SEO Steps on How to Get a Higher Link Back Value for Your Website

SEO Steps on How to Get a Higher Link Back Value for Your Website

Date: 20-Sep-2011

Gone are the days when only the companies with large funds can pull through. Today, Internet marketers need not shell out a lot of money to attain SEO success. They only need to do some research, have some patience and apply some basic web knowledge so that they too can experience being successful in the online realm.

These four tested and proven Search Engine Optimization techniques are highly recommended so you can have some of that basic knowledge:

1. Post on free blogs. Every time you create a new post entry on famous free blogs, you will receive a one way link back to your website. Blogging is considered as one of the easiest and most recommended strategy to create meaningful link backs to the website.

2. Post on popular forums. Another strategy to boost your link back campaign is to register on many free and popular forums. Dropping useful comments on forums that have topics related to your website’s target audience, category and theme could also go a long way. Make sure that the forum you have selected is one that allows hyperlink within your comment or better yet, on your profile signature.

3. Submit original articles to article directories. By submitting authentic articles to various reputable article banks, you are increasing the success of your SEO campaign. Write only about classic topics that don’t fade away with time or don’t become uninteresting later on.

4. Submit content to social bookmarks. As social bookmarks are free and widely used in the content building of a great number of websites, those sites also rely on these to get their images, articles and videos reach many web users. Once submitted, the article can be indexed by search engines in a lesser time.

In Website Design – Mistakes You Should Avoid

Aside from knowing the things necessary to drive targeted amount of traffic to your website and gain SEO success, you also need to be aware of the things that annoy visitors. Knowing their website pet peeve will work to your advantage – as you can avoid the factors that will drive the visitors away and never come back?

– Background music. You may perceive it as entertaining but truth is told, it screws the day of the visitor. Unless what you promote is an online radio station or music CDs, there is no need to play music on the background of every page.

– Small font size. By being extra minimalist in your font size, your visitors will have a hard time reading what’s written on your website and they will close the tab in an instant.

– Huge font size. Similar to the previous factor, going the extreme opposite is also discouraged. Using extra large font size seems like you are shouting at your visitors and that usually don’t sit pretty well with them.

– Pop-up windows. Mostly, visitors miss the more important parts as the annoying pop-up windows make their way. If you want to convey essential messages, put them on the main pages.

– Overlapping layers. These are typically used to feed visitors important messages before they even get to explore your site, just like what a pop-up does.



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