Link Exchange in SEO

Link Exchange is the process of exchanging link between two website. Link Exchange can help you to achieve higher keyword ranking in search engine and also help in increasing PR.Link Exchange is one of the important part of SEO Services. We can increase good traffic through making link partners for our website that help to put a website on the top ranking of website. Simply applying the link exchange technique will not help to get traffic rather analyzing a particular site then organizing a link building is certainly better option. Before exchanging the link, analysis of website could make better help Seo to understand the optimization in better way. If your competitor is giving link back to your website, search engine considered it’s a vote because competitor is also respecting your website.

One has to keep in mind while doing link building for better ranking in search engines.

1.Partner website should be of same category .

2.Page rank shoul be equal and higher.

Top 3 tips that will help in link building are:

1) Look for the targeted keyword on Google and then find the top sites with that keyword. Try getting maximum links from these sites.

2) Analysis of top sites will help you to determine the other links that are linked to these sites, try getting them as well.

3) If getting links from top sites is not possible then try to trace their back links.

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How to Check Your Website is Penalized by Google?

In this large world of Internet and search engines, sometimes you become the victim of Google penalization. Reason could be anything but we cant find the exact reason. if we keep few point is in our mind then we can save our website by Google Penalization. There is always a question asked by all webmasters that how to check whether your website is being penalized by Google or not?

Here are few points to let you verify that your website is suffered by Google Penalization or not.

Keyword Rankings:

You were top on result for some of your keywords and you see a major and sudden drop in all those keywords. This indicates that your website is probably being penalized by Google because your Google SERP (Search Engine Result pages) is going very down.

Number of Page Index:

Large numbers of pages from your website were there in Google before when check using and now when you use site:Google command, you are seeing very few pages. Most of your pages are no more in Google index. This major de-index also indicate that your website is in trouble.

Page Value Loss:

If you see that your pages are there in Google when you use site:Google command. Next thing to check is the value of these pages. Even if these pages are there in Google index. They are not appearing in search results or appearing very last in results when you give complete post title + your website name.

For ex. SEO Articles +, where “SEO Articles” is the keyword you are searching for and “” is the name of your website.

Google Cache:

Google Cache is another way to find if your website is being penalized by Google or not. Normally Google put every website on internet to its cache and this cache updates depend on many factor related to a website.

If you check your website with in Google and find the date of last cached is too old, it means Google is not showing interest in your website anymore. Most likely it can be a Google penalization.

Complete De-index:

This is the simplest way to check for Google penalization. When your site is completely de-indexed by Google and it’s no more in Google either with or with

Number of Backlinks:

Few days back, when you checked your website, Google was showing thousands of back-links of your website and now is a Google Command) is showing a huge drop in number of back-links. If this is the case, then it’s the possibility of Google penalization.

Index Time:

Index time is another factor by which you can check for penalization. Before penalization, new content from your website were getting indexed in days and now they are taking a couple of weeks to get indexed. This is a clear sign ofGoogle penalization or Google is getting in trouble indexing your website.

Google Page Rank:

Google Page-Rank is a value attached to your website. You may see a drop in your Page-Rank value if Google has penalized you for any reason. Before few days, if your Page-Rank value was say 5 and now it’s become 0. It’s very obvious that Google has penalized your website.

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What Is the Meta Description Tag?

The Meta description tag is a snippet of HTML code that belongs inside the <Head> </Head> section of a Web page. It usually is placed after the Title tag and before the Meta keywords tag, although the order is not important.

The proper syntax for this HTML tag is: <META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”Your descriptive sentence or two goes here.”>

I used to believe that the purpose of the Meta description tag was twofold: to help the page rank highly for the words that were contained within it, as well as to provide a nice description in the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, today it appears that, similar to the Meta keywords tag, the information you place in this tag is *not* given any weight in the ranking algorithms of Google, and only a tiny amount of weight in Yahoo’s.

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Keyword Research for better ROI

Keywords are necessary to locate websites in search engines. We offer you keyword explore and optimization. We can provide you the total set of keywords that will ensure you a huge traffic. We execute the procedure sincerely because it is an important thing for your website as it can make your site progressive or can destroy it at the same time. It performs an essential part especially if you want to be searched on search engines.

What we confer :

  • we provide the cost effective service that will identify the keywords that can get high ranking. We will send you the status of our reports to prove our capability. Your keyword index will be examined thoroughly by our expert team so that you can easily choose the keywords.
  • We provide you a service that is absolutely cost-effective. We ensure you to take the concrete decision while opting for specific keywords for your site. We assist you in constructing a list of the keywords too.
  • As most of the people wishes to get a populated traffic in search engines and wants to get a superior search engine ranking, we bestow the effective keywords that give you some beneficial effect in search engines to get quality traffic.
  • We use most applicable keyword in the headline and use top ranking keywords in the first paragraph.

Our reputation is based on providing you the best keyword on your affordable price. We are progressing everyday by our developed tactics and strategies.
We prosper to serve you better in a reasonably priced way. The keyword exploration material maintains the rules and the procedure to present a better result.

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Benefits of SEO optimized Web Site Designing

Searching target keywords – We need to search the the keywords related to you business and services as well as products. You can use proposal and Google Keyword Tools as well as many tools are available in market. You can create a list of  keywords or keyword phrases related to your business and which are highly searched in the search engines.

Content Writing – Write healthy contents and adjust the keywords in the text. Your first paragraph can be between 250 to 500 keywords. You can use some sentences like , what, who, which to make it more content based.

Optimize meta tags – Your web page title should include proper keywords which are most important for you. Then these keywords should be included in the description content  as well as keywords meta tags.

Heading Tags – The H1 tag contains the largest font and is the most significant. You should use h1 to h5 header tags properly and the fonts can be controlled via Style Sheet.

Optimize images using the alt tag – Write a short description for the alt tag of your image. too many images or very large images on your web page will slow down the loading time of your web site. So image size should be optimized.

Optimize links using the title tag– Write a link name for the title tag of your Link. too many links on your web page will help the promotiong your keywords or key phrases. So links should be optimized.

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