

Google has helped by providing a guide to micro formats and a handy code-checking tool that can tell you if you have implemented micro formats correctly.

Exploratory Tactic #4: Guest Posting

We all hate link building, and yes it has gotten harder to do. The best way to gain back links is still good old fashioned marketing, but guest posting (done right, not spammy) is another good way of gaining some links. If you take a look at my own personal site’s back links (on OSE), you see that most of my links come from guest posting and being a part of other people’s postings.

Guest posting allows you to not only link back to your own site, but also give others the attention they deserve. That is the key here, linking to others. Link karma is real, if you send out the links, they will come back to you. That link to your own site is usually at the bottom and could be discounted someday (if bad guest posts get out of hand). My coworker at Distilled, Justin Briggs brought this up recently in another SEOmoz post.

But links are not all guest posting is good for. It also allows you to display your knowledge on a specific topic. Becoming an authority on your chosen topic can not only give you more links down the road, it would further your own career. In addition, the sites you guest post for get the content needed to rank well. The better you write for them, the more popular the page will be, and the stronger that link will be for you and everyone else. Guest posting is the best win-win-win around.

Have I mentioned YOUmoz? *wink*

Exploratory Tactic #5: CRO

In the end are conversions. We all are online for a reason, to get conversions of any and all kinds. Your conversion can be a lead, sale, click to advertising, awareness, or rewets for just a few examples. There are so many kinds of conversions; the one thing you need to think about is “what do I want out of creating this website.” Once you have that, all of your future decisions should be based on that goal.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the idea that everything you do in your marketing should increase good conversions. From your PPC landing pages to your unused and unloved thank you pages, conversion rate optimization is utilizing your entire site and marketing offers to increase your bottom line. If something like ranking #1 for your favorite keyword isn’t converting visitors, then that time and effort needs to go into something new.

The pinnacle of CRO is tracking conversions on every marketing effort. Know what your conversions are and how much you want to be spending for those conversions. After that is set, start testing away. Be sure to test for a good time period and keep the rash decisions at bay. All CRO decisions should be made with a valid set of data. Making a decision after a week is probably not statically significant.

2011 New Year against a skyscraper

This New Year, test new things, pushes new boundaries, and doesn’t worry about what the engines think (to a degree). They care about the end users and so should you. Once your site is set up with the right SEO foundation of good code and structure, focus on getting good traffic and converting that traffic. Y’all have a great new year!