Google keyword planner and other keyword volume tools


Keywords plays the crucial role in SEO campaign. Any keyword related mistake will be a trouble-seeker for your site. This is the primary reason behind the need for reliable and stable keyword research tool. The tool provided by Google named THE was the Free Keyword Tool which is history now. Fortunately, there are alternative tools for keyword volume research with the similar functionality. But these tools are fit only for PPC research rather than SEO research.

Following are some of the suitable keyword volume tools with advantages and disadvantages.

Google Keyword Planner
The Google Keyword Planner from Google is a better option than other tools along with paid tools and offers the similar functionality as an old Free Keyword Tool.

Merits of Google Keyword Planner
The advantages of the Google Keyword Planner can be summarized as follows:

If data comes from the source only rather than third party, it is more consistent. In this tool data directly comes from Google itself.

If you are focusing on the local SEO, you can enhance your search, for the small town viewers.  Local keywords will help you more to increase the possibilities for local search.

It looks more advantageous when you can view groups of keywords rather than single keywords only. Offered keywords are organized together in these tools.

Disadvantages of Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner doesn’t have many disadvantages:If you want to use this tool, then it is necessary for you to have an AdWords account as it is not available distinctly.

This tool search only for exact matches. It is unable to search for broad and phrase match.

You can’t target volumes on desktops and mobiles separately as both the versions are combined in one only.

The Google Keyword Planner is a still superior tool than the other competitive tools  available in the market.

Bing Keyword Tool
If are looking for an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner, you can simply check Bing Keyword Tool .

Advantages of Bing Keyword Tool
The advantages of Bing Keyword Tool are as given below:

you can search for volumes during a  particular data range, for example, holiday volumes or seasonal volumes. This is not possible with the Google Keyword Planner.

If you want to optimize for Bing, this the suitable tool to use. One just needs to concentrate on the efforts to be taken on Bing.
This tool will help you search trends, which include data over time as all the data is noticeable straightaway.

Disadvantages of Bing Keyword Tool are as summerized as follows:

Like Google Keyword Planner ,this tool is also not available separately and is not publicly accessible. You need to sign up for Bing Webmaster Tool.
Whatever data you get on optimizing for Google is not always useful. As you need more exact and accurate data to work well on Google though you
can search trends.

The tool will not work for the local data. It is working fine when you try for country level,  but if you  trying for the detailed local data, including city level and town level, it will fail to give you a proper result.

WordTracker Keyword Tool:
Though WordTracker Keyword Tool is not popular and usable nowadays, you can consider it as an alternative keyword research tool.
Advantages of WordTracker Keyword Tool are:

This tool helps you to get a better idea about the competitive keyword. It gives you the idea about the volume of competitors as well as the volume of
the searches. You can skip the keyword which is too competitive .

This tool provides the multiple search filter so you can search for exact terms, related terms or keywords in any order.

You will get data from SEMRush search tool, if you subscribe to this tool.

This tool is not completely free as it offers a free version with limited functionality. You have to pay if you want to utilize the  fullest functionality of the tool.

You need to sign up to use this tool.

Since the data doesn’t come from Google or other major search engine, its reliability is not high. Still, you can use it for direction,  but you’d better double check with other tools, if you plan to build your whole campaign on it.

There are many more keyword research tools available which are free as well paid,  but are not much reliable.

Actionable SEO tips to increase your search engine visibility


Search engine optimization (SEO) will be a most crucial factor in the marketing strategy as an increase in the content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing strategies.
If you want to build up and enhance your brand awareness, leads,revenues and website traffic, SEO is the best and effective option that should be merged in your strategy.
We are suggesting you some useful tips to strengthen your brand’s search engine visibility as follows:

Conduct an SEO audit on your site:
Identify errors with the use of  tools such as Google Webmaster and Screaming Frog that might affect your search engine rankings. Errors can be broken links, canonical errors, sitemap errors, etc. Apart from this, investigate your site to evaluate the quality of the site content and user experience manually.

Make your website or blog mobile-friendly
Develop your website fast and mobile-friendly with the help of HTML5. If your website is friendly to the various mobile devices, Google will display it as mobile-friendly whenever they search website on Google using mobile phone.

Use long keyword based on your target geographic location and period of time
You can explain titles and meta description in more detail according to your target location. For example, rather than the writing the title SEO service provider for small businesses, you can write SEO service provider for small businesses in Mumbai  This technique will help you to enhance your local search engine visibility as well as to reach your potential customers.
While publishing articles or blog post, you should be more precise with the title and descriptions regarding time. So search engine will consider your content is fresh. For example, instead of  publishing article with title online Marketing trends for small businesses you can publish it with title Online Marketing trends for small businesses in 2015

Keep up-to-date copyright notice in your website footer
You should update your website footer with an ongoing year in your copyright notice. If your copyright notice is not updated, search engines might consider your website as outdated as footers are displayed on each page of your site.

Research and analyze your competition
You can use the Google search engine to search your competitor companies and websites having search term based on your forte, products, and location. Once your done, you can understand your competitors websites strong and weak points of SEO, content quality etc.
Determine the keywords used by your competitors
You can identify your competitiors’ backlinks, domain authority, keyword and rankings with the help of tools like Ahrefs, Keywordspy, MOZ research tools and Semrush. Based on the research, you can plan SEO strategies which will help you to surpass your competitors.

salvage your previously held high rankings
Due to lack of fresh content, your website content may have already been thrown out from the first page of Google search engine.  You must identify and know the new competitors who are responsible to outrun your content.  Update your old content with fresh and better content to get back with the top ranking keywords.

Use more relevant and engaging images
Use of relevant images with correct title tags,meta description on your web pages or blogs, will help you to boost your visibility in search engine image results. Identify  existent images which are without alt-texts and descriptions as well as relevant titles and correct them with appropriate action.
Relevant and informative images are more attractive and appealing to view, read and share than content. Also, it leads to increased bounce rate and reliability.

Focus on video marketing
Make a constructive videos of your business events and upload them on YouTube. It will surely enhance your brand’s visibility on the video results page of search engine. Quick decision-maker don’t have time to read lengthy text. Video can get your point across immediately and engage potential customers.

Develop an app for your business
Most of the users prefer to use app rather than surfing on a website. You can hire an app developer to develop an app for your business. If you visible on Google’s App search results page, It will ultimately improve your visibility in search engines. You can upload your app on iTunes or Google Play  so target users can easily download it.

Improve your website’s user experience
Main fundamental behind the SEO is to boost the user experience by providing satisfactory services to them. You can remove unnecessary advertisements and repetitive banners leading to spoil the user’s experience. Improve your website’s speed as well as design effective call-to-actions which will help visitors to know what to do next.

Engage customers on social media
Encourage people to visit your website by creating social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram ,LinkedIn,Twitter, and Pinterest etc. Provide a link to redirect visitor to your official site.

You should provide a suitable way to your visitors to share  the contents from your site across several social media channels. More the number of shares leads to the high ranking of your business on search engines.

How to Improve Your E-Commerce Website ??


In rapidly changing internet technology, it is not easy to make a profit through your business website. There are small technicalities that could notably affect how your business flourishes on the web. You can’t just put up an ecommerce portal and expect customers to come rolling in.

Following are some guidelines which will help to improve your ecommerce websites:

  • Display the benefits of your products:There are buyers which are unaware about the things they exactly want. New arrivals and special deals are also good to work with regular visitors to buy. Your goal as an online dealer is to hit in that market and show them what they are missing out on.
  • Make Your Website Visitors Trust You: Make sure that you have provided the appropriate link to the pages from your home page. Such perception will save much of your support team’s time, and reduce the number of customer’s pre-sale help requests. People lookout only those products on which they spend on; so it’s obvious they want to know everything about the product they are going to buy, the buying process, payment options, the delivery system, warranties etc, that will help them to take a secure decision and commit to a purchase.
  • Deals and free shipping:Most of the people prefer to shop during sales and discounted periods at low cost. Free shipping is also the main attractive factor for the visitors. You are now selling your products across the globe, not just to the limited market, so you should take the shipping costs into account.
  • Branded and most popular products :You can display the branded and popular products to upfront for the sale. It is the most eye-catching way with the first-time visitors who are not much sure what they want to buy. You can provide the opportunity to the visitors to ‘shop by brands’. It will be easier for targeted for customer to find out an exclusive deal.
  • Payment systems icons: E-commerce websites deal with many customers across the globe and each has their own chosen payment system. It would be better to make clear about the payment options in advance. E-stores mostly use credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc. as their main payment system. You should place these icons so customer can easily find payment options and move to the checkout page which displays all the payment details.
  • Social media links:Nowadays, Social media channels like Facebook,Google plus and twitter are the one of the fastest source to get the information about anything. Social media links bring the finest opportunities for web-promotion of your business website. You can keep customers well informed with the latest news or special deals which are concerned with Facebook and Twitter followers only. It will surely help you to find the most active influential customers.
  • Phone numbers and online chats:E-commerce website provides the facility to shop round the clock to customers. So there is a need for the store support team to solve customers pre-sale and after- sale. Live chats are highly treasured of value-added customer service.

How to reduce website load time?

stopwatchHow to reduce website load time?

One of the important feature of web design is to decrease the web page load time as minimum as possible. Website loading time have been considered as a critical factor to give user’s better experience.

Why is it so important to minimize the website load time?

If your website taking excessively much time to load,It leads in losing its visitors and customers. It can result in lower search rankings, raised bounce rate and lost business revenue.

There are some parameters which will help you to reduce website load time:

  • Minify JavaScript ,CSS and HTML:You can compress the JavaScript ,HTML and CSS files which leads to speed up the page load time. It basically removes the white spaces ,line breaks etc.
  • combine images to CSS sprites:A web site containing multiple images on web pages, force for the multiple round-trip to the server to get all the resources and it leads to slow down your webpage load time. You can combine multiple images into one single image and make proper use of background-image and background-position properties of the CSS. It’s a fast way to speed your page load time.
  • optimize and scale images:Images with large size takes too much time to load the page . You can compress the images using compression tool . You can set the Height and width attribute for each image on the page. This will help you to boost the page speed.
  • Eliminate duplicate scripts:Duplication of JavaScript and CSS files leads to create an unnecessary HTTP request which in turn runs down the website performance. You have to check in the external files, whether it contains the replica of JavaScript file or not.
  • Check out the plug-ins:More the plug-ins in a website, more time it will take to load. obsolete plugins are responsible for the slow performance of the website. You have to evaluate current plugins and remove outdated and unused plug-ins. So that it will be helpful to speed up the page load time.
  • Remove the junk code :Always remove the empty or unused HTML tags and Use appropriate DOCTYPE. Close all HTML markup elements. Clean coding of a web page not only decrease website load time but also enhance the text-to-code search.

Browser always loads smaller size files faster. You will save a lot of time if you will optimize all the files before uploading it to the server.

The Impact of SEO Web Design on Search Engines

SEO company Mumbai
SEO company Mumbai

The Impact of SEO Web Design on Search Engines

SEO web design is a concept which focuses on great architectural design principles based on how the search engines determine relevance and site information. The design should be able to explain the information that the user is looking for.

SEO Web Design and Optimization:

Search engine optimization is much more than just a trend these days. It is used by most of the sites on the Internet that aim to grab the on-line attention and enhance the business revenue. SEO web design is one of the utmost priority among the many strategies of optimizing a web site.

Creative web design of the site on search engine robotic crawlers can help to boost the ranking of the website. This is where SEO web design steps in. There are many ways to design the website more appealing to regular visitors. Robotic crawlers only need the information it can get from the website instead of the overall artistic look of the website. The difficult part is how to set information in the website which helps the crawlers to properly index the website because of its relevance.

Companies who provide the SEO services by optimizing web sites must know how to grab the attention of the Internet users. The SEO expertise of your company must be able to know the right approaches to place the website at the forefront in its specific field through conventional methods of optimization.

SEO web design is a platform where all web designers work hard to come up with their creative ideas and designs that are visually attractive and relevant at the same time. One must take into the consideration for ease of getting around the website, being engaging to a wide range of visitors and improve the ranking of the website.

Creating a simple, visually appealing website is easy with the help of the latest technology and tools available today. Sometimes it is quite difficult to use some tools which make your website complicate to navigate. SEO web design should be easy to use and friendly to all the browsers.

Easy and quick navigational access helps website visitors to navigate from one web page to another with the help of creative buttons and labels. The perfectly sized pictures and images which can be scaled to enable users to view them quickly after clicking rather than taking a too much time to load. Taking too much time to load the page can lead the visitors to browse another website which is easy to view and more optimized. Web sites which are difficult to navigate cannot be easily recognized by the spiders and crawlers.

Customized SEO web design helps to increase your ranking if your website is providing more specific information about your business. If you are marketing a specific product or service, SEO experts can focus on this particular product or service and build the SEO web design around it.

Content is playing a vital role in enhancing the website rank during searches. Identifying the right keywords to integrate into the website can be critical while making the site with high rank among the top ranking sites. Keyword rich content and titles can help to optimize a website efficiently.

While developing SEO web design , experts should also keep in mind that not all web strategies are acceptable for search engines. Continuous use of below the belt methods causes the search engine to ban the website as well as the SEO web design company who provided the SEO service.